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Opening discussions:

– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
Anime Hour
– OCA Podcast Discord
– Vic Mignogna court case updates
Ty Beard announced that his firm is also representing Todd Haberkorn
Vic Kicks Back GoFundMe raises $100k
Boogie Woogie Box part 2

YouTube Disables Comments to Combat Pedophiles
YouTube gives all the power to the wrong people

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Convention news:

Anime Boston to Host City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes Anime Film’s Staff

Live-Action Anime news:

Latest One Piece x Indeed Commercial Debuts IRL Dr. Kureha
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Live Action Film Already Flirting Forth
Akio Ōtsuka Leads the Pack in New “Africa Salaryman” Project
Ryan Reynolds Jokes He Abandoned His Family to Immerse in Detective Pikachu Role
Ad Agency Briefly Reveals Sonic the Hedgehog Film’s Character Design
Sonic the Hedgehog Creator ‘Shocked’ by Leaked Movie Designs
Sonic’s Design for Live Action Movie Potentially Leaked
and Tails
Warner Bros. Develops Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Film
French Live-Action City Hunter Film Nicky Larson Sells 1 Million Tickets in 2 Weeks
Deadline: Brian K. Vaughan to Write Live-Action Gundam Film

Streaming news:

Funimation to Introduce New Tiered Membership System in April
WarnerMedia Reorganizes Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, More Under New Unit
Fan Chronicles: How Anime Changes Lives

Theater Release news:

U.S. Fruits Basket Screenings Slated for March 26-27, More Dub Cast Revealed
Love Live! Sunshine!! Movie Has Crossed One Billion Yen Mark in Japan
Prisma☆Illya OVA Gets Title, Staff, and Theatrical Release
Japan Box Office: Self-Deprecating Local Comedy Tonde Saitama Beats Long-Awaited Alita
Aim for the Ace! Warms up for Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release

Series news:

Radiant TV Anime Gets 2nd Series in October
Oban Star-Racers’ Thomas Romain Launches New Tokyo-Based Studio
Sunrise Establishes Sunrise Beyond Studio at Xebec’s Current Address
Children of the Sea Film’s Teaser Introduces Beautiful Visuals, Music by Joe Hisaishi
One-Punch Man TV Anime 2nd Season Premiere Set for April 2
Digimon Adventure Film’s Teaser Reveals Cast, Early Spring 2020 Debut
Buddy Cop Action Meets Parallel World Fantasy in Cop Craft TV Anime
Old Friends Face Off in LUPIN THE 3RD GOODBYE PARTNER Anime Trailer
Lupin III Gets New Mine Fujiko no Uso Anime Film in May
Gundam: THE ORIGIN Will Be Re-Released as a TV Series
Hello Kitty Gets 1st Hollywood Film by Warner
Virtual YouTubers Unite for New Sitcom Watanuki’s House
Netflix Ultraman Teaser Comprised of 3D CG
The new Pokémon anime movie is entirely CG
Viz Media Copyrights Alone Account for 5% of Google’s URL Takedown Requests
Viz Media Has Issued Over 200 Million Copyright Takedown Requests
Dengeki G’s Comic Magazine to End Regular Print Publication
Blood Blockade Battlefront Manga Listed With Stage Play Adaptation
Vinland Saga Creator Apologizes for Drawing Denmark as Too Mountainous
The Rising of the Shield Hero Series Has Printed Impressive 4 Million Copies in Japan
Light Novel About Sex Slave Cancelled After Author’s Heated Tweets Against Illustrator
Bowser Taking Over as Nintendo’s President
Smash Bros. Director Powers Through Work With an IV Drip When Sick
Adult Game Developer Minori Shuts Down
Sony Officially Ends PS Vita Shipments in Japan
Spanish Newspaper Accidentally Reports on Pokemon Sword, Shield…AND GUN
Activision Designer Reveals Pitch for Alita Game from 2005
Soulja Boy Samples Zelda’s Main Theme For New Song
Chinese Cartoon Steals Super Mario Odyssey’s Theme Song
Devil May Cry 5 Pre-Viz Live-Action Cutscenes Hilariously Low Budget
China Boy Stuck in Toilet Seat After Playing on Phone for so Long
Gamer Survives Shooting Thanks to Bulletproof Monitor

Release news:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Japanese DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Set for June 5
1985 OVA Leda Returns in 4K Remaster Blu-ray on June 19
‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ Original Anime DVD Delayed 9 Months
Galaxy Express 999
Brady’s Tweet
Justin’s Tweet
Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Toy Company Banpresto Dissolves, Combines With Bandai Spirits
Cells at Work! Calendar Offered for Blood Donations
ARTFX J Movie City Hunter Ryo Saeba 1/8 Complete Figure
Mari Finally Joins Love Live! Sunshine!! Blu-ray Jacket Ver. Figure Collection
Butter Pikachu a Thing of Nightmares
Yet Another Arrested for Selling Lewd Modified Love Live! Figurines
Tiger Lab Vinyl Announces 1997 Berserk OST, Subscription Package
Kyoto International Manga Museum to Implement English Guided Tours

Misc news:

Official Monster Rancher Twitter Account Emerges
Twitter User Charts Length of Light Novel Titles Over Time
Voice Actress Maeghan Albach Passes Away
SDF draws fire for recruitment poster featuring skimpy female anime characters
r/Funimation is becoming official!
Man Hunted for Calling Baby “Cute”
Man Hunted by Police for Responding to Schoolgirl
Japanese Actor Hirofumi Arai Indicted for Sexual Assault
Child Molester Blames Anime & Manga for His Crime