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Senate Staffer Caught Filming Gay Sex Tape In Senate Hearing Room
   Newly elected school board president sworn in on stack of banned books
   Laura Loomer confirmed the man getting his prostate rearranged is Aidan Maese-Czeropski
      He’s apparently registered as a foreign agent
   Laura Loomer also confirmed the anal gouging was performed by Georg Gauger
   A YouTube-friendly look at the porno

 Couple horrified to discover they’ve been drinking toilet water for 6 months
   California’s ‘toilet-to-tap’ approved — treated sewage coming back into homes


Alan Wake 2, Max Payne Voice Actor James McCaffrey Has Passed Away

Earliest version of Mickey Mouse set to become public domain in 2024, along with Minnie, Tigger
‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ Creator Slams Disney’s Recent Output As “Disappointing” And “Boring”, Says Full Switch To Digital Animation Has Left Company Creatively Sterile

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Macross II: Lovers Again Alus Edition

Convention news:

Comiket Goer: ‘Comiket is Dying!’
Japan creates public monument to original doge meme dog in her home prefecture
   ‘Cheems’, the Hong Kong Shiba Inu dog who went viral as doge meme and became face of a cryptocurrency, dies after a battle with cancer
Shinjuku District Governor: ‘Only Come to Kabukicho if You Have Money’

Live-Action Anime news:

AAA Game Movie Adaptations Continue With Death Stranding
RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi Manga Gets Live-Action TV Series
Yukito Ayatsuji’s The Decagon House Murders Mystery Novel Gets Live-Action Adaptation

Streaming news:

Netflix Confirms Exclusive Simuldub for Trigger’s Delicious in Dungeon
Kaiju No. 8 Anime Will Stream on X / Twitter
‘Zatch Bell!!’ Commemorates New Mobile Game By Making Entire Japanese Series Available For Free On YouTube, English Release Presumably In Limbo
Family accidentally buys $10,000 worth of Disney+ gift cards while planning vacation

Theater Release news:

Crunchyroll to Bring GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto Anime Film to US Theaters
Kizumonogatari -Koyomi Vamp- Anime Film Confirms North American Theatrical Release
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is Returning to Theaters

Series news:

ROUNDUP: Anime Celebrates 2023 Holiday Season with Festive Visuals and Illustrations
Netflix And WIT Studio Announce ‘One Piece’ Reboot That Completely Reimagines Eichiro Oda’s Original Series
Ya Boy Kongming! Anime Compilation Film Releases Main Visual, Trailer
Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture Anime Reveals First Trailer, May 2024 Release
Rick Meets Rick in Rick and Morty: The Anime Sneak Peek
The Witch and the Beast TV Anime Unveils New Key Visual, Trailer and Additional Cast
The Blue Wolves of Mibu TV Anime Premieres in Fall 2024
Mr. Villain’s Day Off TV Anime Adds Nao Toyama as Convenience Store Clerk Yamano
SHY TV Anime Confirms Second Season
The Dangers in My Heart Reveals Premiere Dates for Season 2, Spin-Off Anime
Tune in to Seiyu Radio no Ura Omote Anime’s New Trailer
You Are Ms. Servant Manga Gets TV Anime in 2024
Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange Anime Reveals New Key Visual
`Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess Anime Reveals Four New Fiendish Cast Members
Chainsaw Man Anime Gets ‘Reze Arc’ Film
Gods’ Games We Play TV Anime Previews Cast, Opening Theme Song in New Trailer
Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru Anime Unveils Teaser Trailer and Main Staff
Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start with Magical Tools Anime Debuts in 2024
Gundam Suisei no Majo Director Confirms Suletta & Miorine Same-Sex Marriage
‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’ Manga To Start In-House Production Of English Language Simulpubs Using Combo Of A.I. And Human Editors
   ∟Mahou Tsukai no Yome Manga Simulpub Translation Conjured With AI
Japanese Government to Produce Manga Lists for Foreign Libraries
My Hero Academia Battlegrounds Roblox Beta Goes Live as Service’s 1st Official Anime Game
Overwatch 2 Censors Ashe and Her ‘Thigh Gap’ From Main Menu Christmas Art
China announces rules to reduce spending on video games
   Tencent loses over $43 billion in market value after China proposes new online gaming rules
      ∟Tencent And NetEase Lose Billions In Stock Value After China Sets Strict Limits On Video Game Monetization, Bans Gacha Mechanics From Young Players
Insomniac is Using Internet Providers to Issue DMCA Notices
   ∟Insomniac Games Data Leak Reveals ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ Developer Has Exclusive Video Game Rights To The X-Men Until 2035
Teen GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in a secure hospital
   Lapsus$: Court finds teenagers carried out hacking spree

Release news:

Dark Horse Licenses Gou Tanabe’s Manga Adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu Story
Ascendant Animation to release I Want to Be His Prey
– Right Stuf
Discotek titles going OOP
   WTK’s list

Random Merch news:
Evangelion Anime Films Inspire Adorable Look-Up Figures of Rei and Asuka
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Nendoroids Let You Add Frieren and Fern to Your Party
Premium Cowboy Bebop Spike and Julia Statue Coming Exclusively to the Crunchyroll Store!
   It’s a thousand dollars?!
LED Screen Protective Film Stops Otaku From Seeing Their Own Face
Park your backside on a Princess Mononoke face mask cushion
   The official listing
   The one I bought off eBay
Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Double Tsuki Uzaki Little Devil Ver. 1/6 Complete Figure
B-style Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Villetta Nu Bunny Ver. 1/4 Complete Figure
Overlord Albedo Pure White Santa Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Hellshake Yano’s Guitar from the Pop Team Epic Anime Can Now Be Yours
Rockman X Dive NFTs Anger Fans on Series’ 30th Anniversary
Gunship made merch that stole the Manga Entertainment logo
Chinese Shingeki no Kyojin Concert Uniquely Terrible
Grenade-like dog poop bag dispenser causes scare at McMinnville middle school
Tokyo makes high school free for all families, even the rich ones
Yoyogi Animation Academy to Begin Offering ‘VTuber Courses’ in 2024
Tokyo ward will give cosplay experiences as character of your choice in exchange for tax donation
Florist left terrified after severed penis found in box with sinister warning attached

Misc news:

Japanese man arrested on Christmas Eve on suspicion of stealing Santa statue, giving it to waitress
Japan’s Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular People holds anti-Christmas protest in Tokyo
A steady stream of pee is eroding Baltimore’s historic buildings
   ChatGPT’s summary
Saitama Man Dies After Using Charcoal Grill to Keep Warm in Car
2 Vietnamese Arrested in Saitama for Killing & Eating a Grey Heron
Model who spent £13k on surgery unable to eat properly due to ‘biggest lips in Europe’
Alabama woman with rare double uterus gives birth to two children
‘Boyfriend used a nude sauna with his female cousin – I’m furious but he doesn’t see issue’
Two men, one bodysuit, zero things that could go wrong with this experiment to keep warm, right?
My boyfriend didn’t use toilet paper — so I dumped him
Man had sex with cow before being trampled – he told farmers ‘I’m sorry, I f***ed up’

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