July 2018

2018-7-12: Archive
New “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” Movie Coming to North America: https://blog.funimation.com/2018/07/12/new-dragon-ball-super-broly-movie-coming-north-america/
Funimation announces Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released in theaters in North America

2018-7-19: Archive

Note that Sabat neglected to tag Vic Mignogna. Chuck Huber revealed in his affidavit that Vic did not voice Broly in this trailer. Chuck said he sent a text message to Chris Sabat around this timeframe and Sabat’s response was “if this has anything to do with Vic, I will not talk about [it].”

Metrocon 2018 – Voice Actors Unplugged Panel: https://youtu.be/EbT3QTq5Q8g

Jamie Marchi , J. Michael Tatum, Apphia Yu, Micah Solusod, and Jeannie Tirado participated in panels with Scott McNeil and Jason Marsden.
On the Friday panel, J. Michael Tatum is asked if there will be a second season of Ouran High School:
[TATUM]: “So, you’re asking me whether or not there’s gonna be a season two of Ouran High School Host Club? Ok, so…. This is really exciting! No, never. Stop asking.
It’s been like 15 years! If they wait much longer it’s going to be Ouran High School Nursing Home! We’re all going to be in our 80s being like ‘Hey, remember that time when I could drink tea?’ [laughter from attendees]. No, like, it’s like it is the worst. Like I love that show so much and for years we’ve been chompi- everyone whose worked on it has been chomping at the bit for a sequel but I don’t think (sighs) Man, every year everyone’s like ‘I just heard it’s official!’ and it’s always a lie…”
[laughter from attendees]
[TATUM]: “So, never believe it! Never! I will believe it when I’m in the booth recording and even then I’m gonna be like ‘Is this real? Is this real or this just a joke?’ [laughter from attendees] I’ve been hurt way too many times, so… But, when it comes to stuff like that, actors don’t know. We don’t know. We’re the last people to know. You often know before we do.”
[CON STAFF OR ATTENDEE]: “Well, you better tell Vic to stop spreading lies then. ‘Cause that’s what he did last year.”
[MARCHI]: “Eh, that is who Vic is! Don’t you tell us to tell him [unintelligible due to Tatum laughing]. Sorry (laughs).
[ATTENDEE] “No, no, he was dressing up as Scott [McNeil] on YouTube…”
For the record, Mignogna made no mention of a second season of Ouran High School in either of his panels nor in interviews from Metrocon 2017. Furthermore, there is no footage of Vic dressed as Scott McNeil from 2017, either.

2018-7-29: Archive

Based on Vic’s response coming after the release of the English trailer that featured his voice, it’s possible that his casting was being kept hidden on purpose in Sabat’s tweet.

“So, the question that everybody has asked me at my table has been ‘Are you playing Broly in the new movie?’ [pause] Here’s my answer: I sure as hell better be!
[laughs, then turns to see image of Broly behind him]
I mean there he is! Ooooh, Dang… He’s awesome. [responds to a fan] No. But you know what? I’ve played him I think longer than Edward [Elric]. I’ve played Broly like 15 years and every English incarnation of Broly: 3 movies and 13 video games. So, I was –I was very excited to hear that they are making a Broly movie and that he is finally coming into canon and into the prime universe.
So, I’m sure excited about it. I’m-There’s still some time, we haven’t really started on [it], yet. They just announced it.”

September 2018

2018-9-14 – 2018-9-16 (Exact date of panel needed): Archive
Keystone Comic Con 2018 – Vic Mignogna Spotlight Panel: https://youtu.be/b0WcJ2vX_iQ

“Now I’m sure somebody wants to ask about the new movie that’s coming out. Well, that’s fine. You could ask. I will tell you that I’m very excited that Broly is being made canon, finally. He deserves it.
Um, as far as whether I’m playing the role or not, I’d better be. I can’t answer that officially, but I will tell you I sure as hell better be. I’m the only English voice of Broly. I’ve played him 20-15 years, 3 movies, 13 video games. So, uh… I’m really looking forward to it and hoping to be a part of it.”

2018-9-28 – 2018-9-30 (Exact date of panel needed): Archive

[MIGNOGNA]: “Yeah, let’s talk about the Broly movie. [cheers from attendees] IT’S ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME! That’s what I want to say about bringing Broly into the prime universe. [drinks water] I was telling somebody at the table earlier I, uh, I’ve-I’ve played Broly for 15 years, 3 movies, 13 video games, and all the time I’m like “What’s wrong? Are you afraid? Are you afraid to bring Broly into the prime universe? For fear of what he’ll do?” And, uh… So, I’m very, very excited about [attendee’s phone rings and distracts Mignogna] Uh, I’m very excited that there-that there’s a Broly movie coming out.
Now, notice I didn’t say I was doing it…. [audible “aww” coming from attendees] I’m not allowed to talk about it much right now. So, I just want to be clear: don’t go home “Oh, Vic said he was doing it!” No, I didn’t. I have not said it. All I’ve said is that I’m excited that Broly is coming into the prime universe, right?
Now, if I wasn’t voicing Broly, then someone would have to die [attendees laugh]. I’m sorry. Out of my control. It’s beyond my -my– I can’t help it. But, I-I love him and, uh, he doesn’t love me much. But, uh, I’ve always teased for years about, you know, about voicing the character and how strain- what a strain it is on the voice. And it is. But, you know what? That’s the job, right? And, uh, I’m okay with that.
I got a lot of people come up to me over the last, uh, several conventions now when the movie was announced and they’re like “Bet your’re hatin’ life right now? Bet your hatin’ –“ and I’m like “No, I –“ [shakes head] I love playing Broly. I just, you know, it’s just tough on the voice. But, that’s fine. I’m happy do it. My voice will get better, right? It’ll heal up. Maybe.”
[ATTENDEE]: “Does Broly survive in the end?”
[MIGNOGNA]: “Oh, bro, I can’t tell you that. What? [attendees laugh] I don’t see any – anybody killing Broly.”
[ATTENDEE]: “I don’t see it, either.”
[MIGNOGNA]: “And, you know, I mean I don’t know. I can’t answer that. I haven’t seen the movie. Um, so I don’t know. But, I certainly hope so. I would love to see him, like, I hope this means he’s kind of a part of Super. You know? Kind of starts – maybe kind of transitions into the series somehow.”
Vic seems to be under NDA at this point. Also, might want to clip the beginning part of the panel, too. Vic makes a joke about the rumors of “being a dick” as he introduces the con handler in the room.

October 2018

2018-10-5: Archive

Vic is officially known as voicing Broly for the film at this point

2018-10-19 – 2018-10-21 (Exact date of panel needed): Archive
Anime USA 2018 – Acting! 101 with Monica Rial Panel: https://youtu.be/6btseyZW1pA

– (5:58) “Acting, as a very basic, basic rule, is making believe, playing pretend, so well that other people believe you, right? So, how do you do that? How do I play pretend in a way that it’s so incredibly honest and true that people believe what I’m saying? It’s not easy. And this is the part where it gets tricky because there are many different techniques and there are many different strategies.”
– “There’s Meisner technique, there’s the Stanislavski method – I’m not going to bore you with all that, that is what college is for. If you decide to go to school for acting, you will learn about all of those things. Right now, I’m just going to talk to you about what it’s like to act and react and how it’s supposed to feel and what you’re supposed to bring about within you. You can take that with what you will and learn your different techniques on your own.”
– (6:54) “But, basically acting – you want to be as real as possible, right? It’s all about truth. It’s all about honesty. Here’s the thing about voice acting in particular that’s typical is that you can of fake it on stage, right? Because, here’s the thing: if I’m on stage then I’m going to use my diaphragm, so everything is like bigger and back here. But I can like – I feel I’m doing Shakespeare, let’s say. Everything I do is going to be more dramatic so that the people that are 5,000 miles in the back still see that I’m a so dramatic, right?”
– “So I don’t necessarily have to feel those things because you can tell by my body language what’s happening – I’m angry, I’m happy and lovely and graceful. You can’t do that in film, right? So [in] film, you can’t lie as much as you would in theater. In film, though, you can still lie. Because then everything is about being weird. It’s about being real quiet. It’s about being real natural. ‘Hey, how you doin today? It’s good to see you.’ ‘Oh, hi! How you been? Yeah, doin’ great.’ I mean like really weird – I even feel weird doing it. That’s why I don’t do film.”
– “Because I’m just there and they’re like ‘Be real!’ ‘This is real for me. This is my personality!’ And they’re like ‘that’s too big…’ ‘Well, then you’re asking me to not be real.’ ‘No, be real.’ ‘Ok, whatever.’
– (8:16) – “But the one thing about anime voice acting or voice acting in particular is that you cannot lie. There is something weird about this instrument right here that if I am telling you something that is not honest, you will be able to tell.”
– “How many of you ever watched an anime and there’s, let’s say, a character that is fine. You know I mean? You don’t particularly hate the voice or anything but for whatever reason something that character doesn’t sit well with you. You’re like ‘I just don’t like them as much as I love the other people” or the performance just feels a little bit off – They’re not being honest. And you subconsciously are picking up on that.”
– (8:56)“You’re picking up on their nervousness on… maybe they’ve had a bad day and there’s some subtext in their reads that its coming out that way. So, a lot of times when people are like ‘Oh, I hated that performance,’ it makes me go back and ‘who was that again? Ohhh.. that was the actor. Yeah’ So it’s very, very strange in anime and in commercials and stuff like that you have to make sure that if you are acting, you have to believe it 100%.”
– The hardest part, and we’re going to start with commercials. What’s hard about commercials is that if you get a copy – we call it a copy, any ol’ script is a copy – you get a copy for McDonald’s and you are a vegetarian. And you have to talk about how much you ‘love’ the Big Mac and the ‘juicy meat.’ It’s kinda hard if you absolutely hate the idea of eating meat, right? So I have a coach out in LA, Marice Tobias – oh, she’s fantastic. She taught me that the best thing to do is something called [insert term].”
– (10:06) – “It’s basically a swichteroo. So like if I am a vegetarian and I’m trying to sell on a Big Mac, I might switch that Big Mac for whatever is something that I truly love to eat. Let’s say I’m a vegetarian that loves caramel frappuccinos. Well, all of a sudden, instead of talking about the Big Mac gonna be ‘juicy and filling,’ I’m going to be thinking about frappuccinos and how ‘icy cold’ it is but I’m going to use those words to sell you that frappuccino [?].
– “So it’s very, very interesting to watch and practice because I did a workshop, the ones she had people come up and there was one girl that had a CVS/Pharmacy coffee and she just wasn’t selling it and everybody’s like ‘I don’t understand what’s going on?’ And then the coach, Marice, is like ‘How do you feel about CVS?’ And she’s like ‘I don’t like it. Every time I go up there, I get like this receipt that’s like a million miles long and its annoying and I hate it.’ ‘Okay, umm… how do feel about [writing]?’ ‘Well, I like [writing]! They like bring back lipstick..’ And she’s like ‘Okay, well switch out CVS with [writing].’ And all of the sudden, we were all sold. We were like “Oh, sweet! I want to go to CVS right now!”
The relevance to this panel is the “Hey, how you doin today? It’s good to see you” part Rial does is awfully close to how she presented herself in her deposition and the bubbly “This is the real me” was nowhere to be seen in the deposition.

November 2018

2018-11-16: Archive

J Michael Tatum appears to be confirming the existence of an inner circle/clique

2018-11-16: Archive

2018-11-16: Archive

2018-11-16: Archive

December 2018

2018-12-4: Archive
Funimation announces more cast members for Broly: https://twitter.com/FUNimation/status/1070038547787276288

Dragon Ball Super Broly US Premiere: https://youtu.be/O8zC1f9_HlU

Sean Schemmel Interview: https://youtu.be/nZ4fG6jOBh8

“But sometimes fans ask me for too much and they push the envelope too far and that’s when I have to let ‘em know I am a human being. And, uh, I wish other big celebrities would do that more often. Because what happens is big celebrities – I don’t consider myself a celebrity – but the big ones, they do this weird ‘always be nice, always look good, always – don’t ever show’- then you end up creating this cult of personality or unrealistic relationship with their fans. Then a fan comes to me and goes ‘Well, that person let me do all this crazy, inappropriate shit. Why won’t you?’ and I go ‘Well, that person’s an idiot for letting you do inappropriate shit!’ [laughs] You know? Or-or –or sometimes I’ll say ‘I’m not as nice as that person.’”

2018-12-15: Archive
Nyahko’s initial Pretty Ugly Little Liars (PULL) post:

2018-12-16: Archive
Nyahko confuses Vic Mignogna with Illich Guardiola: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3255-vic-mignogna/?page=11#comment-416027

“I first considered it when Vic married a 16 year old to avoid statutory rape charges (in 2014 he was facing possible statutory rape charges in Texas so he took the girl and her mom to Vegas so the mom could sign off on their marriage so he couldn’t be charged) The names of the Mom and daughter weren’t in any of the articles I read about it at them time But 10/10 it is in the public records for Clark county Nevada if you know how to find them, and if he is willing to go that far to cover his own ass you bet their is other skeevy shit we don’t know about..”

Nyahko is clearly confusing Vic for Illich Guardiola (ironic former boyfriend of Monica Rial). Vic Mignogna was once married in the early 2000s and has not been married since.