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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Vic somehow remains a class act

Yellow Power Ranger joins OnlyFans: I needed to do something to survive

Japanese Smart Agriculture Trade Secrets Allegedly Stolen by Chinese Spy
   ∟Chinese Spy Arrested in Japan for Leaking Research Data to Companies in China
‘Red Alert’: China posts bizarre video of marching female Chinese soldiers to sounds of classic video game
   Time for PE kids!
Osprey landing in a neighborhood in Larkspur California
   Tanks in Idaho Falls
   More military vehicles
   Moving by train

Japan’s LGBT Understanding Bill passed
   ∟Japan Passes ‘Watered-Down’ Revision of LGBT Understanding Bill
      ∟LDP to Workaround LGBT Bill to Secure ‘Women-Only Spaces’ at Restrooms & Baths


Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Convention news:

Anime Expo will not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test
Crunchyroll Reveals Anime Expo 2023 Plans, Including Over 20 Panels and Premieres
TMS Entertainment, Bang Zoom! Hold Open Auditions for English Dub Role in Undead Unluck Anime at Anime Expo
Shoji Kawamori Of Macross Fame To Appear At Otakon 2023 As Guest of Honor

Live-Action Anime news:

The COPE is over… One Piece Trailer
   Welcome to the ouch, motherfuckers
   Vast wants Luffy’s fist up their ass
      Social Media manager expects to be fired

She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat TV Drama to Get Season 2 in Early 2024
Knuckles Live-Action Spinoff Series Adds More Hollywood Stars To Cast
Ultraman Franchise Expands Licensing Program, Releases Series’ English Dubs Online, Reveals New Marvel Crossover Comic

Streaming news:

Choujin redemption arc hits a snag
   ∟Allegedly it was just a prank, bro
The Lost English Dub of Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora!
   ∟Download Link
Live-Action Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Film Debuts on Netflix Globally on August 3
Netflix Anime Zom 100 Gets New Trailer Ahead of July Release Date
Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Anime’s Part 2 Premieres Overseas on July 8
Netflix is rolling out their family block
New Report Shows ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim’ Will Inject Feminism Into Tolkien’s Classic Tale Of Helm Hammerhand
   ∟More Details Emerge About ‘The Lord Of The Rings: War Of The Rohirrim’: Edoras Is Destroyed, Movie Explores Female Point Of View
      The Lord Of The Rings: The War Of Rohirrim Gives Us Middle-Earth Anime, And We Can’t Wait

Theater Release news:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Banned in Saudi Arabia
City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust Anime Film Amps up Action with New Trailer and Poster
BLUE GIANT Anime Film Heads to North American Theaters Later This Year
Zelda Movie Rumors Denied by Illumination Boss

Series news:

Go! Go! Loser Ranger! TV Anime Enlists Yostar Pictures as Production House
Undead Murder Farce TV Anime Uncovers July 5 Premiere in New Trailer, Visual
My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer TV Anime Levels Up in New PV
The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Season 3 Plans Advance Screening World Tour
Young Jump Manga Snack Basue Serves Up Anime Adaptation
AI is being used to write a new chapter in the God of Manga’s Black Jack series
Western Localizers Insert Mansplaining Reference Into English Releases Of ‘The Dangers In My Heart’ Manga And Anime
Voice Actor Claims Crunchyroll Blocked Auditions to Reprise Tower of God Role in Video Game
   ∟Laura Post’s thread
US judge temporarily blocks Microsoft acquisition of Activision
Persona 5 Tactica Brings Personas to a Tactical RPG Spinoff
Persona 3 Reload Won’t Include Female Protagonist or Other Content From FES & Portable
AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead and Undressed Director’s Cut Sets Switch Date for the West
Sorry Physical Fans! The New Like a Dragon May Be Digital Only on PS5, PS4
Fate/Grand Order Caught Using AI Art in Latest CM Animation
Idol Gacha Collection Is a Gacha Game With Collectible AI-Generated Idols
Chinese Game Company Introduces AI, Fires 30% of Its Artists
Duke Nukem Evercade publisher Blaze apologises after fans called out its AI-generated artwork
The Video Game Industry Has Reportedly Banned AI Art Completely
GameStop Terminates CEO Amidst Declining Revenue

Release news:

GKIDS Licenses French-Japanese Co-Production Film Ghost Cat Anzu
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
Godzilla, Evangelion, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider Combine into Shin Universe Robo
It’s not Gunpla, it’s Gunele! Witch from Mercury fan builds awesome Gundam Aerial from Legos
Aluminum case to carry puffed corn snack Umaibo developed
Soy Sauce Licker Indicted for Sex Trafficking a Minor

Misc news:

Father arrested for taking the fall for son’s hit and run in Tokyo
Kyoto Police Sergeant Charged for Inappropriately Touching Man in a Sauna
Man Arrested for Making a Missile and Threatening to ‘Blow Up’ the Police
Fireworks Explosions in Apartments Kill 3 in China’s Tianjin
Two Japanese Soldiers Dead After SDF Cadet Opens Fire at Military Shooting Range
Intoxicated Firefighter Chief ‘Pranks’ Co-Worker by Slashing His Neck
Japanese Video Shop Offering “End of Life Services” for Older Porn Addicts

AC’s Funhouse

AC’s Funhouse

The Nazis adored it; the Japanese commercialised it – now we’re all trapped in the cult of cute
Luxury hotel chain offering karaoke in a large tub floating on the ocean
Would you pay 450 dollar for a unique picnic dangling 295 feet over a thundering waterfall?
Subway’s flying restaurant will serve sandwiches 1,000 feet in the air: How to book your free ride
Taupo McDonald’s Airplane
Paqui’s One Chip Challenge Pulled From Stores After Teen’s Death
Dick Amnesia Is a Real Thing
Does Guile’s Street Fighter video game crouching block work in real life?
Mr. Sato appears in a French photo album without his consent, goes mad with desire for vengeance
Netflix being sued for $2 billion by Egyptians for ‘distorting the image’ of Cleopatra in new doc
Tokyo capsule toy machine gives you real samurai-era antique coins, but are they worth anything?
Hot spring offers people of all ages chance to participate in Japanese school-style sports day
“Get them drunk then chop off their heads.” Samurai’s assassination plot against U.S. envoys found
“Android” arrested for rice ball theft in Japan, Android Woman denies involvement
Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan?

– Little Kuriboh accused of pedophilia by proxy
   ∟I was approached to talk about this during the Daman Mills coverage
      Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend
   Kirbopher’s Apology Post

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