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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   #KickVic Harassers Defame Kitchener Comic Con for Inviting Vic Mignogna
      Kitchener Con Details Years oof Harassment from SJWs

Interspecies Reviewers Still Available on Animelab
   Yen Press has got you covered
   Amazon Prime Video Removes Interspecies Reviewers Anime
      Interspecies Reviewers Anime Pulled from Amazon Prime
   Monster girl brothel anime Interspecies Reviewers’ Tokyo TV broadcast cancelled
      Censored version of Interspecies Reviewers has been censored even more heavily
      Interspecies Reviewers Anime’s Japanese Tokyo MX Airing Canceled
      Interspecies Reviewers Cancelled on Tokyo MX Channel, Surges to Second Place on MAL
   Media watchdog BPO said some surprising things about monster brothel anime
      Ishuzoku Reviewers BPO Complaint “There Should Be Age Restrictions!”
   Ishuzoku Reviewers Becomes 2nd Highest Rated Anime on MAL
      MAL Staff Retaliates Against NuxTaku and LostPause Over Ishuzoku Reviewers Votes
         Where it got to
         Current MAL top series list

My Hero Academia Manga, Anime Removed from Chinese Digital Platforms
   ∟MHA creator, publisher make official apologies for controversial character name
   ∟Controversial MHA character gets new name, comes with risk of yet another controversy
   ∟Boku no Hero Academia’s Character Birthdays “The Same as Fascists!”

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Live-Action Anime news:

Netflix Resident Evil Plot Leak Hints at Complete Lore Butchering
– Parasite
   Oscars’ most outspoken voter goes viral with ‘Parasite’ opinion
      Proof that #OscarsSoWhite was a total overreaction
   Academy accidentally tweets, then deletes Oscars predictions
   Bong Joon Ho on Best Picture ‘Parasite’ Making Oscars History: ‘It’s Really F—ing Crazy’
      My thoughts

Streaming news:

Korean Film Archive launched a YouTube channel
Relive the Trauma of the Evangelion Anime Films before 3.0+1.0 Releases in Digest Video
Thermae Romae Anime Takes a Dip with English Dub on Crunchyroll
Toonami Anime Block to Move Back to 3 Hours Starting February 29
Castlevania Season 3 Whips Over to Netflix on March 5
Detective Conan: The Letter of Challenge is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video
Netflix Hit With Layoffs, Refocuses Marketing on Advertising Service Not Individual Shows
Denzel Curry’s Music Video Accused of Plagiarizing Several Anime

Theater Release news:

Akira 4K Remaster to Kick Off Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2020
Sunrise Science Fiction Anime Get 4DX Screenings in Tokyo
Last Evolution Kizuna Anime Film Trailer Recreates Scenes from the 1st Digimon Film

Series news:

Thermae Romae Author’s Other Time-Slip Comedy Olympia Kyklos Gets Clay Adaptation
MARS RED Vampire Stage Productions Get TV Anime in 2021
Korean Web Manga Tower of God Gets TV Anime in Spring 2020
Evangelion Movie’s Voice Work “Almost Finished”
   ∟Final Evangelion movie’s voice recording is almost done, Shinji saved for last, says actress
Donald Trump Acquires A Death Note in One Shot Manga
You Someya’s Pleasure & Corruption Manga Ends on February 21
Tomodachi Game Manga Returns for 1 Chapter, Goes Back on Hiatus
New Osamu Tezuka manga to be released this month, penned by AI
Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Exclusivity Extended to April 10, 2021
Denuvo Removed From Devil May Cry 5
   ∟Devil May Cry 5 Update Removes Denuvo
Sakurai Admits There are Too Many Fire Emblem and Sword Fighters in Smash Bros.
Kingdom Hearts: All-in-One Package Includes Everything But Re:MIND
   ∟List of Kingdom Hearts media
Reservation of Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Postponed in Japan Due to Coronavirus

Release news:

BLOOD+ Blu-ray
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Nendoroid of Crimvael
Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter) New Product Photo Gallery
Two Beloved Hasbro Brands Unite in MY LITTLE PONY / TRANSFORMERS Comic Book
Wrap up Warm with Tanjiro’s Scarf from Demon Slayer
New JoJo Lounge Wear Lets You Be Comfy and Kakyoin at the Same Time
Amazing Chocolate tools a perfect fit for Japanese Valentine’s Day
Japan Ninja Council produces first-ever official hotel room in Tokyo’s Ueno
Explore the Studio Ghibli Museum With 1st Ever Photo Book, Was Shot on an iPhone
Tokyo rolls out “strongest urinals” ever
Japan Railways to release new anti-groper app to help victims before chikan gets away
Mitsubishi’s solution for stressed office workers in Japan: fake skylight video displays
Japan’s “workstyle reforms” are actually making managers’ jobs a lot harder
Love Live Concert Posts Guidelines in Regards to Coronavirus

Misc news:

Hacker Forced to Pay Nintendo $250,000 May Also Be Jailed for Child Porn
Brazilian President: “The Japanese Are a Superior Race!”
A Group of Students Extort A School Boy of ¥2.25 Million

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