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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
Lemoine will make Rial pay

-KyoAni Fire
Kyoto Animation arsonist develops a soft spot for nurse treating him at hospital

Mangadex Temporarily Down Following Host Removing Site as a Result oof Legal Pressure

Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight/Lostroom Censors Emiya By Making Him Look Less Black

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Convention news:

Comiket Blood Drive Sees Smaller Turnout After Reducing Reliance on Tiddy Posters

Live-Action Anime news:

Philippines’ GMA Network Reveals Live-Action Voltes V Legacy Series

Streaming news:

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 1 Debuts on Crunchyroll a Week Ahead of Japan
Rifle is Beautiful’s Final Episode Postponed
Crunchyroll Adds Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day English Dub
Funimation to Stream A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 Anime’s English Dub
Squishy! Black Clover Anime Spinoff Hits Crunchyroll Today
Ni no Kuni Anime Film Coming West via Netflix on January 16
Netflix Adds 32 More Episodes of 1986 Saint Seiya Anime With New English Dub, Subtitles
Ultraman Surpasses Evangelion as 2019’s Most-Watched Anime on Netflix
Decade in Review: The Most Watched Anime of the Decade by Country

Theater Release news:

Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Teaser Promising Spectacular Animation
Japan Box Office: My Hero Academia 2nd Film Surpasses 1.1 Billion Yen in 3 Weeks
Hatsune Miku Coming to Sing at Coachella

Series news:

Tatsunoko’s Classic Comedy Hakushon Daimaou to Get New TV Anime in Spring 2020
Pop Team Epic Director Jun Aoki Helms TV Anime Gal and Dinosaur in Spring 2020
Pochi Iida’s The Elder Sister-Like One Manga to Get OVA Adaptation
Studio Ghibli Posts New Year’s Greeting with Mention of 2nd Film in Production
Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Conjures Up Release Date with 1st TV Anime Visual
Rena Is Back as New Higurashi When They Cry Anime Project Is Announced
Winter 2020 TV Anime Plunderer Confirmed to Run for 2 Cours with 24 Episodes
Steins;Gate 0 Manga Ends in February
Welcome to the Ballroom Manga Goes Back on Hiatus
First New Death Note Manga Chapter in 12 Years to Be Published in February’s Jump SQ.
Mega Man X DiVE is Coming to Mobile Devices in Q1 2020
Utawarerumono Trilogy Heads to Steam in 2020
Ciconia When They Cry Phase 2 Tearfully Delayed
Silent Hill Monster Designer is a Core Team Member on a New Game
Sony Unveils PlayStation 5 Logo, Resembles PS4 Logo
Nippon Ichi Software Establishes New SystemSoft Beta Subsidiary
Japanese man turns his house into a stage from Donkey Kong

Release news:

Inazuma Eleven Ares: Kickoff!
Granbelm sold 234 BD
Seton Academy Blu-ray 3rd Volume to Come with Unaired Hot Spring-themed Episode
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Bring Nirvana to Your Toy Shelf with Saint Young Men Buddha Mini-Statue
Buy at least one of these Vladimir Putin calendars from Russia to start your year off right
Final Fantasy’s Yoshitaka Amano Goes High Fashion with Vogue Cover
Japanese store’s for-adults lucky bag provides everything you need to get lucky
Hirohiko Araki and Naoki Urasawa Draw Breathtaking Posters for the Tokyo 2020 Games
Rurouni Kenshin Author Draws Stunning Key Visual for 25th Anniversary Exhibition

Misc news:

Do Japanese people think anime characters REALLY have blue, pink, and green hair?
New Year’s Day Mochi Asphyxiates More Old People
Japanese netizens vote on which prefectures would make the best weapons in battle
KFC Japan holds annual memorial services for its chicken
Japanese “Professor”: “Japan Needs to Stop With the Lolicon & Shotacon”
Canada Charges Man for Writing “Child Porn”
Sex Robots “Indistinguishable From Humans” Allegedly Coming in 2025
Kazakhstan Bodybuilder Planning to Marry His Sex Doll