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In Defense of Shipping…

Karen Strassman replaced by Monica Rial in Fire Emblem
   Sample of Monica Rial’s voice
   ∟Fire Emblem Engage English Translation Possibly the Worst in the Franchise
      ∟Fire Emblem Engage Translation Worse Than Feared, Censors All Romance
   ∟Political Correctness Invades Modding as Fire Emblem Engage Loli Outfit Modded Out

 Joshua Seth asks for questions to ask Daman Mills
   Voiceover Champions with Joshua Seth

Number of newborns set to hit record low of 773,000 in 2022
   Japan PM Kishida: It’s ‘now or never’ to stop shrinking population
   ∟Japanese government wants to give people an extra 80,000 yen to have babies, but will it work?
   Over 500 women in Japan used overseas sperm bank as demand grows
   Japan PM Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage

Western Voice Actors Accuse Crunchyroll Of Bigotry For Casting White Actress As Suletta In English Dub Of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury’


Recent Anime Delays Allegedly Because of Increased Foreign Dependence
   ∟NieR:Automata Ver1.1a TV Anime Postponed From Episode 4 Due to COVID-19
   ∟UniteUp! TV Anime Postponed Beyond Episode 3 Due to COVID-19
   ∟Ayakashi Triangle TV Anime Gets Postponed From Episode Five Due to COVID-19
   ∟Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible TV Anime Postponed from Episode 7 Due to COVID-19

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Future Kid Takara – ORIGINAL animation film by STUDIO4ºC
Cat Sh*t One Kickstarter Fails to Make Campaign Goal
– Original Animation Santa Company: Secret of Christmas
– Original Animation Santa Company: Midsummer Merry Christmas
– Original color comic books “Santa Company”

Live-Action Anime news:

Live-Action One Piece Series Sets Sail This Year with New Key Visual
   Why Luffy is wearing shoes
Cowboy Bebop Director on Netflix Live-Action Series: “I Could Only Endure One Scene”
Live-Action Drops of God TV Series Takes Its Wine Tasting to Apple TV+
Kaiji Kawaguchi’s The Silent Service Manga Gets Live-Action Film
Ninja vs. Shark Movie Takes a Bite Out of Japanese Theaters in April
‘Gladiator’ Star Russell Crowe Shares Details About Upcoming Ridley Scott Sequel: “It’s Not A Remake”
   Gladiator 2

Streaming news:

Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 Continues the Animated Saga on May 4, 2023
Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Sets U.S. Date for New Episodes of Ash’s Final Season
A Frozen Hell Awaits in MAKE MY DAY 3DCG Anime Trailer
Inu to Shounen Netflix Anime Film Criticized for Its Partial Use of AI
Netflix Deletes New Password Sharing Rules, Claims They Were Posted in Error

Theater Release news:

Kaguya-sama: Love is War -The First Kiss That Never Ends- Tickets Now on Sale
New Mario Movie Teaser Unveils the Cat Suit & Donkey Kong
   New Poster

Series news:

Fantasy Sci-Fi Manga The Kingdoms of Ruin Gets TV Anime Adaptation
Drifters, Magus and Cradle Coffins Stand Together in New SYNDUALITY Anime Key Visual
Magical Girl Raising Project Restart Light Novels Receive Anime Project
My Home Hero TV Anime Uncovers New Key Visual, Cast Trio
The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Plays It Cool with New Visual
Oshi no Ko Anime Special Update Livestream to Be Held In Late February
Introducing Promethean Knight
   It just looks fucking cool
Toei Animation Throws Support Behind Incorrect Belief That ‘One Piece’ Heroine Yamato Is A Transgender Man
   Oda says Yamato is trans if you take my translation
      Oda refers to Yamato as a woman
      One Piece Heroines
Blue Exorcist Manga Takes Two Month Break for Kazue Kato to Adjust to Overwork
Amazon Delists ‘Another World Survival Series: Min Maxing My Support And Summoning Magic’ For Allegedly Violating Kindle Content Guidelines
Resident Evil 4 Remake is Removing Quick-Time Events and Adding Sidequests
   Resident Evil 4 Remake removes Ashley’s iconic skirt

Release news:

Ascendance of a Bookworm Short Stories, More Light Novels and Manga Revealed for J-Novel Club
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
Super Mario pizza line launching in Germany next month
Bumblebee Goes Bishoujo for Kotobukiya Transformers Figure
Wearable Beanbag becomes a hot topic in Japan
Japanese genius creates concept of the ultimate nap chamber
Attack on Titan Creator Hajime Isayama Offers His Actual Manga Desks For Charity Auction
Anti-insect laser gun turrets designed by Osaka University, expected to work on roaches too
This Tech Allows Users To Smell Movies, Video Games, And Anime
Art subreddit bans artist whose style appears similar to AI-made art

Misc news:

Is it the end of Japan’s conveyor belt sushi as we know it?
   ∟Conveyor Sushi Chain Sushiro’s Market Value Drops Following “Saliva Terrorist” Attacks
   ∟The sushi has stopped revolving at Japan’s biggest revolving sushi restaurant chain
Groper arrested in Japan insists he did not grab both breasts, but just one
Knife-Wielding Cocks Murder Two Men

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