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Opening discussions:

Gunsmith Cats Commentary Controversy
– Correction: KoiHime is not the same series as KoiHime Musō
How many copies of LOGH are left?
Photon Novel
– Ogy’s Philosophy Corner
– Answer #OCAPodcast questions

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition
Twin Signal Author Starts Crowdfunding Campaign for Sequel

Convention news:

The First of Many AX 2018 Announcements!

Live-Action Anime news:

“SCHOOL-LIVE!” Reveals Main Cast for Live-Action Movie
Acclaimed Robot Anime Director/Designer Masami Obari Draws Special Collaboration Art for “Pacific Rim: Uprising”
Godzilla and Jaegers Clash in “Pacific Rim: Uprising” Collaboration Art
The live-action Space Adventure Cobra film that never was
   ∟Director Alexandre Aja Is No Longer Working on Live-Action Cobra Film

Streaming news:

Shout! Factory Goes Full Tokusatsu for “Ultraman Leo” Marathon
Dragon Pilot – Hisone and Masotan placeholder page on Netflix

Theater Release news:

“Under the Dog” Gets Limited Theatrical Release in Japan
“Mobile Suit Gundam 00” Gets Stage Play in February of 2019
Watch Digest Clip from “One Piece Kabuki” Latest Performance in Osaka

Series news:

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! Comedy Manga Gets Fall TV Anime
New Gundam 00 series coming
Sentai Filmworks Licenses Aura Battler Dunbine Anime
   ∟Sentai Filmworks License Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take on Me Film
“New Gundam Series Announcement” will stream live on April 20 (Fri) at 18:00!
Memory-Tech Acquires Pony Canyon Enterprise Video Production, Authoring Company
Legendary Shogi Player Makes Voice Acting Debut in “Layton” Anime
Info on the Monkey Punch directed Lupin III project
71-Year-Old Akira Kamiya Delivers His Current Voice as “City Hunter” Ryo Saeba in Video
Wish Fulfillment Manga “Kyou kara City Hunter” Releases First Print Volume
Himouto! Umaru-chan’s Sankaku Head Plans New Manga Series
“Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2” Launch in the West on July 24
Sega President Teases a Return to Hardware Game Consoles
Danmachi: Memoria Freese censored for US audiences

Release news:

Nozomi/RightStuf deals end tonight
Lupin III Part IV pre-order
More Lupin
Funimation gets Star Blazers 2199
“Devilman Crybaby” Blu-Ray Brings the Beats with Rap CD
Metropolis Blu-Ray Release by Mill Creek Listed
Kurozuka, Ultraviolet: Code 044, Viper’s Creed DVD Set Listed From Mill Creek
Standard blu-ray for Bubblegum Crisis
Funimation Pre-orders
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Declare Your Love for “Magical Girl Ore” at New Collab Cafe
Get Fully-Licensed Goodies at “Tiger & Bunny” Cafe
Animate Cafe Gets Jazzed up for “Cowboy Bebop” Collaboration
Char Aznable Tests Your “Gundam” Smarts in CoCo Ichibanya Collab
Godzilla Chills Out with Spa Resort Hawaiians Collaboration
Frieza Backpack
Golden Frieza skull
   Regular Frieza skull
   ∟Majin Buu skull
   Colossal Titan skull
Fist of the North Star Body Wash Keeps Japan’s Men Clean
“Chargeman Ken!” Goes Vintage in New T-Shirts
First4Figures Announces Incredibly Detailed “Berserk” Statue
The Queen of England’s Tailors Make Ultimate Char Cosplay
Department Store Offers $8,000 Char Dress Uniform at “Welcome to Zeon” Event

Misc news:

Japan just made a discovery that’s straight out of Code Geass
Tokyo’s Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Lights Up This Month
Mamoru Oshii is now on Twitter
Detective Conan Conquers Instagram
Detective Conan Protects Shibuya as Police Chief for a Day

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