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YouTuber Brings Tenga Products to Earthquake-Affected Areas for Ragebait
Rescue Request Hoaxes on X Causing Anxiety During Japanese Disaster
Crappy New Year Continues in Japan With Tokyo Airport Plane Fire
   Japan Airlines jet bursts into flames after collision with earthquake relief plane at Tokyo Haneda airport
Third Day of 2024 Ends With Kyushu Fire & Akihabara Stabbing
Go Nagai Wonderland Museum in Ishikawa Reported Burned Down After Earthquake
   Comparison photos
   More photos
FamilyMart Under Fire for Doubling Price of Water During Crisis

OCA Podcast on PornHub
   ∟The saga of being too spicy for PornHub


Speed Racer actor Christian Oliver and daughters die in plane crash

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Macross II: Lovers Again Alus Edition

Live-Action Anime news:

Live-Action Arknights Fan Movie Heaven for Kemonomimi Cosplay

Streaming news:

Netflix got the One Piece: Egghead Arc
No more nudity: Twitch is ending the ‘topless meta’ party.

Series news:

Indie anime movie Prometic Knight shows off lots of action in new trailer
Sasaki and Peeps TV Anime Trailer Teases a World of Adventure
Akuyaku Reijo Tensei Oji-san Isekai Fantasy Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation
Chained Soldier deep passionate kissing anime
Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete’s Utena Hiiragi Sexy & Revealing in Official Art
   ∟Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete Episode 1 Pantsu Aplenty
Former JAV actress Shibuya Kaho voice acting in Modaete yo, Adam-kun
Delicious in Dungeon pinup art attacked for “sexualizing” women
Ajin’s Gamon Sakurai Launches New Sci-Fi Manga The Pool
Yu Yu Hakusho Creator Nearly Quit the Series Halfway Through
ANN Pulls ‘Insensitive’ My Pancreas Broke, But My Life Got Better Review After Public Backlash
   ANN only deleted 2 articles in 20 years
Western Localizers Attack Fans Looking To AI For More Accurate Handling Of Japanese Media: “You Clearly Can’t Appreciate The Work Of Humans”
   ∟English Localizers Unhappy After ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’ Announces AI-Human Hybrid Simulpubs: “Such Disrespect For The Substance Of The Original Text Is Saddening”
   ∟Opinion: The Ancient Magus Bride AI translation isn’t perfect, but it works
Japanese fans are increasingly aware of English localization quality
   ∟Woke Translators Are Out Of Control
      ∟Jamie responded to the criticism in her usual way
         ∟Woke Translator Attacks Asmongold
            Jamie is desperate to attack Asmongold to avoid taking any responsibility
         People are destroying her on her Facebook Page
         Jamie wants to play both sides of feminism
            Jamie’s tiny face comparison
‘Ready Player One’ to Be Turned Into Massive Metaverse Experience in Partnership With Warner Bros. Discovery
News anchor slammed after telling teen gamer who beat Tetris for the first time ever to ‘go outside’
Kojima Productions and Xbox announce “OD”
Square Enix president says the company will be “aggressive in applying AI”
Rule the World by Breeding in Goblins on the March: Breed All Humans!
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs bath scenes “will be different” on Switch
China announces strict rules on games, nearly $80 billion lost in market
   ∟China Gaming Regulator Fired After Plans for More Restrictions Plummet Stock Prices
Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy VII Collaboration Rather Horrifying
   The comparison is staggering
SJWs are angry that Stellar Blade has become one of the most anticipated games of 2023 just because of the beautiful heroine
   ∟Hey, I recognize that ass…
      ∟Resetera Despises Project Eve’s Main Sexy Heroine
   Shin Jae-eun was photoscanned
      White Knights criticize her model as unrealistic
         People point out the irony
            They’re used to models being ugly
               I mean hideous…
                  Insomniac writer versus Mary Jane model
                  People are even accusing her of being a child
                     Gorlock the Destroyer
                        Gorlocka the Hutt
   Former Stellar Blade Dev Calls for Boycott, Dev Linked to Misandric Group
Police investigating “virtual gang rape” with no actual victims

Release news:

Guyver 4K Features
   The UK dub of The Guyver was rescored by Gavin Rossdale and Chris Traynor of Bush
– Right Stuf
Suzume- Movie (Steelbook) (Walmart Exclusive) (Blu-Ray + DVD)
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Kawaki Goes Undercover (DVD)
Best Buy Begins Removing DVD and Blu-rays From Stores

Random Merch news:
Kuroko Shirai bunny girl figure quite pretty
Insane Goku Statue
Artist Mignon releases “Yummy Tummy” artbook focusing on midriffs
California Stores Now Legally Required To Keep Toy Aisles “Gender Neutral”

Misc news:

3 Female Tax Officers Disciplined for Soapland & Sex Work Side Hustles
Shimane Man Arrested for Headbutting Police Officer
Company Executive Arrested for Assault & Threatening to Shave Woman’s Hair
Gaijin Students Restricted From Participating in Ekiden Marathon for Being Too Fast
Brazilian prisoner attempted to escape by impersonating his daughter
   He wore a silicon mask
      Full image
   Video on the matter
Chinese chess player sues to reclaim the title he lost for defecating in a hotel bathtub
Priest cuts off his own penis during crazed mental break following tick bite

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