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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
Premier Fan tickets available yet?
Apple Is Deleting Bought Films From iTunes Accounts – And Don’t Expect A Refund
  âˆŸNo, Apple didn’t delete that guy’s movies. Here’s what really happened

William Winckler Prod. to Release Minky Momo Magical Girl Anime as English-Dubbed Features

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Let’s Dub Emma A Victorian Romance Anime TV Series Season 1
   âˆŸLet’s Dub ALL of the ARIA Anime for Blu-ray!

Live-Action Anime news:

Hell Girl Live-Action Film Green-Lit for Next Fall
New Blood-C Live-Action Film’s 1st Part Opens on October 13

Streaming news:

Funimation Adds That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Double Decker!, Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei Anime to Fall Simuldub Lineup
Toonami Expands by 1 More Hour With Boruto Premiere on September 29

Theater Release news:

Full Yuri!!! on Ice Anime Series to Screen in U.S. Theaters – October 13
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Hits North American Theaters January 16 – January 16
Mirai, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, Okko’s Inn, Modest Heroes Films to Premiere at L.A.’s Animation is Film Festival in October
Perfect Blue Anime Film’s U.S. Theatrical Rerelease Earns US$420,881
Haikyu!! The Movie: Battle of Concepts – September 19, 22, 23
The Laws of the Universe: Part 1 – October 12
Liz and the Blue Bird – November 9
Penguin Highway
Laughing Under the Clouds

Series news:

Girls und Panzer Director’s New TV Anime Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Releases Its 1st Teaser
   âˆŸSo the Ooari ship is the smallest ship yet it is several times larger than an imperial star destroyer? [Girls Und Panzer]
Gaina Helms Production for Gunbuster 3 and Wings of Honneamise 2
TV Anime Baki 2nd Cour Key Visual Features Passionate Hug by Baki and Kozue
The Predator x Baki Campaign Asks Which Character is Strongest
1st Dirty Pair Novel in 11 Years Slated for This Year
The Promised Neverland Manga Enters Final Arc
MY love STORY!! Returns for One-Off Manga Installment
Back to the Future Manga by One-Punch Man Artist Yuusuke Murata Cancelled
Manga Author Naoki Urasawa Kicks Off New Series in Big Comic Spirits
Dark Horse Announces Berserk Deluxe and Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight
Sony Targets Nostalgia with PlayStation Classic Mini-Console

Release news:

Funimation’s Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Anime License Expires
Drifters Anime Gets 15th Episode on DVD Bundled with Manga’s 6th Volume in November
Minky Momo on Prime Video
– Right Stuf
J-List’s Ghostbusters anime Tweet

Random Merch news:

Indonesian Family Decorates their Home in Doraemon Theme!
Get Cozy with Official Studio Ghibli Tea Blends
Locke the Superman to Be Resurrected as Board Game
Getter Robo Devolution Comes to Life with Black Getter Figure
Mobile Suit Gundam Haro Robot’s New Plamodel Can Show Its Internal Mechanical System
New Space Adventure Cobra Watch Has Crystal Bowie Style
This Mousepad Has Real Shiny Satin White Panties and 35 Denier Black Tights On!
Steins;Gate 0 Brings Interactive Amadeus to Tokyo Game Show
Lupin III Steals Himself a Ride at Universal Studios Japan

Misc news:

This medieval Germany-themed amusement park in Japan went from fun to frightening
Hold on to your broomsticks! Studio Ghibli theme park coming to Japan in 2022
Anime Music Producer Predicts the End of the 90-Second Anime Song
Japanese billionaire businessman revealed as SpaceX’s first Moon traveler
This Japanese spa says bathing in a ramen broth (or wine) jacuzzi will make your skin glow
Batman: The Complete Animated Series – Remastered vs. Original Intros
Why Do Colors Look Different In Remastered Classic Anime?
What Determines Whether An Older Show Should Be Released as SD-BD?