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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   #kickmarsgurl- Stop 4 years of targeted harassment from @MarzGurl
      MarzGurl believed the petition was started by FarahFatherless
         Farah apparently changed her name to “Anonymous User” after creating the petition
            MarzGurl calls out

The email we received from about the removal of JT’s petition

   Anime Reviewer MarzGurl Accused of Sexually Assaulting Underage Boy at a Wild Party in LA — Shocking Details
      Proof that the Medium article was also FarahFatherless
   Apparently, FarahFatherless was seeing Vic Mignogna
      MarzGurl and her team of experts confirm the screenshots are authentic
         Why Farah’s spelling and grammar induces cancer
            She claims to be the president of the SoCal Cosplay Club
               She even brags about it on her LinkedIn
               Farah shares details about her relationship with Vic
                  Vic gave Farah his personal email at BakAnime
                     Which is so personal that it is publicly available on his website
                     MarzGurl begins to white knight for Farah
                        Vic was in a relationship with Haileigh Todd
                           Remember when Vic shouted out Haileigh Todd at Anime Matsuri?

   Farah’s LinkTree
      Farah’s PornHub
         Farah’s disgusting video
                              The absolute joy Vic brought Haileigh
                                 Haileigh’s Facebook
                                    Haileigh has been in a relationship since November 4th, 2021
                                       Haileigh at Anime Matsuri
                                 MarzGurl believes this proves Michelle Specht’s unhinged affidavit
                                    Did Haileigh catch Vic cheating?
                                       Vic allegedly claimed that going back with Haileigh would only be for her to get closure
                                          Vic allegedly told Farah to make videos defending him
                                             Vic could have tanked Farah’s illustrious porn career
                                                Farah acknowledges Vic is God’s gift to women
                                                   Farah conveniently deletes all evidence
                                                      MarzGurl agrees with a SIMP who thinks guys love dating pornstars
                                                         MarzGurl ponders why Farah hates her
                                                            MarzGurl stealing roles from Donald Trump
                                                            MarzGurl tries to make the pieces fit her narrative
                                                               MarzGurl ponders how Farah doesn’t hate Vic as much as she does
                                                                  MarzGurl adds a disclaimer to avoid legal repercussions
                                                                     MarzGurl struggles to make her conspiracy theory about Squally make sense
                                                                        Super triggered about the CNN-Anime article
                                                                           MarzGurl pities Farah
                                                                              MarzGurl theorizes there are hundreds of women
                                                                                 MarzGurl feels sorry for Farah
                                                                                    MarzGurl accuses Haileigh of being the side chick
                                                                                       Farah caves to MarzGurl’s narrative
                                                                                          Vic shouts out Jeff Johnson
                                                                                          Farah’s final word on the subject
                                                                                             Farah’s unhinged rantings before she deleted her Twitter
   MarzGurl started a podcast?
      It’s actually been going on for a while

Sevakis got a new computer
   Only inclusive enough for one month
      Unlike us, who are inclusive all year long

Japan Sexual Minorities: ‘LGBT Bill Is Unnecessary,’ ‘Listen to the People, Not Just Activists’
   ∟Kabukicho Tower Gender-Neutral Toilets Compromising Privacy
      ∟Kabukicho Tower’s Gender-Neutral Toilets Shut Down After a Month
      ∟Tokyu Kabukicho Tower backtracks on its gender-neutral toilets, rejigging them to appease public
   ∟Japanese Bathhouse Policies in Question After Trans Woman Enters a Woman’s Bath
   ∟Nagoya Gay Marriage Rejection Overturned, Building Precedent in Japan
Beijing LGBT Center Closes After Pressure From China’s Anti-LGBT Crackdown

Updating 4:3 shows for streaming proves challenging
   Seinfeld is the best anime

   ∟Violet Evergarden LEs
Bootlegging swastikas

Kyoto Animation announces it will build two memorials to victims of anime studio arson attack

Convention news:

Comiket to Allow ‘Unlimited’ Number of Attendees as Entry Restrictions Relax
One Piece Episode 1000 Dub World Premiere Planned for Anime Expo
THE FIRST SLAM DUNK Film Gets North American Premiere At Anime Expo
Sevakis edges Digimon Fans

Live-Action Anime news:

The CW Officially Axes Live-Action ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Reboot
Fans in Japan don’t sound happy with Netflix’s One Piece live-action changes to the Going Merry
Dildoman Outsold Chainsawman

Streaming news:

Gaijin YouTuber From Train Harassment Video Attacked by Stream Sniper
More Anime Shows Will Stream For Free This Summer on Sling TV, Amazon Freevee, & More
TBS Uploads Sekiro Playthrough, Mistakenly Claims Copyright on Sekiro Videos Worldwide
Agency for Cultural Affairs Website Accidentally Lists Manga Pirate Site URLs For 6+ Months

Theater Release news:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Beats Out Frozen to Become the 2nd Highest-Grossing Animated Film of All Time
Director Takayuki Hirao Brings Pompo the Cinéphile Team Back for New Anime Film

Series news:

Black Cat Anime Launches Its Official Twitter Account
The IDOLM@STER Million Live! Anime Releases New Trailer for Advance Theatrical Run
Reign of the Seven Spellblades TV Anime Sets July 7 Premiere with New Visual, Trailer
Penguin Box’s Odekake Kozame Manga About Young Shark Gets Anime
AYAKA TV Anime Gets Grungy in New Visual From Designer Redjuice
Kuso Miso Technique Anime Dresses Down Potential Investors with Saucy Key Visual
New Association in Japan to Campaign for Better Anime Working Conditions
Golden Kamuy Author Satoru Noda’s New Ice Hockey Manga Debuts July 27
Shakugan No Shana Franchise Gets First Light Novel in 11 Years
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Film Gets Manga Spinoff About Doc Ock in Schoolgirl’s Body
Somari and the Guardian of the Forest’s Creator Still Struggling Financially, Has Regrets Over Anime Adaptation
Western Activists Lose Their Minds After New ‘One Piece’ Color Spread Appears To Definitively Debunk Transgender Yamato Theory
Woman Arrested for Stealing Manga Blames Crime on Her Split Personality
Yuji Naka Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison & Fined 2.5 Million Yen Plus Charges
Metal Gear Sold 3 Remake and Remaster Collection Announced
   The original voice cast is returning
Japanese Mobile Games No Longer in Global Top-10 Revenue List
Sony Under Investigation in Romania for Alleged Breach of Competition Rules
Amazon Part-Timers Caught Stealing Early Copies of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Release news:

Classroom of the Elite and More Audiobooks to Come from New Seven Seas Audiobook Imprint
Great Pretender Anime Gets North American Home Video Release via All the Anime
   Great Pretender Tweet
   UK getting 4k Gundam Trilogy
Right Stuf’s Shipping Info
   Says $50 though
– Right Stuf
Whisper of the Heart Live-Action Sequel

Random Merch news:
Lupin the Third Anime Artist Yasuo Otsuka Gets Posthumous Artbook
Metal Gear Solid Board Game
Studio Ghibli’s truck from My Neighbour Totoro now available as die-cast Takara Tomy car
Japan’s newest perfume will make you smell like a movie bootlegger
Bootleg manga plastered on walls of new store
Sushi will finally start revolving again at Japan’s largest revolving sushi restaurant chain
Influencer Creates ‘AI Girlfriend’ Version Of Herself, Hauls In More Than $70,000 In Single Week
AI-generated swimsuit/lingerie model makes debut in Japan’s Weekly Playboy magazine
Akihabara Card Shop Requests Stinky Players to Take Showers
   ∟OxiClean officially sends detergent supply to Tokyo card shop struggling with sweaty, smelly otaku

Misc news:

A Las Vegas Neighborhood Is Naming Its Streets After Pokemon
Japanese schoolgirl talks foreigner out of suicide attempt on her way to class
Two Arrested for Molesting High School Boy on a Train
Three Boys Arrested for Assaulting Police Station With Fireworks and Fire Extinguishers
Nagano Councilman’s Son Barricades Self, Kills 4 Including 2 Cops
China Hostage Situation Instantly Solved by Hero With a Shovel
Man Arrested After Using Nintendo Duck Hunt Gun to Rob Convenience Store

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