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– Coronavirus News
Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Live-Action Film Pushed to 2021 due to COVID

Kimio Alive Manga Creator Kousei Eguchi Passes Away at the Age of 23
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announces resignation

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter Comes to a Close at $4.57 Million

Convention news:

Live-Action Anime news:

Netflix Teases Live-Action Resident Evil Series from Supernatural Showrunner
Kabuki adaptation of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind now available to stream online
Kakegurui Live-action Film Sequel in The Works for 2021 Release

Streaming news:

Crunchyroll Adds ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? OVA
RetroCrush’s Magical Idol Pastel Yumi Stream Credits Unauthorized Fansub

Theater Release news:

Series news:

Warlords of Sigrdrifa TV Anime Soars in New Trailer Announcing 1-Hour Premiere
HoneyWorks-produced Virtual Idol Unit LIP×LIP Gets Anime Feature Film
Jun Maeda’s The Day I Became God TV Anime Brings in Heavenly Nagi Yanagi for OP/ED
Battle Athletes Returns as New TV Anime Series “ReSTART!” in 2021
Family is Peak Cringe in Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! TV Anime Trailer
EX-ARM TV Anime Comes from the Future to Premiere in January 2021
Two-Part “The New Prince of Tennis: Hyotei vs. Rikkai” to Open in Early Spring of 2021
GRANBLUE FANTASY Spin-off Short Anime Guraburu! Set to Premiere on October 8
Shinkai’s Weathering With You Gets Audiobook Voiced by Two Original Anime VAs
Eiichiro Oda Claims There are 4 to 5 Years Left of the One Piece Manga
12th Haruhi Suzumiya Novel To be Released on November 25 After 9 Year Break
Yen Press to Release New Haruhi Suzumiya Digitally Simultaneously With Japan
Zegapain to Get All-new Original Hard Science Fiction Novel in 2021
Mary Skelter Finale Hit with a One-Month Delay in Japan

Release news:

– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

These Evangelion Coins Celebrating 25 Years Are Pretty Mint
These My Hero Academia Face Masks Can Help You Cool Down and Keep You Safe
Kumamon and other Japanese mascots get muscular in new energy drink commercial
For the not-low cost of US$1,300 you can own almost every Pretty Cure collector’s badge set
Work from home in peace and quiet with Otegaroom, a tiny soundproof room
Move over, dartboards – Japan now has shuriken machines for ninja fun!
Why stay at a hotel in Japan when you can rent this entire mountain instead?
Uber Eats delivers movie theater popcorn at certain Tokyo and Chiba locations

Misc news:

Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote controlled robot staff in Tokyo
Luffy Statue Finds the Treasure for Kumamoto, Brings in Billions of Yen in Tourism Money
Japanese divorce rate drops nearly 10 percent during quarantine, netizens investigate why
Man arrested for peeing in beer cans and leaving them on side of road in Japan
Osaka’s giant pufferfish may be saved by neighboring business

Wait for AC:

Western Version of Pocket Monsters Anime Censors “Hitler Mustache”
Writer’s retreat ryokan – Tokyo inn treats you like novelist on deadline, with strict “editors”
Woman arrested in mountains of Japan for attempted murder with bow and arrow
Woman in Japan accidentally pees herself during live broadcast
Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat
Japanese man arrested for groping woman in station says he’ll only talk to female police
Masturbatory aid maker Tenga releases dumbbells so you can pump up while you jerk off
Pedophile That Harmed 6 Children Deemed Too Fat for Prison