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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
OCA Podcast Patreon
Anime Collector Patreon
– Vic Mignogna Court Case
Protonmail is terminating the hexadecimal account

– Coronavirus News
Ensemble Stars! Kuro VA Shinichiro Kamio Tests Positive for COVID-19
Japanese Band FLOW’s Guitarist Take Contracts the Coronavirus
Some foreigners denied reentry into Japan despite testing negative for coronavirus
Kim Jong-un orders North Koreans to hand over pet dogs — so they can be used as meat

“No Japan” anti-anime political party in Korea promotes itself with anime
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Act-Age Artist Shiro Usazaki Releases Statement on Writer’s Arrest Supporting the Victims
Shonen Jump No Longer Selling Act-Age Manga Volumes

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

The Island of Giant Insects DUBBED & UNCENSORED
Eiyuden Chronicle Now the Most Backed Japanese Project on Kickstarter
Suikoden Successor Eiyuden Chronicle Now 6th Most-Funded Video Game Kickstarter

Convention news:

Live-Action Anime news:

Live Action Mega Man Movie Will Be “Emotional & Primal”

Streaming news:

Crunchyroll Rubs the Lamp, Adds Genie Family 2020 to Anime Catalog
Crunchyroll Adds Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Story -if- Anime to Simulcast Lineup
Crunchyroll to Stream New Granblue Fantasy OVA on August 25
Netflix To Air Dragon’s Dogma On September 17th, 2020
All five seasons of SAILOR MOON are coming to Crave
Shout! Factory Goes Kaiju Crazy with MST3K Gamera Movie Marathon

Theater Release news:

French Documentary La Machine à Rêves Explores Celebrated Anime Director Satoshi Kon
Manga Author Draws Farewell Illustration for Gintama THE FINAL Movie
Japan Sinks 2020 Anime Series Being Compiled Into ‘Shizumanuki Bow’ Anime Film
Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Ⅲ.spring song Goes 4D in Japan Starting September 4
Akira 4k

Series news:

Upcoming Anime Tenchisouzou Design-Bu Goes Bestial
Heroes and Rivals Gather in Magatsu Wahrheit Zuerst TV Anime Key Visual
Festivities Begin in Higurashi When They Cry TV Anime on October 1
Pottery-themed Anime Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Releases Visuals for Its Live-action Segment
Orphen: Battle of Kimluck Releases New Key Visual & PV for January 2021 Premiere
Burn the Witch Anime PV Slaughters All Sorts of Ghastly Horrors
Overseas Demand is Driving Up the Amount of Money Anime Studios Are Making
Cells at Work!! Strongest Enemy Moviegoers to Receive Manga’s “4.9th” Volume
Black Myth: Wu Kong Furiously Bashes Furries
Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel, R18+ H-Game Launches on Steam
Games Released In Japan Have To Sell 100,000 Or More To Stay In The Black
Activision Removes Tiananmen Square Clip From Call of Duty After China Bans Trailer

Release news:

Dr. Slump’s Traffic Safety PSAs
– Right Stuf
A Lull in the Sea sets are pixelated?
The Rising of the Vagina Hero

Random Merch news:

Everybody Loves Urusei Yatsura
China Copyrights: Ultraman, My Ultraman
Get Hitched with Pikachu on Your Wedding Certificate
Used Pokémon popsicle sticks are selling for hundreds of dollars online in Japan
Yu-Gi-Oh fan makes authentic, functional Millennium Puzzle and it’s a thing of beauty
How about some fake bird poo to protect your bike from thieves in Japan?
Japanese “Creeper Reply Badge” capsule toys make us cringe with their cliche replies
This is NOT a capsule toy here – Testing out Japan’s fully functioning mini iron
Woman Risks Life to Save Husband’s Gundam Collection During Intense Flood
Mouth-testing Japan’s porn-star-approved “testicle texture” gummy candies

Misc news:

Mystery stink haunts Kanagawa Prefecture, worries seismologist
The gang’s gone gray: Majority of yakuza in Japan now over age 50
Japan’s ninja museum has been robbed by thieves in the middle of the night
670 pigs have been stolen in Japan this summer, and thieves are stealing cows too
Theft victim uses social media to catch suspects, suspects use social media to convict selves
Man gets fired for lying on resume by saying he had less education than he really does
Japanese police ask drunk people to please stop sleeping in the middle of the street
City orders torii of unknown origin torn down, sparks concern a horror movie is beginning
Rare living male-female stag beetle is currently housed in Miyazaki prefectural museum
Government to lift ban on reselling masks and hand sanitizer, citizens express concern
Japanese grandmothers create “Monkey Busters” group, fight primates with airguns
23-Year-Old Man Arrested for Splashing Woman With His Urine
Male Teacher Arrested for Hiding Camera in Men’s Bath