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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Vic’s latest event appearance cancelled by fellow VAs
      They’re still out to outright destroy Vic
         They’ve been emboldened to interfere with his contracts
   Scott Freeman worked for a year before convicted
      Even attended conventions

Sailor Moon’s color grading controversy brings back memories of Dragon Ball’s Green-sky
   Kenny Lauderdale’s Comparison
   ∟Sailor Moon Comparison
   Sailor Moon is not supposed to be pink
      Woman throws shade at David
         David snaps back
   Moomins traumatized children
   Dragon Ball fixed!


“No matter how much was destroyed, I can draw more” — Manga legend puts earthquake damage in perspective

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Macross II: Lovers Again Alus Edition
Justin Sevakis questions what is taking the Dirty Pair dub so long
   Justin finds the excuse
   More recent update

Convention news:

Japanese discuss why “lewd art bags” are seemingly gone from Comiket

Live-Action Anime news:

Tom Cruise will be back for Edge of Tomorrow 2, if Warner Bros. bosses get their way

Streaming news:

Studio Eclipse released a poster for the Black Swordsman arc
Johnny Somali found guilty and effectively banned from Japan
   ∟Nuisance Streamer Johnny Somali Likely to Be Deported With Entry Ban to Japan
   Dramatic Reenactment

Theater Release news:

Calabi-Yau no Sukima Theatrical Anime Film Teases Dark Mysteries
SAG-AFTRA and Replica Studios Introduce Groundbreaking AI Voice Agreement at CES
   Didn’t they just strike over this?
   Sold out VAs threaten to stop paying dues
   Wisely giving up the dream
   VAs are taking it well
   Steven J Blum calls out the claim the VAs agreed
   Laci Morgan thinks she has spotted the slight of hand
   The witch hunt begins
   Veronica Taylor missed the memo
   Will they sue
   Did the union just screw over non-union talent?
   Recording engineers notice they are out of a job too
   Voice Actors need their own union with black jack and hookers
   Pax Helgesen doesn’t want to sell his voice
   People don’t understand why the option to sell your voice is threatening to people who don’t have to sell their voice

Series news:

Bandai Namco Filmworks to Absorb Sunrise Beyond Subsidiary in April
Dorohedoro Anime Sequel Announced
Shumatsu Train Doko e Iku? Anime Departs the Station in April 2024
How to Become Ordinary TV Anime Announced for July 2024
V.W.P’s Kamitsubaki City Under Construction Project Gets TV Anime in 2025
The Undead Unwanted Adventurer Anime Opening & Ending Theme Music Videos Streamed
Yuuki Bakuhatsu Bang Bravern Fakes Out Viewers With Super Robot Reveal
‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess anime makes visual deviation from original manga
One Piece animator attacked on social media over bath scene
Cells at Work Neko is a spinoff manga in the body of a cat
Pon no Michi Original Anime Gets ‘Unofficial’ Spinoff Manga
Beckett Collectibles Now Offers Grading And Slabbing Services For Manga Volumes
   Urban Dictionary definition of Slabbing
Kadokawa Acquires Thai Manga, Light Novel Publisher First Page Pro
Interview: ‘Kengan Ashura’ and ‘Kengan Omega’ Mangaka Daromeon Weighs In On AI Localization Debate, Says It Will “Take Some Time” Before More Publishers Adopt Technology
Western Localizers Have Deluded Themselves Into Believing They’re Actual Creators
Former Funimation Script Writer Jamie Marchi Doubles Down On Her Infamous Anti-Patriarchy Localization Of ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’: “This Is What Happens When A Script Is Dubbed Into A Different Language”
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid fan ‘fixes’ scene with AI
   Woke Translator Is Finished
Like a Dragon: Gaiden English Dub accused of slowing down Yong Yea’s lines
Saudi Arabia’s PIF increases its stake in Japan-based Koei Tecmo to 6.6%
Street Fighter VI Spy x Family Collab Costumes as Ugly as Expected
   Is it affirmative action or political correctness that causes this?
   Chun Li’s outfit included tear away pants
   Casually Messatsu Child
In Escalation Of Anti-Modding Crusade, Capcom Now Adding Enigma DRM To PC Catalog
   ∟Capcom Secretly Adding DRM to Released Games to Fight Mods
   How could this have happened?
Why the Era of Mainstream Eroge Ended
Hideki Kamiya left PlatinumGames because his trust was broken
Square Enix quietly removes recruitment page bragging about censorship
Sony prohibits reselling physical games, tracks activity

Release news:

Anime Limited Listing Collector’s Blu-rays of Three Patlabor Cinema Films
Discotek Licenses 1997 Berserk Anime, Urusei Yatsura OVAs, Mazinkaiser, More
   Berserk is more important than Sportball
   Berserk subs
   Sevakis claims they are one special away from licensing all of Lupin
      Rhys disagrees
         ∟Lupin possibly not able to be fully licensed
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
Custom Guyver Helmets
Hellsing Fans Can Now Sport Alexander Anderson’s Iconic Eyeglasses
Nintendo finally releases the Elephant Mario plushie
Butt without body – Strange new anime figure line is all about the backside
Chinese-Run Fake Naruto Merch Companies Lose Lawsuit to TV Tokyo
   ∟TV Tokyo Wins U.S. Lawsuits Against Sellers of Counterfeit Naruto Merchandise
Bloke being paid £1,000 a month to dress up as ‘monkey king’ and be fed bananas
   Zoo is hiring people to dress up as birds to scare away seagulls

Misc news:

South Korea Law Prohibits the Consumption of Dog Meat
Nagoya Man Calls Police for Permission to Kill His Wife
Old Man Arrested for Giving School Girl 5,000 Yen to Touch Her Thighs
Woman pays £175 to have dead pet hamster stuffed and immortalised as a stripper
Why your poo no wan flush, wetin e mean about your health

AC’s Funhouse

The Nazis adored it; the Japanese commercialised it – now we’re all trapped in the cult of cute
Luxury hotel chain offering karaoke in a large tub floating on the ocean
Would you pay 450 dollar for a unique picnic dangling 295 feet over a thundering waterfall?
Subway’s flying restaurant will serve sandwiches 1,000 feet in the air: How to book your free ride
Taupo McDonald’s Airplane
Paqui’s One Chip Challenge Pulled From Stores After Teen’s Death
Dick Amnesia Is a Real Thing
Does Guile’s Street Fighter video game crouching block work in real life?
Mr. Sato appears in a French photo album without his consent, goes mad with desire for vengeance
Netflix being sued for $2 billion by Egyptians for ‘distorting the image’ of Cleopatra in new doc
Godshard Chronicles: A Retro-Meets-Modern Action RPG
Tokyo capsule toy machine gives you real samurai-era antique coins, but are they worth anything?
Hot spring offers people of all ages chance to participate in Japanese school-style sports day
“Get them drunk then chop off their heads.” Samurai’s assassination plot against U.S. envoys found
“Android” arrested for rice ball theft in Japan, Android Woman denies involvement
Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan?
– Little Kuriboh accused of pedophilia by proxy
   ∟I was approached to talk about this during the Daman Mills coverage
      Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend
   Kirbopher’s Apology Post

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