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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   ∟Supreme Court of Texas Denies Petition to Review Vic Mignogna’s Lawsuit
      Supreme Court of Texas Decision
         Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure
   ∟Voice Actor Vic Mignogna Was #MeToo’d but His Fans Could Pave His Way Back to the Top

Anime is dying, and we killed it…

Major Japanese news site won’t let anyone post comments without providing a phone number
Buying Japanese concert tickets may get even harder for foreign tourists with new government plan
Japanese government seeking power to turn down private home air conditioners remotely, report says

Don’t uninstall that Covid-tracking app yet, warns Japanese government
   Scientists achieve first nuclear fusion ignition

United States Bill Could Redefine “Obscenity”, Destroy Pornography
   ∟“Hentai” and “Japanese” Most-Searched Terms on PornHub for 2022


Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Original Animation Santa Company: Secret of Christmas
Original Animation Santa Company: Midsummer Merry Christmas
Original color comic books “Santa Company”
Gorgeous Chrono Trigger-inspired RPG Sea of Stars launches Summer 2023
A Frog’s Tale – Demo Development

Convention news:

Bocchi the Rock Mangaka Gets “Bocchi” Spot at Comiket 101

Live-Action Anime news:

After Henry Cavill Exits Series Allegedly Over Issues With Canon, Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Showrunner Lauren Hissrich Claims Upcoming Third Season “Is The Closest Thing That We’ve Done As A One-To-One Adaptation Of The Books”
   ∟Netflix Promotes ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ By Virtue Signaling Its Featuring Of “The First Kiss Between Two Men In The Show” And “A Deaf Character Using Sign Language”
      Oozing with Diversity & Inclusion
   ∟‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Ending Sparks Theory Netflix Will Address Geralt’s Recasting By Rebooting Entire Series
Voltes V Legacy Brings Back the Classic Combination Pose

Streaming news:

Crunchyroll Release Of ‘Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night’ Censors Asuna Bath Scene
Fuji TV’s Run for the Money Game Show Inspires TV Anime
Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa Anime Gets Global Premiere In February 2023
The Weather Outside is Frightful in New Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre Anime Visual
Ousted Disney CEO Bob Chapek Reportedly Cooked The Books To Hide Disney Plus Financial Losses

Theater Release news:

Studio Ghibli Producer Thinks No Marketing Is the Way for New Film
Judge Agrees Consumers Can Sue Over Misleading Movie Trailers

Series news:

Kunio Okawara Reveals Another “Chinese Zodiac” Gundam to Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Reincarnated as a Sword Anime Come Together in Collab Poster
Handyman Saitou in Another World and Uncle from Another World Meet in Isekai Crossover Campaign
Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi Gets Kicked Out of the Demon Lord’s Army
Culinary Adventure Heats Up in Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill PV
Zem Lives It Up in Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World TV Anime PV
Tenchi Muyo! GXP Project Gets New Paradise Shidō-hen Anime
Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers Aims to Take Back Akiba & Otaku Culture
Stranger Things Anime Spinoff In Development
Japanese Politician Condemns ‘Saki-National Edition’ x ‘Mahjong Soul!’ Public Ad Campaign For Being Too “Sexual”
   ∟Saki Figures Opt for Band-Aids Over Underwear
      Going commando is canon
      ∟Watch Saki on Crunchyroll
   ∟Marketing Company Shuts Down Feminist Politician’s Claims on Saki Train Station Ad
   ∟Japanese Female Lawyer: Exporting Manga & Anime Means Japan Is on the Decline
   ∟Atelier Ryza’s Thighs Too Sinful for Public Viewing in Japan
Original Pole Dancing Anime Project Pole Princess!! Revealed in First Trailer, Key Visual
   ∟Creator of Japan’s first pole dancing manga talks with our pole-dancing reporter
   ∟Pole Princess Anime Really Working the Shaft
THE MARGINAL SERVICE Anime Gets to Work in New Trailer, Key Visual

Baccano! Novels Get Manga Set in 1700s
Japanese-S. Korean Vertical Remake of Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo Manga Launches
Hunter x Hunter Manga Moves on From Weekly Serialization Due to Togashi’s Health
Batman Has Drafted Scooby-Doo’s Daphne to Be a New Batgirl
Tales of Arise Staff Explains Why The Game Is So Different From Other Tales of Games
10 Random ‘Gamers’ Are Suing Microsoft Over The Activision Blizzard Deal
   Microsoft responds to FTC case seeking to block Activision Blizzard deal, saying it wouldn’t hurt competition
Ubisoft And Riot Games Announce Joint Project To Preemptively Stop “Disruptive Behavior” With Trained AI
   ∟Activision Blizzard Seeking To Implement AI Moderation And Stricter Rules To Combat Bad Behavior Following Criticism From The Anti-Defamation League
‘The Callisto Protocol’ Threatens Penalties Against Players Who “Exploit Errors And Bugs” Or Engage In “Gameplay That Goes Against The Intentions Of How It Is Meant To Be Played”
Official Samurai Maiden Patch Removes Strange “Gen Z” Localization
Nintendo To Slowly Adopt Elements From ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Into The Video Game Series
Steins;Gate Developer MAGES Enters Insolvency After Losing ¥613,000,000
Final Fantasy Producer Yoshinori Kitase Promises “VII” Will Be His “Keyword” for Years
Final Fantasy XVI ESRB Rating: “Sh*t,” “F**k,” and “Sexual Moaning Sounds in a Brothel”
Japan Communist Party Slams Dragon Quest for “Gender Stereotypes” & “Excessive Sexiness”
   The Japanese Communist Party is on a whole other level
Dead Space remake redesigns Isaac Clarke as “Adam Sandler”
Crotch Cup 2022 eSports festival held to raise awareness for groin itch treatment

Release news:

33 Years Later, There’s Finally a Capture Card for Recording Game Boy Gameplay
New $100 Diablo IV ‘Collector’s Box’ Doesn’t Include Game
My Hero Academia: Season 1 and 2 (Walmart Exclusive) (Blu-ray)
   My Hero Academia: Season 3 and 4 (Walmart Exclusive) Blu-ray)
– Right Stuf
Discotek Released Unused Digimon Liner Notes
   Where to get the Liner Notes
   Random11’s Tweet

Random Merch news:
 Secret Lair: Special Guest: Junji Ito
   Magic: The Gathering To Add New Card From Manga Artist Junji Ito
Macho Chess pieces sold in capsule machines across Japan
Terry Bogard Gender Swap Figure Exuding Unnatural Beauty
Virtual Singer Kano Figure Looking Rather Moe
Ring in the Year of the Rabbit with Re:ZERO Rem and Emilia Elegant Beauty Figures
Life-size Sword Art Online anime girl figure wears real, custom-made wedding dress
Studio Ghibli releases a Totoro daruma and beckoning Catbus in Japan for New Year

Misc news:

Japanese teacher who asked permission to jerk off at convenience store has been fired
Free yourself from boring business formal with the Fake Dress Shirt, perfect for remote working
Japanese Civil Servant Suspended 58 Hours for Adult Site Surfing on Overtime Pay
Police Bust Orgy Party Group: “500 Yen a Go” and “One of the Best in Japan”
Syphilis cases in Japan soar above 10,000 in 2022 for 1st time
Dwarf handed crayons and colouring book as couple sat down for romantic dinner
88-Year-Old Man Causes Hospital Evacuation Over Bomb Lodged in Rectum

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