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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
– OCA Podcast Patreon
– Anime Collector Patreon
– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Sharon Grigsby going to September 6th hearing
   T. Greg Doucette doesn’t care one bit about the truth
         Video Source
   Lynzee Loveridge’s Meltdown

– KyoAni Studio 1 Arson Sources
   ∟Sora News 24
      ∟KyoAni arsonist sent more than one novel to company as part of annual writing contest
      ∟KyoAni victims’ names may be disclosed without families’ agreement, investigator says
   ∟Anime News Network
      ∟Sankei: Japan to Provide Tax Breaks for Kyoto Animation Donations
   ∟Sankaku Complex
      ∟Kyoto Animation Exhibition Displays 70 Surviving Art Pieces
      ∟Japanese Media Demands List of KyoAni Victims
      ∟Kyoto Animation Takes Down Memorial Erected in Front of Studio 1
      ∟Japanese Government Offers Tax Relief for Kyoto Animation Donations

Japanese news outlets are pressuring the police to release the names of the rest of the victims.

KyoAni has dismantled the memorial in front of Studio 1.

The Japanese Government will now be treating the donations to Kyoto Animation as “disaster relief” rather than revenue and so they are offering a tax break to both the donators and the studio.

The arsonist had submitted several novels to KyoAni's contests.

A Disney whistleblower is accusing the company of overstating its revenue by billions

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Megazone 23 Omega Edition
Anime Related: The Series Blu-Ray
Crowdfunding Campaign Launches for Digimon Memorial Miniseries

Convention news:

Crunchyroll Expo Hosts U.S. Premiere of Keiichi Hara’s The Wonderland Anime Film
Crunchyroll Expo 2019 to Host Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Live-Action Anime news:

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Series Casts Elena Satine as Julia
Netflix Resident Evil Movie Will “Get Back to the Roots of the Game”
Hell Girl Live-Action Film Reveals More Cast Visuals in Costume

Streaming news:

Netflix Adds Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato Film on September 13
KONOSUBA Film Showings Offer Shirts, Mugs, and Your Own Chomusuke

Theater Release news:

Weathering With You Crosses 10 Billion Yen Mark in 34 Days
KONOSUBA Film Showings Offer Shirts, Mugs, and Your Own Chomusuke

Series news:

Studio Khara Will Now Be Using Blender
Three More Cast Members Run Wild in African Office Worker TV Anime
New Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA Episodes To Be Released In December
Brace Yourself for Real-World Renderings of Sazae-san
Berserk Creator Begins a New Legend with Duranki
The Rising of the Shield Hero Gets Fired Up in Cooking Manga Spinoff
Cinderella Nine Mobile Game Membership Quadruples Thanks to Anime
Monster Rancher, the original one, is coming to Nintendo Switch
   Monster Rancher will use custom CD database to create monsters
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Launches on September 3
PlayStation 5 Prototype Design Allegedly Leaked
Evangelion’s Bizarre Handheld Pet Simulator You Never Knew About

Release news:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Set for December 5
Sunrise’s Vitage Super Robot Anime Daitarn 3 Gets Its First Blu-ray Box
Yu Yu Hakusho Steelbook
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

The Password Is “Mokkori” at Upcoming City Hunter Event
Follow the Foosteps of Passione on Official JoJo’s Italy Tour
Classic Robot Anime Brave Raideen Returns as 65 cm-Tall Soft Vinyl Figure
Swedish Robotics Company Teams up with Bandai to Build Anime Girl
Piranha Ramen is now a thing, and it’s coming to Japan for a limited time

Misc news:

Strip club guidance booth raid in Japan ends with police seizing 440 pounds of raw fish
Old Japanese photos show the awesome skill of soba delivery workers in the Showa era
Miniature Japanese ryokan room captivates all our hearts with its teeny tiny perfection
Man arrested for spraying Japan’s public broadcasting fee collector with fire extinguisher
Devilman and Hellboy Team Up to Promote Hellboy Reboot Film
Nintendo and Game Freak Try to Catch the Pokémon Type Trademarks in Japan
Shanghai Police Seize US$42 Million in Counterfeit Figures
Man Arrested for Child Porn Was Also Viewing Loli Material
“Cute” Female Shotacon on Trial for Raping 12-Year-Old She Met In Game