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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   ∟Desi Snyder has passed away
   ∟Phoenix Marcón has actually met with Vic face to face
   ∟Vic is going to Bak-Anime
      ∟Bak-Anime won’t back down on Vic
      ∟Committed to inviting Vic
   ∟Vic Mignogna Timeline
   ∟HALFTIME (the first one)

Daman Mills Issues Statement About Fabricated Sexual Misconduct Allegations
 ∟How to download your Facebook Messenger Chat history
   Duncan’s new Google Doc

Voice Actor Billy Kametz Shares Stage IV Colon Cancer Diagnosis
   ∟Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3’s dub hangs in the balance
   ∟How to support Billy Kametz
Elon Musk Successfully Purchases Twitter for $44 Billion
   ∟Elon Musk wants to make Twitter’s algorithm open source
   ∟Elon Musk wants to defeat spam bots and authenticate all real humans
   ∟People seem to be leaving Twitter for Trump’s platform


Search continues as 10 people from missing Japanese boat confirmed dead

Ukraine apologizes, removes Hirohito from video showing him with Hitler and Mussolini
   @Ukraine’s Tweet
   ∟Screenshot of Hirohito in the video

After reopening, Japan to require foreigners to eat *daily* sushi to revitalize tourism industry
Town in Yamaguchi accidentally sends everyone’s COVID-19 relief money to one person

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Convention news:

Anime Expo is charging guests $200 per hour for autographs
   ∟Kira Buckland chimes in
   ∟Morgan Berry chimes in
   ∟Kyle McCarley chimes in
   ∟Anime Expo’s actual policy

Live-Action Anime news:

Sony’s Robotech Live-Action Film Adaptation Now Has Marvel’s Hawkeye Director Attached
ODDTAXI: In the Woods Anime Film Drives Past 100 Million Yen in Limited Theaters

Streaming news:

Netflix Animation Department Faces Firings and Cancellations
British Network ITV Appears To Censor “Cute Outfit” Joke From First Sam Raimi Spider-Man Movie
Old Enough: Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety
VTubers Cross the Multiverse in Official Hololive x Marvel Studios Collab

Theater Release news:

Sentai Filmworks To Launch US Theatrical Screenings For Revue Starlight The Movie
Macross Frontier Showtimes
The Quintessential Quintuplets Manga Scores 1 More Chapter for Theatergoers in Japan

Series news:

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Season 2 Reveals Title, Visual and More Cast
The Legendary Hero is Dead! Anime Adaptation Announced for 2023
Legend of Mana TV Anime Reveals Visual, Teaser Promo, Staff and Cast
Shaman King Reboot Anime Gets Sequel About Yoh and Anna’s Son
ONIMAI: I’m Now Your Sister! Slice of Life Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation
   ∟Male Otaku Transforms Into a Girl in Upcoming Onii-chan wa Oshimai! Anime
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru Allegedly Removes Scene With “Putin-Like” Character
Blood Blockade Battlefront Back 2 Back Manga Gets Continuation in Fall
Golden Kamuy Celebrates Manga Conclusion with Giant “Snow Comic”
Black Clover Manga to Take a 3 Month Break to Prepare for the Final Arc
Squidward Recommendation Helps Erotic Manga Dick Fight Island Trend on Twitter
SEGA Delisting Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD on May 20
Type-Moon Launches Mahōtsukai no Yoru Game on PS4, Switch in December With English Text
Old Interview Reveals Skies of Arcadia Dialogue “Was Completely Rewritten”
Triangle Strategy English Translation Butchered “The Word ‘Woman’ Is Offensive!”
Fun No Longer Allowed in Final Fantasy XIV as Bans Possible for “Toxic Behavior”
Grand Theft Auto V PS5 Remaster Censored to “Save Trans Lives”
Report: Future Xbox Games Might Have Ads, Tech’s Being Developed
   ∟Sony reportedly plans to put ads in PlayStation games
      ∟Rumor: Sony Looking To Introduce In-Game Ads Into Free-to-Play PlayStation Games
California Governor Gavin Newsom is accused of interfering in Activision lawsuit

Release news:

Belle 4K Collector’s Edition
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
US$12,000 Final Fantasy figure is so amazingly beautiful it just might be worth the price
No Game No Life Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Key Visual, New Goods
Gundam Crocs
Naruto and Jordan Brand Collaboration Officially Announced
Walk with Giants in Fancy Attack on Titan-Inspired Shoes
Movic Reveals Made-To-Order Bas-Relief Egyptian God Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
Electric chopsticks that make low-salt food taste salty developed by Meiji University
Razor company Schick Japan to to promote body positivity by discarding the phrase “unwanted hair”

Misc news:

Mist descends upon Japan’s “Killing Stone” after ceremony to appease nine-tailed fox spirit
Japan Lowering Adulthood Age From 20 to 18
Manga creator/politician Ken Akamatsu opens political office/art gallery in Akihabara
   ∟SJW Counterpoint
UN Women Accuse Ad For Tawawa On Monday Manga Of Promoting “A Minor Woman As A Male Sexual Target”
   ∟UN Women Outraged by “Unacceptable” Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Newspaper Ad
      ∟Japanese Politicians Brag About Purchasing Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Manga
Japanese Government: “Stop Harassing Female Politicians!”
Transgender Prisoner “Identifies as Baby”, Demands Diapers & Baby Food

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