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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
– KyoAni Studio 1 Arson Sources
Help KyoAni Heal
∟Mainichi Shimbun
33 dead after arson attack at Kyoto Animation studio, dozens injured
Death toll in Kyoto studio arson rises to 34
Suspected arsonist in deadly Kyoto anime studio fire says firm stole his novel
Kyoto Animation boss says company got threats
∟Sora News 24
Anime studio attacked by arsonist, explosion leaves dozens injured, 12 dead
Death toll in anime studio arson attack climbs to 33, movie production cancelled
Kyoto Animation security system was shut down on day of arson attack that killed 33
∟Anime News Network
Fire Breaks Out in Kyoto Animation’s 1st Studio Building
Fire Department: 33 People Confirmed Dead in Kyoto Animation Fire
34th Victim of Kyoto Animation Fire Passes Away
∟Sankaku Complex
Kyoto Animation Studio Blaze Claims 25 Lives
KyoAni Arsonist: “They Plagiarized Me!”
Lucky Star, Maid Dragon Director “Missing” After Arson Attack
KyoAni CEO: “We’ve Lost Everything, Both Paper & Digital”
“Help KyoAni Heal” Raises $1 Million in 18 Hours
BREAKING: Arson Attack at Kyoto Animation Causes Multiple Fatalities, Dozens Injured
ultimatemegax Twitter Thread
Yamakan hates Shinkai apparently
CNN with the worst take

An arson attacked the Kyoto Animation No. 1 studio on the morning of July 18.

34 people died in the fire, either from their burns or from carbon monoxide poisoning.

7 people survived the incident with no need for immediate medical treatment.

Japan has the death penalty for multiple murders, and this is the worst attack in Japan in decades.

In Japan, police do not confirm a death at the scene; instead, the victim must be transported to a hospital and a qualified doctor must first confirm the death before police can officially confirm the death.

The arson was a 41-year-old with mental illness and a criminal record. He was treated among the victims and was admitted to a hospital.

Witnesses say that when asked by police at the scene why he had set the fire, the man said “They plagiarized.” Pakuri is the Japanese word for copying another’s art or creative work, though the indistinct nature of the Japanese language makes it unclear whether the man was accusing Kyoto Animation of copying his work specifically, or that of another creator/creators.

So far it appears that the arson had never worked at Kyoto Animation, and no clear point of connection between him and the animation studio has been found.

As of March, Kyoto Animation had 165 employees with an average age of 33, according to its website.

KyoAni had been receiving death threats going back years.

Kyoto Animation has decided to cancel the production of its planned Free! 2020 Summer anime theatrical feature.

Studio 1 has a lot of the director staff and animation directors at the facility. They also have compositing/3D animation there.

Naoko Yamada has been confirmed alive.

Ishidate Taichi has been confirmed alive.

Yasuhiro Takemoto has been reported missing, some outlets have reported that he was confirmed dead but some other outlets have claimed that was a mistranslation.

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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
Funimation has filed a TCPA motion
Monica Rial & Ron Toye have filed a TCPA motion
∟Jamie Marchi has filed a TCPA motion
Information removed from last podcast’s Dao of Dragonball article
∟Stan Dahlin Affidavit

What Sony’s copyright claim against Rekieta was actually about
Anime Detour’s Convention Communication Head Arrested for Sexual Assault

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Fans Annihilate Kamehameha World Record at San Diego Comic-Con

Live-Action Anime news:

Detective Pikachu Highest-Grossing Video Game Movie of All Time
Netflix Produces Live-Action Alice in Borderland Series
Space Invaders Becoming a Live Action Movie
The Witcher Live Action TV Series Trailer Well-Received
Live-Action Akira Film Delayed Indefinitely
Russo Brothers’ AGBO Studios Develops Adaptation of Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets

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Netflix Loses $17 Billion in Value in One Day

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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Film Opens in Japan in June 2020
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? Film Hits US Theaters This Month

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Listing the Mainstream News Outlets That are Cowards for Not Saying Naruto’s Name
Black Lagoon Gets Spinoff Manga About Sawyer
Pokémon GO Game Launches One Piece, Kumamoto Collaboration
PlayStation Classic Now Being Flogged for $20
Ciconia When They Cry and Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku Delayed
Catherine: Full Body Not Censored After All? “Will Be the Same Game from Japan”

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The Adventures of Gamba TV Anime Gets Japanese DVD Release
Maiden Japan Licenses Joshiraku Comedy Anime
GKIDS Brings Genius Party Anthology Films to Home Video
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Good Smile Company Previews 1/48 Scale Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop Anime
American band Vasudeva uses real Japanese convenience store receipt for shirt design
Flight simulation cockpits installed into Haneda Airport hotel lets you fly your rooms away

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Tokyo man arrested for underwear theft after instant, raging attraction to another man
Okayama police academy instructor stabs recruit in chest during training