Topics of discussion

Opening discussions:

– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
– Vic Mignogna Court Case
MarzGurl confirms she received a preservation of evidence order
Jessie Pridemore confirms she recieved a cease and desist
Cease and Desist & Demand for Preservation of Electronically Stored Information
Demand for Preservation of Electronically Stored Information

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Bean Bandit Premier

Convention news:

Anime Expo Hosts Illustrator Range Murata
Exclusive: Anime Expo Hosts Akira Creator Katsuhiro Otomo
Anime Expo Holds 4DX Anime Screening Film Festival

Live-Action Anime news:

Tokyo Ghoul Author Draws 10,000-Limited Advance Ticket Visual for Live-Action Sequel
First Visual from Blood Blockade Battlefront Stage Play Arrives

Streaming news:

Funimation Streams Shin Godzilla, Battle of Gods, Resurrection ‘F’, Your Name. Films
Vinland Saga Anime Reveals 3rd Promo Video, 13 More Cast Members
Dragon Ball Super Adult Swim Airing Suffering from FPS Drop
Netflix’s Neon Genesis Evangelion Draws Fan Reactions With “Original” Status
Netflix Producing Magic: The Gathering Anime

Theater Release news:

Series news:

Anime Tourism Association Opens Online Survey for Top 88 Pilgrimage Sites for 2020
Steampunk Samurai Stage Play Rusted Armors Gets TV Anime Adaptation
Production I.G Absorbs Xebec Animation Studio
Source of that weird sound Gundam Newtypes make found by Twitter user
My Hero Academia Characters Show Off Their Adorable Forms in Sanrio Collaboration
The Philippines Censor Hero Academia’s Voluptuous Momo
Fan Favorite Anime Get The Penguin Books Classics Cover Treatment, Results Are Spot-On
Elliott Advisors Buys Barnes & Noble Bookstore Chain for About US$683 Million
Viz Media, Shueisha Release Beast Children, Tokyo Shinobi Squad Manga in English
YouTube Ordered to Hand Over Identities of Manga Pirates
YouTube Ordered to Hand Over Info of YouTubers For Uploading Copyrighted Manga
3DS Potentially Reaches End of Life in Japan
Entire Fire Emblem Series Now Playable in English
Disgaea RPG Coming Back in Autumn
Sega Reveals Final 12 Games for Genesis Mini Console
Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin’s Game Reportedly Named Elden Ring
Detective Conan Runner Smartphone Game Debuts in English on Wednesday
Dragon Quest Walk AR Game Allows You to Grind Outside
PETA’s Pokemon Sword & Shield Sheep Plea Memed by Fans
Intellectual Property High Court Rules in Nintendo’s Favor Against Mario Kart Company
New Footage of Earthbound 64 Unearthed

Release news:

One-Punch Man Artist Whips Up Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Illustration
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Wield Kirito’s Elucidator with This LED Replica
Elucidator High-Grade Electronic Toy Sword Art Online Replica
Elucidator High-Grade Electronic Toy Special Edition Sword Art Online Replica
Taste the ‘Forbidden Menu’ at Tokyo Ghoul Restaurant
Condomania Japan condoms bring the beauty of Japanese ukiyoe to your nether regions
Hard Rock Cafe opening in Kyoto in beautiful machiya townhouse building
Japan’s beef bowl king, Yoshinoya, releases new line of canned, ready-to-eat beef bowls
Horrifyingly Real Human Face Actually a Coin Purse
We get a haircut by a stylist who cuts with katanas and fire at “Samurai Salon” in Spain
Studio Ghibli theme park: New details include official park logo drawn by Hayao Miyazaki

Misc news:

China Woman’s Defecation so Intense She Lost Her Memory
Chinese “Mind Reading Chip” Allowing Mental PC Control
Driverless train reverses by accident in Japan, injuring over a dozen passengers
Japanese Women Starting “#KuToo Movement”
Swimsuit model delivers petition to government to make high-heel dress codes illegal