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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
People are now using AI to ‘fix’ women in another appalling way
   Miley Cyrus
   Tattoos? No problem
   Hippie? No problem
   Spiritualist? No problem
   Milf? No problem
   Slut? No problem
   Victorian prostitute? No problem
   Loss of culture? No problem
   Loss of belt? No problem
   Loss of shirt? No problem
   Broken? No problem
   Naked tea party? No problem
   Suicidal? No problem
   Right-Wingers Are Terrified of Our Gay Kristen Stewart Cover
      The cover
         ∟No relevance in career? No problem
   It even works on men
   And boys
   No one is off limits
   Put your penis away
   Compilation of restored dignity
   Even cartoon characters
   4Chan Chuds Used AI to Clothe Her. She Fought Back
      The infamous Tweet

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Google AI chatbot Gemini is hilariously bad, creates wildly inaccurate images
   Devon Stack attempted more predominantly white sports prompts
      Water Polo is pretty white
      Hockey is pretty much exclusively white
      Blonde surfers?
      It’s not enough to pander to diversity because Gemini will go further beyond
   Okay, so if white sports don’t work, what about cowboys?
      Not specifying the race allows Gemini to diversify
      And you can’t do nationalities unless it’s a non-white one
      Can’t even stick to cowBOYs
      Haitian cowboys
      German cowboys
      Ask it for Europeans and it will outright refuse
      When you do get it to give you a white guy it has to stereotype to do it
      If they’re gonna give you a white person, they’re gonna be a woman
      Apparently Jews are also off limits
      As are heterosexual relationships
   It’s a parody
   Cowboys were a bust so what about vikings?
      More diverse vikings
      Google shames you for asking it to do what it seems to want to do
   Okay, cowboys and vikings are a bust so what about Nazis?
      Ironically accurate
         Turns out diversity is the nazis’ strength
   What about Australian women?
      American women?
      British women?
      German women?
   Make a ginger
   How about an all white family?
   It seriously cannot hide it’s hate of straight white men
   Make an image of the Vlachs
   Okay let’s see some Roman emperors
   Okay, let’s ask for the King of England
      What about the queen or a white king?
      What about a historically accurate king?
      Surely it can’t be tricked into being racist…
         Mega ultra racist
   The only role white people are allowed to play are the villains
      And suburban fathers, apparently
   There have been a few parodies
      Here’s the White House
      What it feels like asking it for a white person
         Mark Zuckerberg
         Elon Musk
         Vladimir Putin
         Hunter Biden
         Joe Biden
            You ain’t black
   So who exactly is responsible?
      Run and hide
   Some feel optimistic about the situation
      Some have been compared to Stalin
      Too close to say for sure if Elon is worse than Hitler
      Google places feelings over preventing the apocalypse
      Elon rightly points out that the logic built into the AI is built into everything Google does
         Google Vows To Use AI Models and Work With EU Anti-“Disinformation” Groups and Global “Fact-Checking” Groups To Censor “Misinformation,” “Hate”
   ‘Woke’ Google Gemini refuses to say pedophilia is wrong after ‘diverse’ historical images debacle: ‘Individuals cannot control who they are attracted to’


Police Arrest your name. Producer Kouichirou Itou on Suspicion of Soliciting Minor for Nude Photos

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Dirty Pair T-Shirts and Shot Glasses are Here!

Convention news:

Japanese Women to Partake in ‘Naked Festival’ for the First Time Ever

Live-Action Anime news:

‘Naruto’ Film in the Works at Lionsgate With Destin Daniel Cretton Directing

Streaming news:

Sony Pictures Entertainment Third-Quarter Profits Jump 57% To $281M

Theater Release news:

GKIDS Brings The End of Evangelion Film to U.S. Theaters in March
Rascal Does Not Dream of a Sister Venturing Out & Knapsack Kid Films Confirmed in U.S. Theaters in March

Series news:

Let This Grieving Soul Retire TV Anime Announced for 2024
NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita Anime Celebrates Ninja Day With Moonlit Visual
Tonari no Yokai-san Anime Reveals Main Trailer, Visual and Premiere Date
Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction Anime Film Drops 10 Character Posters
BOCCHI THE ROCK! Anime Film Visual Decks Kessoku Band Girls Out in Their Own Shirts
NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Anime Teases 2024 Return with New Visual
No Longer Allowed in Another World TV Anime Reveals Quartet of Character Visuals
Palworld impersonators and NFT scams
   Rev’s Tweet
Warner Bros. Discovery Admits ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Has “Fallen Short Of Our Expectations”, Foresees “Tough” Year For Games Division As They Try To Recover From Title’s Failure
   You are not the cultural minority
Tifa’s Breasts Looking Larger in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Beach Scene
Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 Likely Won’t Be Released Until 2028
Persona 3 Reload “Busty Yukari” mod removed from Gamebanana
   ∟The horny hydra has awoken
Capcom VA Reuben Langdon Confirms Newsweek Hit Piece Led To His ‘Street Fighter’ Recasting, Says He’s Still Attached To ‘Devil May Cry’ Because Series Director “Saw What A Bunch Of BS It Was”

Release news:

European retailers are apparently no longer carrying physical Xbox games
   ∟There are 18 XBox games for sale on a major Swedish game retailer site
   ∟Xbox physical games are not being abandoned, says Phil Spencer
Disney & Sony Ink Deal for Sony to Take Over Disney’s Physical Media Production, Disney Movie Club to Shut Down as a Result
Kodansha to Publish 1st Official English Release of Ashita no Joe Manga
Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics are out of print
MediaOCD will sell AnimEigo series on their own store front
   MediaOCD will sell AnimEigo series with exclusive packaging
Justin Sevakis now owns Robert J. Woodhead
   Trafficking is expensive
– Right Stuf
Inquiries about the Kenichi OVA
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals finally gets HD release
   ∟Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals (Dub.VHS 1 of 2)
   ∟Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals (Dub.VHS 2 of 2)
Anime Was Built on Physical Media and Crunchyroll’s Funimation Debacle Makes It Clear It’s Time To Go Back

Random Merch news:
Surf the Web at Top Speed with Initial D Wireless Mouse
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury’s Chuchu Chooses Violence as Posable Figure-rise Standard Figure
   ∟Gundam Suisei no Majo Chuchu Plamo the Epitome of Delinquency
McDonald’s Turns Its Fictional Anime Counterpart WcDonald’s Into Reality
   Caught in the wild
Japan’s life-size moving Gundam is closing soon, and the last tickets are about to go on sale
The Petitcalator is Japan’s weirdest world record-holder in its most-forgotten big city

Misc news:

Korean Female DJ Groped by Fans at Osaka Music Festival
   ∟DJ Soda Playboy Gravure Debut Met With Criticism & Mixed Reactions
Study Featuring AI-Generated Giant Rat Penis Retracted, Journal Apologizes
Penn State prof arrested for having sex with his dog BEGGED officers to kill him
   Embattled Penn State professor engaged in lewd acts with tree branch and Tootsie Pop in public park: Police

AC’s Funhouse

The Nazis adored it; the Japanese commercialised it – now we’re all trapped in the cult of cute
Luxury hotel chain offering karaoke in a large tub floating on the ocean
Would you pay 450 dollar for a unique picnic dangling 295 feet over a thundering waterfall?
Subway’s flying restaurant will serve sandwiches 1,000 feet in the air: How to book your free ride
Taupo McDonald’s Airplane
Paqui’s One Chip Challenge Pulled From Stores After Teen’s Death
Dick Amnesia Is a Real Thing
Does Guile’s Street Fighter video game crouching block work in real life?
Mr. Sato appears in a French photo album without his consent, goes mad with desire for vengeance
Netflix being sued for $2 billion by Egyptians for ‘distorting the image’ of Cleopatra in new doc
Godshard Chronicles: A Retro-Meets-Modern Action RPG
Tokyo capsule toy machine gives you real samurai-era antique coins, but are they worth anything?
Hot spring offers people of all ages chance to participate in Japanese school-style sports day
“Get them drunk then chop off their heads.” Samurai’s assassination plot against U.S. envoys found
“Android” arrested for rice ball theft in Japan, Android Woman denies involvement
Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan?

Matt Walsh Brings Video Game Infiltration Mainstream
   Mark Kern provides a simple critique to Matt Walsh
      Mark Kern exposes Daily Wire DMs
         Lauren Chen was blocked
      Matt Walsh decries being called out
         Lunar Archivist fixes Matt Walsh’s deflection
– Little Kuriboh accused of pedophilia by proxy
   ∟I was approached to talk about this during the Daman Mills coverage
      Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend
   Kirbopher’s Apology Post

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