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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   ∟Funimation’s Tamayomi Simulcast Way Worse Than Japanese Airings
   ∟Jamie Marchi Claims Quarantine Protestors Hope “There Will Be School Shootings Again”

– KyoAni Studio 1 Arson
   ∟Goodbye, KyoAni Studio 1 – Arson-struck studio now completely demolished, cleared away

– Coronavirus News
   YouTube Censors, Bans Content That Goes Against WHO
   Twitter Censors Tweets Exposing Leaks Of WHO, CDC, World Bank, NIH, Wuhan Lab
   Facebook Fact Checker that Issues Warning about Misinformation Worked at Wuhan Lab
   ∟P.A. Works’ Appare-Ranman! Anime Delayed Due to COVID-19
      ∟KONOSUBA 1st Season To be Rebroadcast instead of Postponed Appare-Ranman!
   ∟Cardfight!! Vanguard Gaiden if Anime Delayed Again to May Due to COVID-19
   ∟Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Anime Delays New Episodes Due to COVID-19
   ∟Digimon Adventure:, Healin’ Good Precure Delay New Episodes Due to COVID-19
   ∟The Promised Neverland Anime’s 2nd Season Delayed to January 2021 Due to COVID-19
   ∟One Piece Anime Delays New Episodes Due to COVID-19
   ∟Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Delays New Episodes Due to COVID-19
   ∟The Millionaire Detective Anime Restarts Airing From 1st Episode on July 16
   Capcom Tells Devs To Work From Home Due To COVID-19
   ∟Sony Interactive Entertainment Employee Contracts Coronavirus
   CDC Recommends Wearing Anime Shirts to Socially Distance Others Away From You
   ∟Chile Deems Dead Coronavirus Victims as “Recovered”
   China furious as German newspaper writes out £130BN bill for ‘coronavirus damages’
   ∟China Threatens Australia Over Coronavirus Investigation
   ∟Japan Expands State of Emergency to Cover Entire Country to Limit Coronavirus Spread
      ∟What state of emergency? People in Tokyo defy requests to stay home during coronavirus
      Crowds pack Japan’s shopping arcades despite pandemic emergency
   Deserted Tokyo freeway now an open road for ‘Roulette Gang’
   ∟New coronavirus cases in Tokyo drop to lowest level in almost two weeks
   ∟Mangaka: “Mochi is More Dangerous than the Coronavirus!”
   ∟Osaka Mayor: “Pachinko Should be Banned!”
   ∟Osaka Mayor Says Men Should Do Shopping “Women Dawdle Too Much!”
   Abe government may stamp out hanko seals to promote working from home
   ∟Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Approval Rating Plummets
   ∟Olympics Could Be Cancelled Entirely If Virus Not Under Control Next Year
   ∟Japanese Health System on the Brink of Collapse
   ∟Hairs, insects and stains found in masks distributed by Japanese government
   ∟List of shame from Japanese government may be next weapon in fight against coronavirus
   De Blasio’s Snitch Line Flooded With Dick Picks, Hitler Memes and Rare Birds
   Michigan Governor Threatens Quarantine Extension To Punish Protestors
   Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators
   The Real Situation In Wuhan Right Now
   Wuhan doctors with coronavirus wake up to find that their skin has turned dark
   Do testicles make men more vulnerable to the coronavirus?
   ∟Monitoring Tool Watches Tirelessly to Ensure Maximum Social Distancing
      Leaked Documents Reveals Amazon Pushes for Diversity to Prevent Unionization
   ∟Is it time for manga and anime to start introducing the coronavirus outbreak?
   ∟Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker Explains the Coronavirus

– Deaths:
   ∟Team Fortress 2 Voice Actor Rick May Succumbs to the Coronavirus
   ∟Pokemon & Ghibli Seiyuu Kumiko Okae Beats Cancer, Dies of Coronavirus
   ∟Original Voice of Resident Evil 2’s Leon, Paul Haddad, Passes Away
   ∟Maes Hughes Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara Passes Away at 55
      ∟Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara Passes Away at 55 Due to Cancer

Kim Yo-Jong Becomes Moe: “My Supreme Leader Can’t Be This Cute!”
   Kim Jong-un Makes First Public Appearance After Returning From Isekai World

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Third Editions: the Ultimate Anime Library
Sea of Stars
Fraudulent Eiyu*Senki GOLD called out by JAST
War of Ashird: A Strategic Turn-Based JRPG
Paradise Girls
When Days Rewind Volume 3
Steampunk Detective Fantasy KURAYUKABA Crowdfunds Feature Film

Convention news:

Harucon 2021 to Celebrate Israel’s “Love” for Japanese Anime and Video Game Culture
San Diego Comic-Con Canceled Due to COVID-19
Otakon 2020 is the Latest Convention to Be Canceled
Anime Expo 2020 canceled
   Refund or Rollover
      ∟Why Hasn’t Anime Expo 2020 Been Canceled Yet?
Anime Lockdown: A Con in Quarantine

Live-Action Anime news:

Joe Russo: Gatchaman Hollywood Film Will Tell Original Story
Netflix’s Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Show Plans Season 2, Teases Yoko Kanno’s Music
Sonic the Hedgehog Director Reveals Deleted Scenes, Teases Tails & Sequel Plans
Anime/manga One-Punch Man to be turned into a Hollywood live-action movie
Dragon Ball Disney Cinematic Universe Rumored in Development

Streaming news:

Toonami Arsenal
Adult Swim’s Toonami Brings Back Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent Anime on April 25
Extra Olympia Kyklos Joins Crunchyroll’s Spring 2020 Anime Lineup
Sailor Moon YouTube Channel to Stream First Three TV Series in 1990s for Free in Japan
Dorohedoro Anime Chows Down on Netflix U.S. in May of 2020
Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 TV Confirms 2nd Season Ahead of Its Streaming Debut
Dub cast released?
   Now at Bang Zoom instead of the defunct Animaze
Netflix Streams New Pokémon Journeys TV Anime on June 12
Netflix Streams One Piece Anime on June 12
Studio Trigger is offering “Luluco” full series for free on Youtube until May 6th
Mari Okada and Studio Colorido’s Postponed ‘A Whisker Away’ to Premiere on Netflix
Room Camp DVD/Blu-ray Bonus Episode to be Streamed on YouTube for Free for One Day
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Immediately Viewed 2 Million Times In Just One Day

Theater Release news:

Studio Khara Releases Anno Statement On Eva 3.0+1.0 Film’s Delay In English
Disney’s Future is Grim as it Takes Out 7.3 Billion in Notes and 5 Billion in Credit

Series news:

Check Out Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 Character Arts by Ilya Kuvshinov
Steins;Gate Lab Members Head to World Line 0.549111 and Meet … Hello Kitty?
Cute Girls Scale Mountains as Iwa kakeru! -Climbing Girls- Manga Gets Anime Adaptation
Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Trailer Brings Back the Magic
   ∟Sailor Moon voice actress shares photos of cript with first-ever “Moon Prism Power”
Clannad and Angel Beats Writer Jun Maeda To Announce Next Project On May 10th
A talk with the man who helped bring Studio Ghibli to the west, Steve Alpert
Hinamatsuri Comedy Manga Ends With 19th Volume This Summer
Got an idea for a steamy isekai manga series? Publisher holding open writing contest
What If Animal Crossing Was an ’80s Anime?
New Minecraft Map Recreates DanMachi’s Orario
Arc System Works Twitter Account Shadowbanned for Posting Guilty Gear Oshiri
Nintendo Confirms Breach of 160,000 Nintendo Accounts Since Start of April
Anime Studio Pierrot and Mobile Game Developer KLab Form Business Alliance
1994 Sailor Moon Visual Novel Translated Into English
Cloud Visual Novel Service OOParts Launches in Japan
Trials of Mana Remake Demo Pulled Due to Bug Allowing Access to Full Game
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Sandwich Scene Remains “Faithful”
Final Fantasy VII Remake Shipment Reaches Over 3.5 Million In 3 Days
   ∟Red XIII Playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake Through Save Editing
   ∟Final Fantasy VII Remake Easter Egg Connects With Final Fantasy X-2
   Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Development Is Already Underway, Says Report
   Square Threatens To Sue People Uploading Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ending
   ∟Final Fantasy VII Porn Searches Skyrocket After the Launch of the Remake
      ∟RWBY Creator on Final Fantasy VII: “Tifa is a Prostitute!”
   ∟Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Aerith is Wearing Pantsu After All
   ∟Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania
      ∟Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Story Will Allegedly “Not Be Drastically Changed”
Robotics;Notes Elite and DaSH Head to North America in One Package
The Adventures Of Tintin In Development For PC And Home Consoles
50% of Japanese Students Do Not Use Computers: “It’s Like a Third-World Country!”
Sony Patents Artificial Gaming Companion That Reacts To Its Owner’s Emotions
Should gamers be accountable for in-game war crimes?

Release news:

Discotek Announcements
Discotek’s original Street Fighter covers
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Heads to Blu-ray/DVD July 7
Black Butler is back in print on Amazon
Galaxy Express 999 is finished
   GALAXY EXPRESS 999 Petition
– Right Stuf
Blue Ray announces the release of Weathering With You!!
MVM Announces UK Anime Release Schedule for Q3 2020
Emilia and Rem Grace Japan’s Re:ZERO Director’s Cut Blu-ray Box Set
Watch SD/HD Comparison Clip from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Blu-ray Box
Phantom Blood Movie Announcement

Random Merch news:

Original 11X24 cover art for the Witchblade anime collected edition auctioned
No Butts About It, Crayon Shin-chan Is Now a Nendoroid
In these non-sober quarantine days, use your leftover alcohol bottles for Gundam models
Brand-new Evangelion Tamagotchis are coming to let you raise your own sweet little Angel
   ∟Nurture Your Own Angels From Evangelion With These ‘Evatchi’ Tamagotchi
Interspecies Reviewers Gets Official Mayo Crim Merch
The most terrifying but delicious Ghibli sweets yet: The Princess Mononoke monster cake
Asakusa’s Bunny Buddy from Eizouken Can Now Be Yours
Mario Goes Full Ultraman, Battles Godzilla-Size Bowser in New Figures
Premium Bandai Turns Giant Monsters Into Plush Tissue Paper Cases
Pokemon X Sailor Moon Pins
The crazy-detailed PlayStation model is a surprisingly emotional trip down memory lane
Hello Kitty set to keep you safe while driving… as a dashboard camera!
Japan’s latest work-from-home innovation: The wearable video conference background
Japan Producing Lingerie Face Masks
Decorate your room like a bento box with the new soy sauce bottle light
Invisible pie from Japan beautifully baffles the mind
Take your taste buds to Japan with Oreo’s new Sakura Matcha and Peach Oolong flavours
Mountain Dew Violet, previously only available in Japan, is finally here
Century Old Butter Package’s Indian Woman Design Removed Due to “Racism”

Misc news:

With questionable copyright claim, Jay-Z orders deepfake audio parodies off YouTube
Appeals Court Reviews ‘Star Trek’/Dr. Seuss Mashup
Florida Woman Arrested for Placing Porn in People’s Mailboxes
Weekly Shonen Jump manga pirate given three-year suspended prison sentence in China
Woman Falls in Love with Chandelier, Loses Discrimination Case
Japanese all-girls school’s startling advice for girls whose boyfriends don’t want to strap up
Japan city employee suspended 2 months for being late avg. of 5 min. for 8 years
Okinawan man arrested for buying cigarettes with currency of the dead
Rotting corpse discovered by two men exploring “haunted hotel” in Japan
Maimed Man Arrested for Smearing Blood All Over Train Seats
Man Fries & Eats Girlfriend’s Legs “I Was Hungry!”

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