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Opening discussions:

– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
OCA Podcast Patreon
Anime Collector Patreon
– Vic Mignogna Court Case
#KickVic Harassers Defame Kitchener Comic Con for Inviting Vic Mignogna
Kitchener Con Details Years oof Harassment from SJWs
Oligarchy of Anime authority
Stan Dahlin in the ER

– Deaths
Veteran Seiyuu Hisashi Katsuta Dies at the Age of 92
40 Year Old VA of Inferno Cop Junichi Gotoh Passes Away in Motorcycle Accident

– Coronavirus
Pokémon TCG Championships Canceled in Kyoto, Puroland Closes Due to Coronavirus
Kojima Productions Cancels GDC 2020 Appearance Over Coronavirus
Coronavirus Crisis Closes the Ghibli Museum Until March 17
Coronavirus Cancels Bang Dream Events, FFVII Remake Event & More
Chinese people hand out free surgical masks in Japan as coronavirus outbreak continues
CCP now admits Coronavirus did not originate from the Huanan food market
JHS teacher confirmed to have coronavirus worked a full week with symptoms and a fever
20 years old F in Hokkaido in serious conditions
Hokkaido reports four more cases for total of 30, surpassing Tokyo for most in Japan
Iran says 12 dead from new virus, rejects higher death toll
U.S. military in South Korea raises risk level to “high” due to coronavirus
Churches on alert of “dangerous cult” Shincheonji on takeover mission
Korea is testing 200k members of doomsday cult linked to 60%+ of its coronavirus cases

Twitter Moderators Might Become Arbiters of Truth

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

“The Island of Giant Insects” English Dubbed Final Edition
LINDA Project – Official English Localization

Convention news:

Live-Action Anime news:

Batman stage show coming to Tokyo with Batman Ninja battling Joker Daimyo
Eizouken Manga Author Makes Guest Appearance in Live-Action Adaptation
Live-Action The Promised Neverland Film Casts Keiko Kitagawa, Naomi Watanabe
Katsuyuki Motohiro Helms Live-Action Gundam Build Movie for Gunpla’s Anniversary
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Might Appear in Sonic Movie Sequel

Streaming news:

Infinite Dendrogram Resumes Broadcast After Being Delayed Due to Coronavirus
A Certain Scientific Railgun T Will Resume Airing on February 28th
A3! Anime Will Resume Airing New Episodes Starting April 27th
Netflix has recently updated Pop Team Epic
Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy is Coming Soon to Netflix
Netflix Teams up with CLAMP and Other Manga Creators to Make New Anime
Studio Ghibli Records’ Soundtrack/Image Albums Now Available on Subscription Services
High Guardian Spice Receives 2020 Release Window on Crunchyroll

Theater Release news:

Series news:

Azur Lane Publisher Yostar Establishes Animation Studio
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Confirms He is Working on a New Project Related to First Gundam
Anime Adaptation of Roy’s Light Novel The Man Picked Up by The Gods in The Works
Shiny Pokemon Collector Debuts in Pokemon Anime and Japanese Fans Think He’s Nuts
TV Anime ARTE Receives Official Support from Italian Embassy in Japan
Mashin Hero Wataru Welcomes Back Original Cast — for Nine Episodes
Comic Festa Announces Adult Anime OreYubi to Broadcast from April 5 on TV and Online
Adult Anime Director Tatsumi Helms Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Ecchi Anime
The Most Popular Anime in 2020…According to Wikipedia
Demon Slayer Makes Manga History By Holding All Top 19 Spots on Oricon Charts
Top 10 Most Sold Manga Are All Kimetsu no Yaiba for Third Consecutive Week
Mangaka makes rare move of taking paternity break, some wonder if he is actually a woman
Kenji Hiruta continues attempt to revive Skies of Arcadia, gains support from another dev
Record of Lodoss War Game is Basically Deedlit: Symphony of the Night
Record of Lodoss War Steam Game a Visually Striking Metroidvania
Taiwanese Horror Game Devotion Added to Harvard’s Library Collection
Resident Evil 3 Remake Screenshots Leak, Shows Off Artwork and Enemies
Ed Boon on Mortal Kombat & Smash Bros “It’d Be Like a Stamp of Approval”
Metroid Fusion Being Recreated in Minecraft
Even the Horrid Tiger Handhelds Now Being Remade
Anime dating sim girl gets turned into horrifying monster by “image improvement” AI
Riot Games Lawsuit Withdraws $10 Million Request, Now Demanding $400 Million
Why We Think Sonic Should (And Will) Be Gay

Release news:

Sentai Filmworks Gets Rough with Try Knights Rugby Anime License
Media Blasters to Release Eiken, Jungle de Ikou!, Jubei-Chan 2 Anime on Blu-ray Disc
Promare preorders and SteelBook
Sonic the Hedgehog SteelBook
– Right Stuf
Angry Video Game Nerd BFG Collection

Random Merch news:

Overlord Novel’s Next 14th Volume Comes with Limited Ainz Figure
Boot up the New Last Evolution Digivice from Premium Bandai
Attack on Titan Statues Serve a Grim Reminder at Oyama Dam in Kyushu
Dark ale made with crickets coming to Shibuya this March
Hedgehog Carry House from Japan lets you take your little pets with you wherever you go
Japan has a real estate agency where every apartment lets you and your kitty live together!
Yomiuri Land Amusement Park to Offer Collaboration Areas with Hosoda’s Five Films
Japanese maid delivery service brings omurice to your door
Omurice Maker Creates Meido Delivery Service

Misc news:

Kyubey Appears in Front of Students Before Taking Entrance Exam for Kyoto University
Pokemon Masters Twitter Mocked for Mistweeting Attack on Titan Content
Man Claiming He Invented Anime Gets His Court Case Dismissed
Sisters Hospitalized After Sucking up Their Menstrual Fluids With Vacuum
Mandatory Vasectomy Bill Proposed For Alabama
Dem State Rep. Rolanda Hollis doubles down on mandatory vasectomy bill
Rep. Rolanda Hollis arrested on misdemeanor domestic battery charge
Three Scotsmen Arrested for Horse Rape
Childlike Sex Doll Owner Arrested, Also Had “Child Abuse Material”
Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences?