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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Justin Sevakis claimed to have seen Vic Mignogna’s penis
      Lynzee Loveridge had to make a publishing decision about whether to write about it
   LIVE SimpCast 53 – Vic Mignogna, Hannah, Libby Emmons, Keanu, Chrissie Mayr, Brittany Venti, Anna
      Vic caught with no pants!
         Origin of Leopards Eating People’s Faces meme
         Monica’s response
         Jamie’s response
         ∟Why a person would stream without pants on
            AC’s hypothesis as to what really happened
               Chrissie Mayr called it a “Boomer Moment”
               ∟Vic’s explanation of what happened
         LJMontello claims Vic managed to Jeffrey Toobin himself
            New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Masturbating on Zoom Call
         UnderdogBT claims Vic exposed himself
         Renfamous claims Vic wanged his doodle at women
         AniMat claimed Vic quit the stream because women laughed at his tiny penis
         Anime News Network deliberately blurred Vic’s crotch to make it more salacious
         Disgraced Voice Actor Vic Mignogna Exposes Himself During Live-Stream
            Vic Mignogna IMDB
               Cosmic Dawn IMDB
            Comic Book Resources deleted their Tweet and the article
      Justin Sevakis deleted and updated his Tweet about Vic’s penis
               Writer for Comic Book Resources felt the need to further defame Vic after the article was deleted
         ∟Chrissie Mayr Responds To Vic Mignogna Pants Slip moment on SimpCast! Addresses Backlash & Lies
   Vic was asked about Brittany Venti’s potential as a voice actor
   Vic put out a statement about his recent cancellations

Bleach: Former VA Addresses Kenpachi’s New Casting
   ∟Bleach ANN Encyclopedia Listing

   Funimation/Crunchyroll dropped the ball on My Hero Academia OVAs
      My Hero Academia: Season 5, Part 2 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)

Lawmaker Ordered to Pay $3,700 to “MeToo Symbol” for Liking “Defaming Tweets”

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

New Dropkick on My Devil! OVA Funded in 35 Minutes

Live-Action Anime news:

Hollywood’s Saint Seiya Live-Action Film “First Part of a Franchise”
Seems people involved are still interested in doing a sequel to Alita
Marvel Studios Producer Considers It A “Red Flag” If Prospective Writers Are Fans Of Original Comics, Prefers To Hire Someone “Who’s Out Of The Culture”

Streaming news:

Disney+ to Stream Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc, More Anime from Kodansha
Disney+ Announces Slate of Original Anime Content, Including Series by JUJUTSU KAISEN Director
Netflix Removed A Fan-Favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Scene To Avoid Disney’s Lawyers
   ∟Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Anime Removes KKK Outfits

Theater Release news:

New Mario Movie Trailer Rife With “Female Empowerment”
   Redditors larping as 4channers are obsessed with black Toad crime statistics
      Making women men is not feminist
      It implies femininity is weak
         Jennifer Lawrence claims nobody had ever put a woman in the lead of an action movie
   Let’s not forget what they did to her lips!
      And Mario’s ass!
         And Wario’s ass!
            ∟Mario Movie Mushroom Kingdom Trailer Rife With References
      What we could have had
         Give me the bimbo mouth!
            Every man’s dream, ruined!
   Mario & Luigi reimagined as the live-action movie versions
   The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s 2nd Trailer Also Unveils Japanese Dub Cast

Prevalence-induced concept change in human judgment
Shin Ultraman Flies to U.S. Theaters on January 11 and 12, 2023
Crunchyroll Reveals Global Theatrical Dates for Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume Anime Film
Blue Thermal Anime Film Heads to North America from Eleven Arts
GRIDMAN UNIVERSE Anime Film to Fly in Theaters on March 24, New Teaser Trailer Released
Makoto Shinkai on Entertainment: “The #MeToo Movement Changed Things”
Japanese Human Rights Lawyer Accuses ‘One Piece Film: Red’ Of Being “Anti-Revolutionary, Anti-Feminist And Anti-Democracy,” Says Japan Should Take Lessons From Disney

Series news:

Kamen Rider Geats x Crayon Shin-chan Collaboration Announced
‘Trigun Stampede’ Producer Unveils New Trailer, Reveals Series Changes Were Inspired By The MCU
   ∟Trigun Stampede Questions Vash’s Motives & Past
   ∟Trigun Stampede Mixing the Old With the New
Ranking of Kings Anime Gets the Royal Treatment with Visual and Trailer for Special Episode
Go! Go! Loser Ranger! TV Anime Adaptation Announced
   ∟Sentai Daishikkaku Has An Enemy Infiltrate a Super Sentai Squadron
Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement Isekai TV Anime Shells Out for New Key Visual
Heroines Gather in The Legendary Hero is Dead! TV Anime Key Visual
KONOSUBA: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! Spin-off Anime Blasts into April 2023 with New Trailer
LUPIN ZERO Main Trailer Depicts Fateful Encounter between Lupin and Jigen
   ∟Lupin Zero Thrusts a Young Lupin Into Danger
City Hunter: The Final Chapter Begins Anime Film Gets 2023 Release, New Visual And Adds Familiar Cast Members
WIT Studio and Signal.MD’s Kizuna AI Anime Project Reveals 1st Trailer, Cast and Staff
Lucky Star Spinoff Manga More Relatable Than Ever as Konata Aged up to Her Thirties
You’re Under Arrest Manga Gets 1st New Chapter in 3 Decades on December 23
Trunks and Goten Headline New Arc When Dragon Ball Super Manga Returns on December 21
Shueisha Pulls ‘Special Support Underground Idol Unit ☆ Happy Disabled Children Girls’ Following Complaints Of “Discriminatory Expressions”
Marvel Puts Spider-Man in a Rap Battle With Eminem
   Spotlight Variant
FTC Seeks to Block Microsoft Corp.’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Inc.
Yuji Naka Reportedly Re-Arrested, Now for Final Fantasy Insider Trading
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Glitches Ever Endless
Konami games profits down 34.4%
SNK President Addresses Saudi Arabian Ownership Concerns
Samurai Maiden English Translation Even Worse Than the Trailers
Naraka: Bladepoint Censors the Highly Sexy Costumes
Physical Media Collectors Dealt a Blow With Digital-Only Monster Hunter Rise Ports
Surprise! Crunchyroll Is Making A Video Game For The Game Boy Color
   Hime’s Quest

Release news:

Yen Press Goes All Out With Slate Of New Licenses
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Hits DVD from Shout! Factory in February
A Place Further Than The Universe And More Get North American Release From Anime Limited
Funimation/Crunchyroll phasing out S.A.V.E. editions?
Right Stuf President, Co-Founder Shawne Kleckner Leaves Right Stuf/Crunchyroll
   One of the hardest things Shawne Kleckner has ever done
   Right Stuf is no longer safe with Kleckner gone
   Get physical media while you still can
   What will Shawne Kleckner go on to do from this?
– Right Stuf
France released a new Dragon Ball blu-ray
   Comparison to the Dragon Box DVDs
   Contains original Japanese broadcast audio
      Unfortunately it’s a digipak with a paper slipcase
Japanese Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero artbox
   Japanese Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero steelbook
   Turns out the infamous green tint is due to Toei color space conversion failure
      It can almost be corrected
Germany getting a Monster blu-ray
The World’s First OVA DALLOS Gets Blu-ray Release in March 2023

Random Merch news:
Marvel Fans Can Buy Peter Parker’s Shirt From the ’90s Spider-Man Animated Series
Frieza/Trunks Jacket & Shirt Combo
   Behind the zip. lol
   thank you for your sacrifice, my bro!
Slowpoke Sofa wants to help you live the slow life of your Pokémon dreams
Rent A Girlfriend Author Takes Life-Size Mizuhara Figurine To A Real Date
   Rent A Girlfriend Author Reveals His Girlfriend & It’s From The Anime Series
      At least it’s well composited
   Rent A Girlfriend Fans Are Not Happy With The Recent Chapter
San Francisco building single public toilet that will cost $1.7 million and won’t be completed until 2025
Egg tart vendor promises not to accidentally sell realistic plastic samples a third time

Misc news:

Japanese government proposes raising age of consent from its current 13 years old
City employee in Japan kills wild boar with spear on elementary school grounds
Oklahoma Man Doesn’t Pass “Go” After Shooting Family Over Monopoly Game
54-Year-Old Man Makes Mother Commit Suicide for Providing Curry to Another Man

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