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AC’s Funhouse

Godshard Chronicles: A Retro-Meets-Modern Action RPG
Crazy gadget company Thanko’s new “earphones” don’t play music, do heat your ears from the inside
100-year-old brush shop in Tokyo sells a Japanese body brush that’s painfully good
Attack on Titan Anime’s Titans Become Beetles in New Plastic Model Kits
Attack on Titan Anime Re-Releases its Bestselling Ukiyo-e Print
Hot spring offers people of all ages chance to participate in Japanese school-style sports day
“Get them drunk then chop off their heads.” Samurai’s assassination plot against U.S. envoys found
“Android” arrested for rice ball theft in Japan, Android Woman denies involvement
Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan?
Teacher Calls in Bomb Threat “Work Was Too Tiring!”
– Little Kuriboh accused of pedophilia by proxy
   ∟I was approached to talk about this during the Daman Mills coverage
      Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend
   Kirbopher’s Apology Post
Shibuya locks down Hachiko statue for Halloween 2023 while Burger King Center Gai shuts its doors

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