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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   There’s a very short extension for polish
   Stop the flow of information
      Stepped down

MyAnimeList Labels Flood of Positive Votes for Ishuzoku Reviewers as “Vote Brigading”
   ∟Monster girl brothel anime gets kicked off of yet another Japanese TV station

– Coronavirus
   ∟Infinite Dendrogram Is the Latest TV Anime Delay Due to Coronavirus
   A Certain Scientific Railgun T New Episodes Delayed Due to Coronavirus
   A3! Anime Production Delayed to April Due to Coronavirus
   ∟Osaka’s Biggest Cosplay Event of the Year Canceled Due to Coronavirus Fears
   ∟Bushiroad Cancels All Hosted Anime, Gaming Events Due to Coronavirus
   ∟Coronavirus Now Killing People in Japan
   U.S. to send plane to evacuate Americans on cruise ship; 67 more infections reported
      ∟Quarantined Cruise Ship’s Passengers Gifted Free Porn
   ∟Did the Akira manga predict the coronavirus epidemic?
   Denmark Paper Refuses to Apologize to China Over a Cartoon

YouTube Paid Activision Blizzard $160 Million for Esports Exclusivity, as Per Reports
Otachan! Episode 1 is live

Funimation Edits Joke To Remove Light Sexual Humor In ‘BOFURI’

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

“The Island of Giant Insects” English Dubbed Final Edition

Convention news:

California’s Gallery Nucleus to Host Ghibli Art Director Yoichi Nishikawa

Live-Action Anime news:

Sonic the Hedgehog Film Earns US$3 Million in Thursday Preview Screenings in U.S.
Live Action Sonic Film Has Best Opening Weekend for a Game Adaptation Ever
Social Media Cultists Slander Sonic Movie to Boost the Failing Birds of Prey
   Sonic the Hedgehog: The Official Movie Novelization
   Sonic The Hedgehog 13 Inch Talking Sonic Plush with 10 Different Sounds!
   Sonic The Hedgehog 8.5 Inch Baby Sonic Plush
   Sonic The Hedgehog Spin Dash Sonic REV and Launch! Super Sonic Speed!
How a Legal Dispute Wiped Hundreds of Sonic the Hedgehog Characters From Existence
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! Live-Action Film Set for Release on May 15, 2020
Taika Waititi Doesn’t Know If He’ll End Up Directing the Live-Action Akira
Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers Manga Gets Live-Action Film Adaptation This Fall
Ninja Batman Stage Play will Run in Tokyo from October to December

Streaming news:

Marmalade Boy Anime Comes to Crunchyroll in Time for Valentine’s Day
HIDIVE Adds Lupin the Third: Part 5 Anime
Netflix Adds Hi Score Girl II Anime Outside Japan, China on April 9
Overwatch and Diablo Anime-Style Cartoons are Still in the Works, According to Report
My Hero Academia Heroes:Rising Finally Surpasses 1st Film’s Domestic Gross
English-Dubbed Trailer For My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Anime Film Now Online!
Iwate Prefecture Introduces Its Official Virtual YouTuber, Sachiko
The creator of “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” has a YouTube channel
Yuzuki-chan VTuber Transitions into an AVTuber

Theater Release news:

PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR Film to Get 2-Week Limited Run from March 27
High School Fleet Gets 4DX Screenings of New Version, 2D Screenings to Be Updated
New Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna TV Spot Reveals New Forms

Series news:

New MUSKEHOUNDS Movie in the Works
New Pokémon Teased, To Be Fully Revealed on February 27
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Flexes Out New Trailer for The Run OVA
SSSS.GRIDMAN Promotes Cyber Security Month in Japan
Gangsta Manga Creator Kohske Diagnosed With Autoimmune Disease
The Dorohedoro Manga May Have Ended, But a New Chapter is Out
Students Are Blessed by Haruhi Suzumiya as Novel Excerpt Is Used in Entrance Exams
Dataminers Supposedly Find Vocaloid Fan Animation in Pokemon Home Files
Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Summon Designs Completely Reviled
Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 Will Require 100GB
Researchers Claim Video Game Addiction is Genetic, Can be Detected VIA Blood Tests

Release news:

Nintendo PlayStation Being Auctioned
Utena: After the Revolution, Junji Ito’s Remina, and More Coming from VIZ
Silver Spoon Manga’s Final 15th Volume Comes with a Silver Spoon
Boogiepop Phantom BD
– Right Stuf
Black Clover Season Two Part Four + Special Episode – BD/DVD Combo
   Black Clover: Jump Festa 2018 Special
   Black Clover Episodes

Random Merch news:

Greta Thunberg lookalike advertises pachinko slot machine parlor in Japan
Detective Conan Cafés Will Serve Drugs
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Housing Information Website
Cats in Japan can now get digital resident cards in Kanagawa Prefecture
Quintessential Quintuplets Event Will Let You “Marry” Your Favorite Sister for 1,500 Yen
New Japanese smartphone prohibits users from taking naked selfies
Mackey shoots to the top of sales ranking because he was arrested for speed possession
New Evangelion Parody Toys Tickle Your Entry Plug

Misc news:

Middle School Boys Shared & Sold Lewd Photos of Their Classmates
Invader Zim Creator Comments on Panty & Stocking

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