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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Vic obsessed VA creams pants at thought of new voice
      FlashCast: Vic Mignogna joins! She-Hulk dumpster fire! Elon Musk Twitter purge! Star Wars is DOA!
   Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi going to Ecchi Expo

PlatinumGames confirms Jennifer Hale is the new voice actress for Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3
   Hellena Taylor asks fans to boycott Bayonetta 3 after they replaced her
      But did the game really make $450M?
      Hellena Taylor is only like Bayonetta when she is manipulating SIMPs
         Hellena Taylor threatens Jennifer Hale not to sign as Bayonetta
            Hellena Taylor had nothing but time
            Hellena Taylor drops a Bible on Hideki Kamiya
      Hideki Kamiya responds
         Hideki Kamiya’s rules
      Steven J Blum decides to get involved
   ∟Former Bayonetta Voice Actress Hellena Taylor Calls For ‘Bayonetta 3′ Boycott Following PlatinumGames’ Allegedly “Insulting” Pay Offer
   Bayonetta voice actor’s boycott plea reignites gaming pay debate
      A Slightly Longer Talk with…Hellena Taylor, the voice of Bayonetta | Nintendo Players UK
      A “session” is up to 3 voices in a 4-hour day
         Voice actors struck for an entire year and still didn’t get residuals
   A Tense Pay Dispute Overshadows Nintendo’s Upcoming Bayonetta 3
      How Much Money Do Actors Make?
      Hellena Taylor responds to accusations that she is a gold digger
         Hellena Taylor admits she was offered $10,000
            Hellena Taylor says Hideki Kamiya offered her an extra “5,0000!”
               Hellena Taylor claims the $4,000 was for the cameo role she was offered
                  Hellena Taylor is a team player
                     Hellena Taylor claims she was paid £3000 for the first game
                        Hellena Taylor is singularly responsible for every fan Bayonetta has
                           Hellena Taylor deserves more money because she feels weird asking fans
                              Hellena Taylor promises to post the charities she pledged to
                                 Hellena Taylor begs you not to fall for the truth
            Hellena Taylor confirms Jason Schreier’s reporting
               Hellena Taylor takes issue with “at least”
                  Jason Schreier calls out the semantics
      Calling out the red flags


U.S. Army Officer: Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Creator Kazuki Takahashi Died Trying to Save Riptide Victims
   ∟Japan Coast Guard Confirms Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Passed Away Saving Child
      ∟Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Died Attempting to Save Three People

Disney SEC Whistleblower Sandy Kuba Officially Settles Retaliation Lawsuit: “Perhaps The Judge’s Pro-Whistleblower Decisions Will Give Others The Happy Ending That Eludes Me”

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Anime [Crossroad × Chronicle] produce クロスロード×クロニクル制作9
Cowboy Bebop – The Roleplaying Game
Secret Lair: Special Guest: Junji Ito
   JunjiBob ItoPants
Secret Lair: Special Guest: Yoji Shinkawa

Convention news:

Attack on Titan Creator Hajime Isayama to Make First US Appearance at Anime NYC

Live-Action Anime news:

See Photos from the West End Production of My Neighbour Totoro

Streaming news:

Warner Bros. Discovery Being Sued For Inflating HBO Max Subscriber Numbers By Ten Million Users
Tatami Time Machine Blues Anime Gets US Disney+ Premiere Date
   ∟Hulu Streams Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Anime
Do the Animation Cuts at HBO Max and Netflix Spell Trouble for the Anime Industry?
Netflix Is Reportedly Changing Its Anime Strategy’s Main Focus
Cyberpunk Edgerunners praised by Hideo Kojima

Theater Release news:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Anime Films Get 4K Remastered Screenings in Japan

Series news:

More Classic Characters Return in New Trigun Stampede Trailer
   But where on earth is Milly?
Heavenly Delusion Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation by Production I.G
Office Romcom Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi Gets TV Anime
Oshi no Ko TV Anime Reveals 2023 Premiere With 90-Minute First Episode
P.A.WORKS Teases New “Buddy Anime Project”
   ∟Nitroplus, P.A. Works Make January 2023 Assassin Anime Buddy Daddies
Lupin Zero Tells the Origin Story of the Legendary Thief
   Design inspired directly by the manga rendition of young Lupin
   Sadly no Yuji Ohno
Me & Roboco parodies My Hero Academia cover
Marvel And Pfizer Team-Up For COVID-19 Vaccine Advocacy Comic Starring The Avengers
Winners of manga magazine beauty contest no longer appear in bikinis at awards ceremony
   ∟Miss Magazine Contest Winners No Longer Wearing Swimsuits
Spike Chunsoft Announces Chaos;Head Noah Release On Steam Canceled
   Operation HiddenHand rebranded as Project: Save Chaos;Head
      Project: Save Chaos;Head — Campaigning to Reverse Valve’s Ban of Chaos;Head NoAH
   Valve Reverses Cancellation of Chaos;Head Noah Game’s Steam Release
   Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child Double Pack Digital Pre-Orders Begin Today on Nintendo eShop
   ∟Chaos;Head Noah Boasting Baffling & Censorious Translator’s Notes
Apparently public pressure was the secret ingredient
Ecchi Publisher Claims New Guidelines Ban Uncensored Breasts On Nintendo Switch
   JAST to the rescue
Koei Tecmo Likely To Censor ‘Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse’ Remaster Across All Platforms
Little Witch Nobeta’s Content Update “Under Review” for Nintendo Switch
Yakuza Series Renamed to “Like a Dragon”, Won’t Come to Switch Due to “Family Image”
Blue Archive Demanded to Implement Censorship, Instead Raises Game’s Age Rating
Nintendo Bombarded With Criticism Over Fire Emblem Engage’s Two “Forms”
Marvelous Games Allows Players To Create Non-Binary Characters In ‘Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life’: “You Can Truly Be Who You Want To Be”
Square Enix Sinks to New Low as Harvestella Boasts “Non-Binary” Gender Option
Koei Tecmo Submits to Gender Politics With Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pronouns
Silent Hill 2 Remake Revealed Along with New Entry from Ryukishi07
   ∟Silent Hill 2 Remake Confirmed: “Certain Things Need to Be Modernized”
      ∟Silent Hill 2 Remake Attracts Criticism Due to Bloober Team’s Involvement
      ∟Konami Announces Several ‘Silent Hill’ Projects Including Remake Of Second Game And New Cinematic Film
Resident Evil 4 Remake Still Overflowing With Action
YouTuber Johnny Massacre Blasts ‘Street Fighter 6’ Character Creator As “A Playground For Woke Activists”
   ∟Street Fighter 6 Custom Characters the Epitome of Gruesome
‘Multiple’ New Digimon Games Are in the Works
Karen Battle Bunny Skin Arrives in Time for Halloween in Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

Release news:

Sevens Seas Adds Three More Manga Titles For Wonderful Wednesdays
J-Novel Club Announces Latest Slate Of Acquisitions For October 2022
When Marnie Was Replaced
Ultraman Kids 3000 The Complete Series
Discotek Day Twitter Thread
Glasgow-Based Anime Limited Confirms Acquisition by PLAION PICTURES
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
Secretlab Naruto Shippuden Collection Fashions the Perfect Pro Gamer Throne
Luxury Brand Mont Blanc Comes Out Of The Hidden Leaf Village With Naruto Merch
Chainsaw Man’s Denji and Power Go SMOL in Adorable Palm-Sized Figures
1/8 Scale Licensed Daisuke Jigen & Fujiko Mine – Lupin III Resin Statue – Figurama Collection
   Sold out in under 12 hours!
      Don’t despair, there’s still hope!
Legendary’s Godzilla Gets Chonky Blue Variant Figure from Plex
Fried chicken sleeping bags to be awarded to 500 lucky Mos Burger customers
Burger King Japan Tries to Get Spy x Family’s Anya Attention by Putting up Posters Around Tokyo
   ∟Burger King adds peanut butter burgers to its menu in Japan
   ∟Burger King Japan opens real-world Spy x Family Berlint branch
Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! Western Version Cancels Event Due to “Inappropriate Content”

Misc news:

Buddhist metaverse “Teraverse” in development at Kyoto University, includes AI Buddha
Dentist Recorded Female Employees Undressing With Secret Camera
Bomb squad in Japan summoned to take care of…abandoned briefcase full of adult toys
Man who donated his mother’s body to an Arizona center for Alzheimer’s research discovers it was sold on to the US Military for $6,000, strapped to a chair and blown up in ‘blast test’

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