January 2023


OCA Podcast – 211: Always Skip Leg Day

February 2023

2023-2-21: Archive
Anime Outsiders reports MarzGurl fired from Funimation:

March 2023

Vic Mignogna & Farah Fatherless fight over a threesome

April 2023

Farah Fatherless screws up her layover flight

Farah Fatherless tells Vic Mignogna to enjoy his friend/bed

2023-4-5: Archive
Vic Mignogna threatens to sue more people after being cancelled from another event (according to Farah Fatherless, this was her suggestion):

Vic Mignogna avoids seeing Farah Fatherless on Easter

Farah Fatherless arrives in Texas

Easter Sunday

2023-4-18: Archive
mets2128’s video about Monica Rial being “permabanned” from San Japan:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBaoyHj9bFM (Removed)

2023-4-24: Archive
Full-Metallegend108 posts about Monica making a false police report:
https://twitter.com/lilnyu108/status/1650331864350220290 (Deleted)

OCA Podcast – 219: As You Like My Pleasure:

Farah Fatherless tells Vic Mignogna he is the most beautiful loving man in the world

2023-4-29: Archive
MarzGurl Change.org petition created by Farah Fatherless: https://www.change.org/p/kickmarsgurl-stop-4-years-of-targeted-harassment-from-marzgurl

2023-4-29: Archive
Farah Fatherless creates the #kickmarzgurl Twitter account and starts sharing the Change.org petition: https://twitter.com/kickmarzgurl/status/1652432324552687616

May 2023

Farah talks to Vic about mets2128 and Full-Metallegend108

Mets2128 & Full-Metallegend108 – Monica Permabanned Posts

2023-5-3: Archive
mets2128 issues an apology for being dumb:

Farah Fatherless confirms with Vic Mignogna that mets2128 and Full-Metallegend108 removed their posts

2023-5-5: Archive
MarzGurl calls out Farah for creating the Change.org petition: https://twitter.com/MarzGurl/status/1654622782146375680

OCA Podcast – 220: Stay in your lane, AI: https://www.youtube.com/live/AAZOdvohQ8c?feature=share&t=185

2023-5-8: Archive
MarzGurl proves Farah started the petition: https://twitter.com/MarzGurl/status/1655505569007140872

2023-5-9: Archive
Medium.com CNN-Anime article about MarzGurl: https://medium.com/@thepsychoarsenal/anime-reviewer-marzgurl-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-underage-boy-at-a-wild-party-in-la-a42d34d5857

2023-5-9: Archive
Squally asks about the CNN-Anime article: https://twitter.com/Squally_kins/status/1655992406582362142

2023-5-15: Archive
Farah Fatherless is revealed to have dated Vic Mignogna:

2023-5-16: Archive
Monica Rial seen arm-in-arm with Todd Haberkorn at OG Collectibles: https://twitter.com/OGCollectibles/status/1658551169206345729

2023-5-21: Archive
MarzGurl reveals Farah Fatherless was dating Vic Mignogna: https://twitter.com/MarzGurl/status/1660375064767004672

2023-5-21: Archive
MarzGurl and her team of experts confirm the screenshots are authentic: https://twitter.com/MarzGurl/status/1660375067375841280

2023-5-21: Archive
Why Farah’s spelling and grammar induces cancer: https://twitter.com/MarzGurl/status/1660375069246488576

2023-5-21: Archive
Farah claims to be the president of the SoCal Cosplay Club: https://twitter.com/MarzGurl/status/1660375071570132992

OCA Podcast – 221: World Dominatrix: https://www.youtube.com/live/yIyUNjexPCs?feature=share&t=228

2023-5-22: Archive
Haileigh addresses the drama before deleting her account:


June 2023

OCA Podcast – 222: Thirsty Fanclub: https://www.youtube.com/live/PiZg4eTQ0wM?feature=share&t=209

OCA Podcast – 223: Defeat by Appendicitis: https://www.youtube.com/live/q-X8VGuPos0
NOTE: We did not discuss Vic in any meaningful way in this episode. The purpose of including it is to emphasize that over a week went by after the previous podcast, where we discussed Farah Fatherless, before she became aware of it.

2023-6-13: Archive (First Comment)
Farah Fatherless begins commenting on Podcast 222: This is going to get a little confusing. Farah’s username when she originally started commenting on Podcast 222 was “Bleed”. I actually already knew this was her account because I had Googled “Farah Fatherless” before Podcast 222 and, among the things I found, was this youtube channel which has “@FarahFatherless” in the custom URL. As you can see in the second screenshot, she later changed her avatar and username to be more recognizable.

Farah Fatherless continued to comment many times on Podcast 222:
The following comments all ended up getting removed. Either by Farah, or by YouTube. I did not delete them. In fact, I do not believe I have ever deleted a comment on my YouTube channel. Historically, the meaner the comment is, the more likely I am to pin it. To my recollection, the only time I ever even considered deleting a comment was when porn bots were posting comments with links to websites that seemed like they had a strong likelihood of containing malware.

Again, this is going to be a little confusing. The first screenshot above shows the email alert I received about her comment. Note that the time the email arrived was 2:00 PM PDT. The second and third screenshots show my notifications from the YouTube Studio app. This is where I first saw these comments. You will notice the middle screenshot was taken at 2:06 PM PDT and the comment says it was posted “10 minutes ago”. You will also notice that the middle screenshot says the comment was edited. I believe that the comment in the middle screenshot is the same one from the email. I believe there is a small delay from when a comment is posted and the email notifications go out. I also didn’t receive an email for a comment similar to the edited one in the middle, which is why I believe they are the same comment.

Mods chat discussion of these comments:
Immediately after receiving the notification from the YouTube Studio app, I opened Discord on my phone and sent screenshots of the comments to the Mods channel of the OCA Podcast Discord.

Notice the time I sent them was 2:11 PM PDT. Full disclosure, the second screenshot I first sent them was this one. You will notice I had failed to hit the “Read more” prompt so it was cut off. While talking to the fellow hosts in the Mods channel I was trying to reply to Farah’s comments but she or YouTube was deleting them so when I tried to submit my reply, it was failing to post the message. Fortunately, I had not closed the YouTube Studio app yet so at least I was able to get the screenshot I provided earlier that contained the full message.

After trying to reply to each of the other comments I could see in the YouTube Studio app, checking on both mobile and desktop for the missing comments, checking if they were flagged for needing approval, checking Wayback Machine, etc, I eventually replied to the one comment that was still up, inviting Farah to join us on our next podcast.

2023-6-14 Archive
I reach out again to invite Farah to join the show:

Up to this point, I was under the impression that Farah was feeling brave, posting her comments, then having second thoughts, and deleting them.

Farah Fatherless confronts Vic Mignogna about how he is letting her reputation get tarnished (Messaging service is a VoIP called TextNow):

OCA Podcast – 224: Illicit Heterosexual Relations Detected!: https://www.youtube.com/live/SeJbQ4Tws-k?feature=share&t=214
We discuss Vic’s congratulatory Tweet to Zeno Robinson and then discuss how we invited Farah and how eager we were to have “Farah FATHERLESS join us on FATHER’s Day”.

Farah Fatherless learns that she is blocked by Vic’s Twitter account:



I wont allow lies to destroy my reputation so Vic Mignogna @realvicmignogna can save face with the other girl Haileigh Todd… Theres gonna be a tell all expose from start to finish of our relationship… how “great” it was while he was acting the part… how it went down in the end and why and why my eyes are now open. Id like to come forward and hope that I can be given the platform to explain everything to everyones satisfaction and clear up my name and the false reflection of my character that Vics silencing of me has caused. Id like to reach out to @Anime News Network & will email them shortly. I want to make sure as many people see the truth as possible so that my future relationships are not jeapordized by his dishonest actions. I deeply apologize to @Mónica Rial @MarzGurl & Jamie Marchi at @Funimation for the offensive comments I made toward them when I was wrongly led to believe Vic was an innocent good man who deserved absolute effort in his defence. AT&T will be giving my text messages and transcripts to me within 30 days. When i have them, i will be releasing them with redacted personal information and more… provate moments. I deal in facts Fk boy… not social standing and fake public grace… Marz I will be @Anime Expo and would love to apologize by buying you lunch. Takoyaki & Boba? ❤️‍🩹 @The Sun you covered me under the username Missy Mythic after i defended myself from a night stalker on a live stream. I appreciate your unbiased perspective and would be honored if youd like to do so again.HELLO INTERNET… IM BACK. ❤️‍🩹 #anime #voiceactor #cosplay #animeconvention #vicmignogna #cosplayer #otaku #dragonball #cheatersgettingcaught #attackontitan #drama #storytime #fyp

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

OCA Podcast – 225: Time to Party Time!: https://www.youtube.com/live/QZrp5PdIW60?feature=share&t=176

2023-6-27: Archive
Farah seemingly challenges Vic to reveal her real name:


July 2023

OCA Podcast – 226: No Hitting Below the Belt: https://www.youtube.com/live/yvkdPmvLpNo?feature=share&t=169

2023-7-17: Archive
BakAnime claps back

2023-7-22: Archive
#IStandWithVic MarzGurl and Farah going overboard