November 2007

2007-11-4: The alleged Izumicon incident

2007-11-14: Archive
Anime News Nina “Jerry Morgan” comic 1: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/anime-news-nina/2007-11-14

Anime News Network’s bias against Vic was established quite some time ago. “Jerry Morgan” is clearly meant to reference Vic Mignogna because Kiken Resin Angel/KRA is clearly meant to reference Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA. Also note that Anime News Nina is drawn by Robin Sevakis, the sister of Anime News Network’s founder, Justin Sevakis.

2007-11-19: Volume 2 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle was released in the UK

Volume 2 is the only volume featuring Vic’s name and it was only printed on the UK version of the DVD
(Hilariously, they put Vic’s name on the cover that features Sabat’s character)

2007-12-5: Archive
Anime News Nina “Jerry Morgan” comic 2: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/anime-news-nina/2007-12-05

Anime News Networks disdain for Vic extends to his fans as well and by this point people in the forums made the connection that “Jerry Morgan” is a stand-in for Vic.