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Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2023


January 2023


OCA Podcast – 211: Always Skip Leg Day

February 2023

2023-2-21: Archive
Anime Outsiders reports MarzGurl fired from Funimation:

March 2023

Vic Mignogna & Farah Fatherless fight over a threesome

April 2023

Farah Fatherless screws up her layover flight

Farah Fatherless tells Vic Mignogna to enjoy his friend/bed

2023-4-5: Archive
Vic Mignogna threatens to sue more people after being cancelled from another event (according to Farah Fatherless, this was her suggestion):

Vic Mignogna avoids seeing Farah Fatherless on Easter

Farah Fatherless arrives in Texas

Easter Sunday

2023-4-18: Archive
mets2128’s video about Monica Rial being “permabanned” from San Japan: (Removed)

2023-4-24: Archive
Full-Metallegend108 posts about Monica making a false police report: (Deleted)

OCA Podcast – 219: As You Like My Pleasure:

Farah Fatherless tells Vic Mignogna he is the most beautiful loving man in the world

2023-4-29: Archive
MarzGurl petition created by Farah Fatherless:

2023-4-29: Archive
Farah Fatherless creates the #kickmarzgurl Twitter account and starts sharing the petition:

May 2023

Farah talks to Vic about mets2128 and Full-Metallegend108

Mets2128 & Full-Metallegend108 – Monica Permabanned Posts

2023-5-3: Archive
mets2128 issues an apology for being dumb:

Farah Fatherless confirms with Vic Mignogna that mets2128 and Full-Metallegend108 removed their posts

2023-5-5: Archive
MarzGurl calls out Farah for creating the petition:

OCA Podcast – 220: Stay in your lane, AI:

2023-5-8: Archive
MarzGurl proves Farah started the petition:

2023-5-9: Archive CNN-Anime article about MarzGurl:

2023-5-9: Archive
Squally asks about the CNN-Anime article:

2023-5-15: Archive
Farah Fatherless is revealed to have dated Vic Mignogna:

2023-5-16: Archive
Monica Rial seen arm-in-arm with Todd Haberkorn at OG Collectibles:

2023-5-21: Archive
MarzGurl reveals Farah Fatherless was dating Vic Mignogna:

2023-5-21: Archive
MarzGurl and her team of experts confirm the screenshots are authentic:

2023-5-21: Archive
Why Farah’s spelling and grammar induces cancer:

2023-5-21: Archive
Farah claims to be the president of the SoCal Cosplay Club:

OCA Podcast – 221: World Dominatrix:

2023-5-22: Archive
Haileigh addresses the drama before deleting her account:

June 2023

OCA Podcast – 222: Thirsty Fanclub:

OCA Podcast – 223: Defeat by Appendicitis:
NOTE: We did not discuss Vic in any meaningful way in this episode. The purpose of including it is to emphasize that over a week went by after the previous podcast, where we discussed Farah Fatherless, before she became aware of it.

2023-6-13: Archive (First Comment)
Farah Fatherless begins commenting on Podcast 222: This is going to get a little confusing. Farah’s username when she originally started commenting on Podcast 222 was “Bleed”. I actually already knew this was her account because I had Googled “Farah Fatherless” before Podcast 222 and, among the things I found, was this youtube channel which has “@FarahFatherless” in the custom URL. As you can see in the second screenshot, she later changed her avatar and username to be more recognizable.

Farah Fatherless continued to comment many times on Podcast 222:
The following comments all ended up getting removed. Either by Farah, or by YouTube. I did not delete them. In fact, I do not believe I have ever deleted a comment on my YouTube channel. Historically, the meaner the comment is, the more likely I am to pin it. To my recollection, the only time I ever even considered deleting a comment was when porn bots were posting comments with links to websites that seemed like they had a strong likelihood of containing malware.

Again, this is going to be a little confusing. The first screenshot above shows the email alert I received about her comment. Note that the time the email arrived was 2:00 PM PDT. The second and third screenshots show my notifications from the YouTube Studio app. This is where I first saw these comments. You will notice the middle screenshot was taken at 2:06 PM PDT and the comment says it was posted “10 minutes ago”. You will also notice that the middle screenshot says the comment was edited. I believe that the comment in the middle screenshot is the same one from the email. I believe there is a small delay from when a comment is posted and the email notifications go out. I also didn’t receive an email for a comment similar to the edited one in the middle, which is why I believe they are the same comment.

Mods chat discussion of these comments:
Immediately after receiving the notification from the YouTube Studio app, I opened Discord on my phone and sent screenshots of the comments to the Mods channel of the OCA Podcast Discord.

Notice the time I sent them was 2:11 PM PDT. Full disclosure, the second screenshot I first sent them was this one. You will notice I had failed to hit the “Read more” prompt so it was cut off. While talking to the fellow hosts in the Mods channel I was trying to reply to Farah’s comments but she or YouTube was deleting them so when I tried to submit my reply, it was failing to post the message. Fortunately, I had not closed the YouTube Studio app yet so at least I was able to get the screenshot I provided earlier that contained the full message.

After trying to reply to each of the other comments I could see in the YouTube Studio app, checking on both mobile and desktop for the missing comments, checking if they were flagged for needing approval, checking Wayback Machine, etc, I eventually replied to the one comment that was still up, inviting Farah to join us on our next podcast.

2023-6-14 Archive
I reach out again to invite Farah to join the show:

Up to this point, I was under the impression that Farah was feeling brave, posting her comments, then having second thoughts, and deleting them.

Farah Fatherless confronts Vic Mignogna about how he is letting her reputation get tarnished (Messaging service is a VoIP called TextNow):

OCA Podcast – 224: Illicit Heterosexual Relations Detected!:
We discuss Vic’s congratulatory Tweet to Zeno Robinson and then discuss how we invited Farah and how eager we were to have “Farah FATHERLESS join us on FATHER’s Day”.

Farah Fatherless learns that she is blocked by Vic’s Twitter account:



I wont allow lies to destroy my reputation so Vic Mignogna @realvicmignogna can save face with the other girl Haileigh Todd… Theres gonna be a tell all expose from start to finish of our relationship… how “great” it was while he was acting the part… how it went down in the end and why and why my eyes are now open. Id like to come forward and hope that I can be given the platform to explain everything to everyones satisfaction and clear up my name and the false reflection of my character that Vics silencing of me has caused. Id like to reach out to @Anime News Network & will email them shortly. I want to make sure as many people see the truth as possible so that my future relationships are not jeapordized by his dishonest actions. I deeply apologize to @Mónica Rial @MarzGurl & Jamie Marchi at @Funimation for the offensive comments I made toward them when I was wrongly led to believe Vic was an innocent good man who deserved absolute effort in his defence. AT&T will be giving my text messages and transcripts to me within 30 days. When i have them, i will be releasing them with redacted personal information and more… provate moments. I deal in facts Fk boy… not social standing and fake public grace… Marz I will be @Anime Expo and would love to apologize by buying you lunch. Takoyaki & Boba? ❤️‍🩹 @The Sun you covered me under the username Missy Mythic after i defended myself from a night stalker on a live stream. I appreciate your unbiased perspective and would be honored if youd like to do so again.HELLO INTERNET… IM BACK. ❤️‍🩹 #anime #voiceactor #cosplay #animeconvention #vicmignogna #cosplayer #otaku #dragonball #cheatersgettingcaught #attackontitan #drama #storytime #fyp

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

OCA Podcast – 225: Time to Party Time!:

2023-6-27: Archive
Farah seemingly challenges Vic to reveal her real name:

July 2023

OCA Podcast – 226: No Hitting Below the Belt:

2023-7-17: Archive
BakAnime claps back

2023-7-22: Archive
#IStandWithVic MarzGurl and Farah going overboard

Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2022


January 2022

In Touch Podcast Episode 1 Recorded:

February 2022

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 1:

2022-2-16: Archive
Shoutout from Stan Dahlin:

2022-2-16: Archive
Church Panel Correction:

2022-2-20: Archive
Clips Channel Already Triggering:

2022-2-22: Archive
We Have a Stalker:

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 2:

2022-2-23: Archive
Our Biggest Fan:

2022-2-24: Archive
Kiwi Farms Call Out:

March 2022

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 3:

Daman Mills Grooming Scandal & In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 4:

In Touch Podcast Episode 2 Recorded:

Daman Mills Grooming Scandal – Trayce drops charges after being doxxed:

Daman Mills Grooming Scandal – Insiders protect Daman:

April 2022

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 5:

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 6:

Daman Mills Grooming Scandal – Accuser claims he faked all the evidence:

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 7:

May 2022

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 8:

2022-5-21: Archive
Farah at BakAnime, where she met Vic:

2022-5-22: Archive
Squally denies rumors she runs other people’s social media accounts:

2022-5-23: Archive
Farah Fatherless implies that Vic called her “VERY CUTE”:

2022-5-24: Archive
Emmett Plant claims he has never asked BakAnime to drop Vic:

2022-5-24: Archive
BakAnime calls out Emmett Plant:

In Touch Podcast Coverage Part 9:

July 2022

4th of July

Anime Matsuri 2022 begins

Vic Mignogna texts Farah Fatherless about fellow Anime Matsuri 2022 guest, Poonam Basu, Klee’s English voice actor from Genshin Impact

August 2022

Vic Mignogna tells Farah Fatherless she has a lot of vocal range

Vic Mignogna eats Captain Crunch

September 2022

OCA Podcast – 203: I’m the Second Hardest One Here

October 2022

Vic Mignogna and Farah Fatherless seemingly have a rendezvous

Vic & Farah Rendezvous

December 2022

OCA Podcast – 209: Her Ass Would Look Good on Fire

Farah Fatherless receives calls from Vic Mignogna that she believes are from another woman (Haileigh Todd) using his phone

Note that if Vic’s phone were “off”, Farah’s messages would be green instead of blue.

Vic Mignogna dumps Farah Fatherless for Haileigh Todd

Farah Fatherless discusses her relationship with Vic in her Discord

2022-12-24: Archive
Vic Mignogna wishes everyone a Merry Christmas (except Farah):

Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2020


January 2020
Tammi Denbow ends her employment at Sony Pictures Entertainment as Executive Director, Employee Relations

April 2020

2020-4-16: Archive
School Shootings:

Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2019


January 2019

2019-1-16: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Hits Theaters

2019-1-15: Archive
HanLeia’s Infamous Tweet:

2019-1-16: Archive
HanLeia shares Nyahko’s Pretty Ugly Little Liars (PULL) post:

2019-1-17: Archive
KickVic Hashtag Formation:

2019-1-20: Archive

Tammy Denbow contacted Monica Rial, Monica Rial replies twice.

Tammy Denbow contacted Vic Mignogna, Vic Mignogna follows up with e-mail.

2019-1-25: Archive
HanLeia points out Sean Schemmel is liking KickVic Tweets:

HanLeia’s screenshot of Sean Schemmel’s Likes

Funimation telephones Vic Mignogna and tells him he’s terminated

Tammy Denbow leaves a voice mail for Monica Rial with an “update”

Monica Rial e-mails Lisa Gibson, Lisa Gibson replies and asks Monica if she “wants to talk”. Monica e-mails Tammy Denbow thanking her for the “update”.

2019-1-30: Archive
‘Far From Perfect’: Fans Recount Unwanted Affection from Voice Actor Vic Mignogna (Lynzee Loveridge’s original article before edits):

Note this image from the original article, which ANN took from the Vic Meggnogna Horror Stories Tumblr blog, was featured in the original article.
Shortly after Lynzee Loveridge’s article was posted, Casey J Harwood shared additional photos of the event and ANN was forced to edit the article to remove her photos.

Monica Rial talks with Lisa Gibson over the phone about Vic Mignogna. Monica Rial is interviewed by Scott Barreto.

2019-1-31: Archive
Monica Rial – I Believe and Support Survivors:

February 2019

2019-2-3: Archive
Neil Kaplan
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Original URL:

2019-2-3: Archive
Wait, it’s Coming:

2019-2-3: Archive
Over 100 Accounts:

2019-2-3: Archive
Bill Cosby is a Great Dude:

2019-2-5: Archive
Neil Kaplan is deflecting:

2019-2-5: Archive
Never Said He Wasn’t a Friend:

2019-2-5: Archive (Archive screenshot is 8 hours later than it should be)
Samantha Inoue-Harte – Vic had sex in my bed:

It’s not a secret to anyone who really knows me about my dislike for Vic Mignogna. In fact, I’ve been pretty open about it. Why? Because he did things to me, my friends, attendees, staff, and volunteers that are absolutely vile.

Little petty things like him pulling me aside and telling me to my face that I needed to stop attending conventions. Him walking into my panels while I was in the middle of a performance and asking my attendees to leave because he needed the space to prep for his panels. Him telling me | needed to cast him in my projects because that’s what I “needed”. Like the way he only called me when he wanted something from me….with the whole, “Hey Buddy!” line. Him yanking me towards Japanese guests and demanding that I translate what he says to them without asking me if I would be willing to do it. I wasn’t a peer, I was someone he looked down on.

Stuff like that? Meh. Who cares. Little stuff like that…was just annoying. Actor drama.

But the crap that did make me truly dislike Vic was when one of the actresses who introduced Vic to the industry called me crying because she had bent over backwards to help him get an audition at Funimation….and when he finally made it big, she asked him if he could return the favor and introduce her to some of the new directors at the studio. He told her no. She hasn’t been in anything significant since.

Or the time I convinced one of my voice actress friends to go with me to a convention to show her what the con circuit was like. I warned her about Vic and told her to avoid him at all costs. He zeroed in on her immediately and while I was at a panel, he convinced her to take him to MY room and have sex in MY bed. I walked in on them. And of course I was upset. She apologized for what had happened and stated that HE had told her that he asked which bed was mine and then asked her to have sex with him in MY bed. She was convinced that the two of them were a couple. So surprise surprise, the next time she saw him, he looked past her and told her he had no clue who she was. So I had to leave the con and Dallas on Saturday because I had to consol her and drive us back to Austin. She refused to attend cons after that. And the fact that he would treat a fellow voice actress who was new to the con circuit and specifically wanted to go to MY room and use MY bed is disgusting and vile

Feels good to finally get that off my chest.

2019-2-6: Archive
It Happened to Me:

2019-2-6: Archive
Donald Shults – Silence is Consent:

2019-2-6: Archive
Jamie MarchiI Want His Head and Balls:

Monica Rial e-mails Trina Simon accusing Vic Mignogna of the 2007 Izumicon incident. Colleen Clinkenbeard e-mails Monica Rial seemingly replying to a phone conversation cc’ing Justin Cook.

2019-2-7: Archive
Samantha Inoue-Harte – 20 angry PMs an hour:

Wow. lol. So had been reading a mass number of angry emails over the past couple days.

Ever since I posted about Vic, had been receiving about 20 angry PMs an hour. A few from the same folks who just decided to spam me.

It doesn’t bother me because I knew it was going to happen.

So, lemme just say, you can spout alllllll the hate and anger ya want at me….. That’s fine. Venting is healthy and helps relieve stress. I know you are angry. I know you are confused. I know that you feel you are feeling like you are being personally attacked. And if you are angry at me for telling you something that you didn’t like….that’s ok. Be angry. Rage away. Get it all out of your system

If I were in your shoes I would feel…. The…Exact….Same….Way…

Who wouldn’t feel disgusted and angry and upset that someone you looked up to is proving not to be who you thought they were.

It is natural to feel angry and upset….but at some point you HAVE to accept the truth that is staring at you in the face.

You HAVE TO ACCEPT that someone you looked up to….was not who you thought they were….that they were…in fact…a VERY Shitty person.

You cannot ignore the truth and you cannot bury your head in the sand on this.

Bad things happened. None of it was right. You have to accept it at some point.

But until then, feel free to direct your anger at me. I will not respond to you personally but I will read your messages. I am publicly acknowleding you now. I hear you. I see you. I am not angry at you. Rage away, swear at me, cry, scream, break things, make threats against me….just remember….. This is not your fault….you are victims too.

And when you have finally let go of your anger, then maybe we can all work on healing together.

How about if we schedule some group meetups at a convention, we can all sit, have some bubble tea, and we can all talk things through

You are not alone. I am not mad at you. I stand with you too.

2019-2-7: Archive
Threats to Harm:

2019-2-7: Archive
Being Honest About an Assault:

2019-2-7: Archive
Monica Close to Vic:

OCA Podcast – 45: Metaphorical☆Boobs:

Original coverage of ANN’s hit piece

2019-2-7: Archive
Every Threat Will Be Prosecuted:

2019-2-7: Archive
Ask Your Mother:

Monica Rial forwards Vic Mignogna’s “apology” e-mail to Colleen Clinkenbeard saying “This is what he always does”.

2019-2-8: Archive
Something Sexual:

2019-2-9: Archive

Monica Rial e-mails Trina Simon about Vic Mignogna cc’ing Colleen Clinkenbeard and Lisa Gibson. Rial then e-mails Simon again and Simon forwards the e-mail to Karen Mika, Marshall Wright, and Geetanjali Dhilon who are all part of Funimation Management.

2019-2-10: Archive
Pattern of Assault:

2019-2-11: Archive
Stephany Nadolny Discusses Sabat’s Alleged Casting Couch:

2019-2-11: Archive
Recast Vic in Morose Mononokean:

2019-2-11: Archive
So Many People Participated in the Investigation:

2019-2-11: Archive
Multiple Investigations with Testimony, Proof, Evidence:

2019-2-11: Archive
Monica Didn’t Steal Jobs:

2019-2-11: Archive
Multiple Investigation by Multiple Companies:

2019-2-11: Archive
He’s the Legal Definition of Harassment:

2019-2-11: Archive (Note that the archive says 4:30 AM on the 12th. The archive is 8 hours later than my timezone so I’ve adjusted the position to compensate.)
Samantha Inoue-Harte – Don’t support the GoFundMe:

Earlier today a very angry Risembool Ranger demanded to know, “If everything you said was true about Vic why didn’t you report it before?”

To be clear, I have always been vocal about the things that Vic has done to me over the past 2 decades. ALWAYS. I have spoken to dozens of convention staff, conchairs, and fellow industry professionals for nearly 2 decades.

And the reponse I always received was either 1) a proverbial pat on the back for being a strong person or 2) “But his name boosts sales.” or 3) “I believe you, but what can I do?”

I, and a large number of people have been reporting Vic’s bad behaviour for nearly 2 decades…..think about that for a second…some of you reading this were probably not even born when I made my first complaint….I and other people in the industry have been trying to get our voices heard since the early 2000’s.

My voice, and the voices of convention staff/volunteers, and the voices of industry professionals, and the voices of the fans….all of our voices have been ignored, silenced, and swept under the rug for nearly 2 decades.

And now that our combined voices are FINALLY being heard, a lot of you are trying to silence us again.


Why would I lie about the things that happened to me? What would I have to gain?

To be honest, I knew that as soon as I spoke up again, I would receive threats, verbal abuse, and endless amounts of hate mail.

And BOY did you all deliver.

Why would I voluntarily accept the amount of hate and threats that speaking out against Vic would bring?

Because all that I, and allllllI the other people have repeatedly reported for nearly 2 decades is true.

Do not donate to causes like this… this only perpetuates the cycle of victims’ voices being silenced.

My voice was silenced for nearly 2 decades. Don’t let my voice go silent again.

I love each and every one of you. I am not angry at any of you. But please. Do not let me be revictimized.

Rekieta Law Talks With Doug TenNapel About Vic Mignogna:

2019-2-12: Archive
Falsifiers of Evidence Should be Prosecuted:

2019-2-12: Archive
Silent about Everyone:

2019-2-12: Archive
Daman Mills Stalker:

2019-2-12: Archive (Archive screenshot is 8 hours later than it should be)
Samantha Inoue-Harte – Funimation’s Investigation:

My personal thoughts on the investigation that Funimation performed was that it was very VERY thorough and very professionally handled. When I gave my testimony last week and provided my information, I was met with respect and the questions asked of me were very VERY detail oriented. I had not spoken with ANY voice actor or actress with regards to the questions that were asked of me prior nor after. I was asked to give detailed testimony of several instances that other voice actors and actresses had stated I was involved with. After my testimony I was informed that my testimony matched what was already documented. Dates, locations, other people involved all were documented. We combed through a LOT of information.

To demand proof be given to the general public would mean exposing the identity of victims who did not go public. Would detail their personal experiences. Would detail locations, dates, times, other people who witnessed the events, etc.

To demand proof means putting other people in the line of fire of internet harassment.

You are all witnesses to the internet harassment that people who have come forward publicly are suffering.

To demand proof means that you want to expose victims who have remained unnamed. And that….is cruel.

BUT….just to give you SOMETHING to give you an idea of the type of information provided….I decided to provide you with one single sample of an incident. I refuse to give anything further.

Names, contact information, full date, convention, etc and information not related to the incident have been erased.

So this is part of an email exchange I had with the manager of a Japanese idol singer the morning after an incident that followed my confrontation with Vic regarding introductions. The idol singer was very upset by Vic’s advances after the altercation and the manager spent most of the evening calming the Japanese idol singer down.

So ask yourself….should you be privy to all the names, the contact information of various industry professionals, all the details of the victim’s experiences?

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the sensitive nature of information and documentation provided during the investigation and you see why information like this should not be made public.

So trust Funimation on their decision. Their investigation was very very thorough. Please stop demanding proof that you have no right to know about.

2019-2-13: Archive (Archive screenshot is 8 hours later than it should be)
Samantha Inoue-Harte – Karma:

Dear Karma,
I love you……soooooo much right now. 😘😘😘

2019-2-15: Archive
Samantha Inoue-Harte – Move forward without Vic’s toxicity:

Ya know….I just want to say to you all, through this whole Vic debacle….I am so glad that though I went public and got some flack from his fans about my experiences of habitual bullying from Vic….you all respected me enough to keep those communications privately between just us. You didn’t lay it out on my wall, you didn’t drag my name out onto the rest of the internet.

Overall, you managed to keep things comparitively calm and respectful with me. Yes…at first you wanted to do terrible things….but….you eventually listened

And I truly thank you for that. You aired your grievances to me, and I listened. You were angry and demanded proof. You told me about how Vic was the only voice actor to be nice to you and accept you for who you are. You told me about your broken homes and families. You told me about how Vic was the only man to treat you with respect

I took it all in, and you showed me enough respect to listen to my experiences.

We’ve had some truly interesting debates over the past 2 weeks.

And the best part…..I didn’t have to unfriend anyone. 😊 We got past the threats. Apologies were made.

Thank you for not turning into an unruly mob. And thank you for all the apologies. I forgive you.

It’s time to move forward without Vic’s toxicity. 😊

2019-2-14: Archive
Never Acted:

2019-2-15: Archive
Threaten Vic:

2019-2-15: Archive
Don’t Work for Funimation:

2019-2-15: Archive
False Claims Come With Legal Action:

2019-2-15: Archive
Give Vic Another Shot:

2019-2-16: Archive
Vic Could Have Prevented Hate:

2019-2-18: Archive Missing
Samantha Inoue-Harte fakes a SWATting using photos she previously uploaded to Facebook and blames IStandWIthVic members:

2019-2-19: Archive
Apologizes for Fake Swatting:

2019-2-19: Archive
Admit When Wrong:

2019-2-19: Archive
One of Anime’s Biggest Voices Accused of Sexual Harassment (Beth Elderkin’s iO9 article):
Note that Beth Elderkin was a part of Channel Awesome from 2014 to 2017 and is Facebook friends with MarzGurl

2019-2-19: Archive
Don’t Care Cuck:

2019-2-19: Archive
Additional Truth Will Come Out:

Tammy Denbow contacts Monica Rial about “a new matter brought to my attention” and requesting a call. After the call, Monica Rial states that she was at Acen May 19-22, 2016.

2019-2-20: Archive
No Behind the Scenes Job:

2019-2-20: Archive
She Has No Reason to Lie:

2019-2-20: Archive
Samantha Inoue-Harte Should be Sued by Vic:

2019-2-20: Archive
Has Proof:

2019-2-20: Archive
Fired for a Reason:

2019-2-20: Archive
We Would Love to Go to Court:

Social (Media) Justice Panel – Yellowflash, Gator, AnimeOutsiders Talk Vic Mignogna!:

2019-2-18: Archive
Adam Sheehan – Deleted Swatting Post:

Real Lawyer Explains Vic Mignogna’s Potential LAWSUIT – Asks For Help!:

2019-2-19: Archive
Monica Spoke Up For Years:

2019-2-19: Archive
GIZMODO: One of Anime’s Biggest Voices Accused of Sexual Harassment

2019-2-19: Archive
Original URL:
One Angry Gamer: Swatting Hoaxer Samantha Inoue-Harte was Allegedly Involved in Funimation’s Vic Mignogna Investigation

2019-2-19: Archive
Monica’s Story:

2019-2-19: Archive
Ready to go to court with 25 other ladies:

OCA Podcast – 46: Gate of Bootylon:

Updates and corrections

Jamie Marchi starts a GoFundMe for SCESA even though they have a direct donation option right on their website.

March 2019

2019-3-18: Archive
Daman Mills Cast in Juni Taisen:

2019-3-18: Archive
Daman Mills police report:

2019-3-19: Archive
Samantha Inoue-Harte tries to backpedal the fact that she faked a SWATting:

2019-3-22: Archive

2019-3-24: Archive
Pulled Out of KamehaCon:

May 2019

2019-5-17: Archive
Daman Mills Hypocrite:

June 2019

2019-6-24: Stan Dahlin’s father receives e-mail meant for Stan from someone probing for information about his involvement

2019-6-28: Date of Monica Rial’s Deposition

July 2019

2019-7-11: Facebook DMs between Monica Rial and Stan Dahlin

Note the huge gap in discussions between the last time Monica and Stan spoke before she finally reached out to ask about an affidavit. Also note the “This person is unavailable on Messenger.” text at the bottom which indicates Monica has blocked Stan on Facebook.

2019-7-18: Date of Stan Dahlin’s Affidavit

2019-7-22: Michele Specht sends a Twitter DM to Stan Dahlin

August 2019

2019-8-22: Archive
Erica McCord Discusses Vic Mignogna Allegations and Affidavit (INTERVIEW):

2019-8-30: Archive
Actor Yuki Matsuzaki responds to the #FuniLeaks:

Translation: The voice actors of the English version of Dragon Ball had recorded a parody at Funimation which consists of offensive jokes about same-sex intercourse. It’s a HUGE problem that could end the English Dragon Ball franchise.

2019-8-30: Archive
Yuki Matsuzaki claims his tweet will reach Toei Animation:

September 2019

Chris Slatosch’s Unsworn Declaration (formerly affidavit)

October 2019

2019-10-20: Archive
Jamie Marchi – Antagonizes her critics claiming she wrote every woke line:

November 2019

2019-11-11: Archive
T. Greg Doucette – Vic is a Predator and Pedophile:

Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2018


July 2018

2018-7-12: Archive
New “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” Movie Coming to North America:
Funimation announces Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released in theaters in North America

2018-7-19: Archive

Note that Sabat neglected to tag Vic Mignogna. Chuck Huber revealed in his affidavit that Vic did not voice Broly in this trailer. Chuck said he sent a text message to Chris Sabat around this timeframe and Sabat’s response was “if this has anything to do with Vic, I will not talk about [it].”

Metrocon 2018 – Voice Actors Unplugged Panel:

Jamie Marchi , J. Michael Tatum, Apphia Yu, Micah Solusod, and Jeannie Tirado participated in panels with Scott McNeil and Jason Marsden.
On the Friday panel, J. Michael Tatum is asked if there will be a second season of Ouran High School:
[TATUM]: “So, you’re asking me whether or not there’s gonna be a season two of Ouran High School Host Club? Ok, so…. This is really exciting! No, never. Stop asking.
It’s been like 15 years! If they wait much longer it’s going to be Ouran High School Nursing Home! We’re all going to be in our 80s being like ‘Hey, remember that time when I could drink tea?’ [laughter from attendees]. No, like, it’s like it is the worst. Like I love that show so much and for years we’ve been chompi- everyone whose worked on it has been chomping at the bit for a sequel but I don’t think (sighs) Man, every year everyone’s like ‘I just heard it’s official!’ and it’s always a lie…”
[laughter from attendees]
[TATUM]: “So, never believe it! Never! I will believe it when I’m in the booth recording and even then I’m gonna be like ‘Is this real? Is this real or this just a joke?’ [laughter from attendees] I’ve been hurt way too many times, so… But, when it comes to stuff like that, actors don’t know. We don’t know. We’re the last people to know. You often know before we do.”
[CON STAFF OR ATTENDEE]: “Well, you better tell Vic to stop spreading lies then. ‘Cause that’s what he did last year.”
[MARCHI]: “Eh, that is who Vic is! Don’t you tell us to tell him [unintelligible due to Tatum laughing]. Sorry (laughs).
[ATTENDEE] “No, no, he was dressing up as Scott [McNeil] on YouTube…”
For the record, Mignogna made no mention of a second season of Ouran High School in either of his panels nor in interviews from Metrocon 2017. Furthermore, there is no footage of Vic dressed as Scott McNeil from 2017, either.

2018-7-29: Archive

Based on Vic’s response coming after the release of the English trailer that featured his voice, it’s possible that his casting was being kept hidden on purpose in Sabat’s tweet.

“So, the question that everybody has asked me at my table has been ‘Are you playing Broly in the new movie?’ [pause] Here’s my answer: I sure as hell better be!
[laughs, then turns to see image of Broly behind him]
I mean there he is! Ooooh, Dang… He’s awesome. [responds to a fan] No. But you know what? I’ve played him I think longer than Edward [Elric]. I’ve played Broly like 15 years and every English incarnation of Broly: 3 movies and 13 video games. So, I was –I was very excited to hear that they are making a Broly movie and that he is finally coming into canon and into the prime universe.
So, I’m sure excited about it. I’m-There’s still some time, we haven’t really started on [it], yet. They just announced it.”

September 2018

2018-9-14 – 2018-9-16 (Exact date of panel needed): Archive
Keystone Comic Con 2018 – Vic Mignogna Spotlight Panel:

“Now I’m sure somebody wants to ask about the new movie that’s coming out. Well, that’s fine. You could ask. I will tell you that I’m very excited that Broly is being made canon, finally. He deserves it.
Um, as far as whether I’m playing the role or not, I’d better be. I can’t answer that officially, but I will tell you I sure as hell better be. I’m the only English voice of Broly. I’ve played him 20-15 years, 3 movies, 13 video games. So, uh… I’m really looking forward to it and hoping to be a part of it.”

2018-9-28 – 2018-9-30 (Exact date of panel needed): Archive

[MIGNOGNA]: “Yeah, let’s talk about the Broly movie. [cheers from attendees] IT’S ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME! That’s what I want to say about bringing Broly into the prime universe. [drinks water] I was telling somebody at the table earlier I, uh, I’ve-I’ve played Broly for 15 years, 3 movies, 13 video games, and all the time I’m like “What’s wrong? Are you afraid? Are you afraid to bring Broly into the prime universe? For fear of what he’ll do?” And, uh… So, I’m very, very excited about [attendee’s phone rings and distracts Mignogna] Uh, I’m very excited that there-that there’s a Broly movie coming out.
Now, notice I didn’t say I was doing it…. [audible “aww” coming from attendees] I’m not allowed to talk about it much right now. So, I just want to be clear: don’t go home “Oh, Vic said he was doing it!” No, I didn’t. I have not said it. All I’ve said is that I’m excited that Broly is coming into the prime universe, right?
Now, if I wasn’t voicing Broly, then someone would have to die [attendees laugh]. I’m sorry. Out of my control. It’s beyond my -my– I can’t help it. But, I-I love him and, uh, he doesn’t love me much. But, uh, I’ve always teased for years about, you know, about voicing the character and how strain- what a strain it is on the voice. And it is. But, you know what? That’s the job, right? And, uh, I’m okay with that.
I got a lot of people come up to me over the last, uh, several conventions now when the movie was announced and they’re like “Bet your’re hatin’ life right now? Bet your hatin’ –“ and I’m like “No, I –“ [shakes head] I love playing Broly. I just, you know, it’s just tough on the voice. But, that’s fine. I’m happy do it. My voice will get better, right? It’ll heal up. Maybe.”
[ATTENDEE]: “Does Broly survive in the end?”
[MIGNOGNA]: “Oh, bro, I can’t tell you that. What? [attendees laugh] I don’t see any – anybody killing Broly.”
[ATTENDEE]: “I don’t see it, either.”
[MIGNOGNA]: “And, you know, I mean I don’t know. I can’t answer that. I haven’t seen the movie. Um, so I don’t know. But, I certainly hope so. I would love to see him, like, I hope this means he’s kind of a part of Super. You know? Kind of starts – maybe kind of transitions into the series somehow.”
Vic seems to be under NDA at this point. Also, might want to clip the beginning part of the panel, too. Vic makes a joke about the rumors of “being a dick” as he introduces the con handler in the room.

October 2018

2018-10-5: Archive

Vic is officially known as voicing Broly for the film at this point

2018-10-19 – 2018-10-21 (Exact date of panel needed): Archive
Anime USA 2018 – Acting! 101 with Monica Rial Panel:

– (5:58) “Acting, as a very basic, basic rule, is making believe, playing pretend, so well that other people believe you, right? So, how do you do that? How do I play pretend in a way that it’s so incredibly honest and true that people believe what I’m saying? It’s not easy. And this is the part where it gets tricky because there are many different techniques and there are many different strategies.”
– “There’s Meisner technique, there’s the Stanislavski method – I’m not going to bore you with all that, that is what college is for. If you decide to go to school for acting, you will learn about all of those things. Right now, I’m just going to talk to you about what it’s like to act and react and how it’s supposed to feel and what you’re supposed to bring about within you. You can take that with what you will and learn your different techniques on your own.”
– (6:54) “But, basically acting – you want to be as real as possible, right? It’s all about truth. It’s all about honesty. Here’s the thing about voice acting in particular that’s typical is that you can of fake it on stage, right? Because, here’s the thing: if I’m on stage then I’m going to use my diaphragm, so everything is like bigger and back here. But I can like – I feel I’m doing Shakespeare, let’s say. Everything I do is going to be more dramatic so that the people that are 5,000 miles in the back still see that I’m a so dramatic, right?”
– “So I don’t necessarily have to feel those things because you can tell by my body language what’s happening – I’m angry, I’m happy and lovely and graceful. You can’t do that in film, right? So [in] film, you can’t lie as much as you would in theater. In film, though, you can still lie. Because then everything is about being weird. It’s about being real quiet. It’s about being real natural. ‘Hey, how you doin today? It’s good to see you.’ ‘Oh, hi! How you been? Yeah, doin’ great.’ I mean like really weird – I even feel weird doing it. That’s why I don’t do film.”
– “Because I’m just there and they’re like ‘Be real!’ ‘This is real for me. This is my personality!’ And they’re like ‘that’s too big…’ ‘Well, then you’re asking me to not be real.’ ‘No, be real.’ ‘Ok, whatever.’
– (8:16) – “But the one thing about anime voice acting or voice acting in particular is that you cannot lie. There is something weird about this instrument right here that if I am telling you something that is not honest, you will be able to tell.”
– “How many of you ever watched an anime and there’s, let’s say, a character that is fine. You know I mean? You don’t particularly hate the voice or anything but for whatever reason something that character doesn’t sit well with you. You’re like ‘I just don’t like them as much as I love the other people” or the performance just feels a little bit off – They’re not being honest. And you subconsciously are picking up on that.”
– (8:56)“You’re picking up on their nervousness on… maybe they’ve had a bad day and there’s some subtext in their reads that its coming out that way. So, a lot of times when people are like ‘Oh, I hated that performance,’ it makes me go back and ‘who was that again? Ohhh.. that was the actor. Yeah’ So it’s very, very strange in anime and in commercials and stuff like that you have to make sure that if you are acting, you have to believe it 100%.”
– The hardest part, and we’re going to start with commercials. What’s hard about commercials is that if you get a copy – we call it a copy, any ol’ script is a copy – you get a copy for McDonald’s and you are a vegetarian. And you have to talk about how much you ‘love’ the Big Mac and the ‘juicy meat.’ It’s kinda hard if you absolutely hate the idea of eating meat, right? So I have a coach out in LA, Marice Tobias – oh, she’s fantastic. She taught me that the best thing to do is something called [insert term].”
– (10:06) – “It’s basically a swichteroo. So like if I am a vegetarian and I’m trying to sell on a Big Mac, I might switch that Big Mac for whatever is something that I truly love to eat. Let’s say I’m a vegetarian that loves caramel frappuccinos. Well, all of a sudden, instead of talking about the Big Mac gonna be ‘juicy and filling,’ I’m going to be thinking about frappuccinos and how ‘icy cold’ it is but I’m going to use those words to sell you that frappuccino [?].
– “So it’s very, very interesting to watch and practice because I did a workshop, the ones she had people come up and there was one girl that had a CVS/Pharmacy coffee and she just wasn’t selling it and everybody’s like ‘I don’t understand what’s going on?’ And then the coach, Marice, is like ‘How do you feel about CVS?’ And she’s like ‘I don’t like it. Every time I go up there, I get like this receipt that’s like a million miles long and its annoying and I hate it.’ ‘Okay, umm… how do feel about [writing]?’ ‘Well, I like [writing]! They like bring back lipstick..’ And she’s like ‘Okay, well switch out CVS with [writing].’ And all of the sudden, we were all sold. We were like “Oh, sweet! I want to go to CVS right now!”
The relevance to this panel is the “Hey, how you doin today? It’s good to see you” part Rial does is awfully close to how she presented herself in her deposition and the bubbly “This is the real me” was nowhere to be seen in the deposition.

November 2018

2018-11-16: Archive

J Michael Tatum appears to be confirming the existence of an inner circle/clique

2018-11-16: Archive

2018-11-16: Archive

2018-11-16: Archive

December 2018

2018-12-4: Archive
Funimation announces more cast members for Broly:

Dragon Ball Super Broly US Premiere:

Sean Schemmel Interview:

“But sometimes fans ask me for too much and they push the envelope too far and that’s when I have to let ‘em know I am a human being. And, uh, I wish other big celebrities would do that more often. Because what happens is big celebrities – I don’t consider myself a celebrity – but the big ones, they do this weird ‘always be nice, always look good, always – don’t ever show’- then you end up creating this cult of personality or unrealistic relationship with their fans. Then a fan comes to me and goes ‘Well, that person let me do all this crazy, inappropriate shit. Why won’t you?’ and I go ‘Well, that person’s an idiot for letting you do inappropriate shit!’ [laughs] You know? Or-or –or sometimes I’ll say ‘I’m not as nice as that person.’”

2018-12-15: Archive
Nyahko’s initial Pretty Ugly Little Liars (PULL) post:

2018-12-16: Archive
Nyahko confuses Vic Mignogna with Illich Guardiola:

“I first considered it when Vic married a 16 year old to avoid statutory rape charges (in 2014 he was facing possible statutory rape charges in Texas so he took the girl and her mom to Vegas so the mom could sign off on their marriage so he couldn’t be charged) The names of the Mom and daughter weren’t in any of the articles I read about it at them time But 10/10 it is in the public records for Clark county Nevada if you know how to find them, and if he is willing to go that far to cover his own ass you bet their is other skeevy shit we don’t know about..”

Nyahko is clearly confusing Vic for Illich Guardiola (ironic former boyfriend of Monica Rial). Vic Mignogna was once married in the early 2000s and has not been married since.

Vic Mignogna Timelines – 2016


March 2016

2016-3-12: Archive
Vic defends against Christian protesters:

August 2016

Samantha Inoue-Harte posts pictures of a damaged door on her Facebook that she would later go on to reuse to accuse IStandWithVic of SWATting her

September 2016

2016-9-3: Archive
J Michael Tatum on working with Vic Mignogna:

Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2014


January 2014

2014-1-27: Archive
Monica brags about dating Illich Guardiola:

May 2014

2014-5-9: Archive
Teacher married to teen is jailed on sex charge:

Illich Guardiola marries a 16-year-old girl to avoid prison

August 2014

2014-4-21: Archive
Faux News:

Disdain for conservatives

September 2014

2014-9-10: Archive
41-year-old man marries 16-year-old teen; case dismissed:

2014-9-11: Archive
Charges for teacher, 41, who ‘slept with 16-year-old student’ are thrown out after he married her in Las Vegas:

November 2014

2014-11-15: Archive
FUNimation Vs. Free!dom:

Free! fangirl mad at Funimation for casting Vic because he refuses to sign yaoi art. Right at the end she promises to compile ALL the proof that Vic is a pedophile and link it in the post. Despite having almost a decade, she has found and linked absolutely nothing.

Vic Mignogna Timeline – 2013


June 2013

2013-6-13: Archive

August 2013

2013-8-29: Archive
Justin Sevakis and Zac Bertschy interview Vic for ANNCast:

Note that not only did they title the episode “Down with the Vic-ness”, but they also deliberately used the “we’ll have a gay old time” bit from the Flintstones theme as their opening musical cue. They went out of their way to do that as the ANNCast episode immediately before and after Vic’s episode features their standard opening instead. Comments are made about how young Vic’s fans are and at around 55 minutes into the interview Zac Bertschy pathetically attempts to go into attack-mode regarding Vic’s faith.

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