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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   ∟Vic Mignogna Lawsuits Tossed Out, Cancel Culture Reigns
   Order Granting Motion to Dismiss Under the TCPA
   Toei Wishes Monica Rial a Happy Birthday
   Former Dragon Con Owner, Edward Kramer, Charged For Possessing Child Porn

– KyoAni Studio 1 Arson Sources
   ∟Sora News 24
      ∟KyoAni will use none of its arson donations for business recovery, all of it for victims
      ∟Osaka MP, Shunichi Isa, Discusses How The KyoAni Donations Are Going To Be Used
   Another Victim Dies in the Hospital

“Kyoto Animation will not be applying any of the money it received from donors around the world for business recovery, but will be using all of it for the bereaved, the injured, and their families.

The company itself will not retain any of the financial support, including funds coming from government institutions, and will move forward under its own power.”

Apparently the victims in the hospital weren't all out of the woods yet as another one has reportedly died.

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Gunsmith Cats Update
Megazone 23 Update
Yutaka Yamamoto is Crowdfunding Anime Film Inspired by Kyoto Animation Arson

Convention news:

Frame Arms Girl Anime Film Makes U.S. Debut at Anime Fest @ NYCC

Live-Action Anime news:

Miyazaki has turned down multiple Hollywood offers to make live-action Nausicaa movie

Streaming news:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is coming to #Toonami on October 26th!
Anime Leaves Prime Time Television in Japan

Theater Release news:

Lupin III Movie a Never-Ending Thrill Ride
Ojamajo Doremi Magical Girl Anime’s 20th Anniversary Film Slated for Early Next Summer

Series news:

New Data Shows Roughly 1/3 of All Anime Studios Were in Financial Trouble During 2018
Not just Ash – New Pokémon anime reveals it will have two protagonists
Detective Conan Manga Gets a New Police Academy Spinoff
Record of Lodoss War: The Pledged Diadem Novel Gets Manga Adaption
Belldandy Tries Out For a Black Company in Bizarre Manga Cross-Over
Naruto author reveals what characters’ names would’ve been if editor didn’t intervene
100 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Sold
Sony Removes “For PlayStation Only” From Death Stranding Page
Link’s Awakening Remake Swaps Mermaid Top for Necklace
Mario & Luigi RPG Developer Goes Bankrupt
   ∟Mario & Luigi Series Developer AlphaDream Files for Bankruptcy

Release news:

Sentai Filmworks Summons Up ASSASSINS PRIDE TV Anime
Funimation to Release New Yu Yu Hakusho OVA With Subtitles, English Dub
FLCL Blu-Ray
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Live-Action Blu-Ray
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Gucci Lupin?
Michael B. Jordan Reveals Rasengan Jacket from His New Clothing Line
   ∟Michael B. Jordan’s Naruto Coach Line Goes Live for Deep Pockets
Raunchy Ryoubi Mouse Pads Come in Flat & Busty Varieties
Protect Yourself with Sailor Moon Condoms in Fukuoka and Hiroshima
McDonald’s Japan unveils new Oreo and matcha green tea frappe
Help your kitty reach enlightenment with new Buddhist statue-style “halo scratcher”
SpiceSeed Fist of the North Star Figure Is Ready for Action
New Figure Recreates the Gentle Ohmu of Nausicaä
Crunchyroll Announces Expansive Gundam Licensing Partnership with SUNRISE & SOTSU
Snickers Discovers the Secret of the Titans from Attack on Titan in New Campaign
Airport accommodation: New hostel opens in a converted Japanese elementary school
Chance to feel a shark’s nards and more at Sunshine Aquarium’s “Lots of Sex” Exhibit

Misc news:

Supermarket throws away bench because of sales tax hike, angers many
Naomi Osaka hits back at Japanese comedians’ “too sunburned” comment
Vankers: “Abe = Hitler”
Former NGT48 Idol’s Agents Sue Assailants for ¥30 Million
God of Manga Osamu Tezuka to return to work with “new manga” produced by AI
Captured Tokyo panty thief denies having any interest in bras
Officer arrested for repeatedly clogging women’s toilets, watching them get upset about it
Chinese Populace Must Submit to Facial Recognition for Internet Access
Research Paper: “Sex Robots Should Be Able to Consent!”

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