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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
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– Support us Further
– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Source on Vic helping refugees in Moldova

– Daman Mills Grooming Scandal
   ∟Voice Actor, ADR Director Daman Mills Accused of Sexual Misconduct
   Duncan’s Statement
   Deleted 699 Tweets
   Missing Context from ANN Article
   ∟Man Withdraws Allegations Against Evangelion Voice Actor Daman Mills
   ∟AlitoBurrito Doxxed Trayce
   ∟ANN Forum poster has seen the cease & desist
   ∟AlitoBurrito points to the ANN poster
   ∟Lynzee and Christopher Macdonald reply to the ANN poster
   “Duncan” sets up a Twitter account
   ∟Man Says His Allegations Against Daman Mills Were Fabricated
   Where Daman likely met everyone
   Daman dropped more N-bombs
   Someone I Knew is in Trouble – Mental Health Awareness
If you see this, I wish for the best and for healing. Everyone makes mistakes and deals with issues. It’s how we move forward that counts the most.
      ∟Daman Mills’ Old Usernames
   ANN poster says what we’re all thinking
      Lynzee’s response
   Lynzee’s Twitter Thread
      ∟Crumbreon’s inside Funimation Voice Actor’s statement
   Ron Toye had prior knowledge?
   David Wald’s Tweet
      Sk8 the Infinity line
         David Wald was responsible for the line
      David Wald’s ANN
   Geoff Bisente’s Tweet
      Geoff Bisente’s ANN
   A PLEA TO DAMAN MILLS- Tell Your Story and Get Help
I knew Daman Mills for 6 years online in a voice acting group. I felt compelled to make this video after learning more about the recent scandal involving him and an accuser.
   Trayce’s TikTok
   ∟Friends only Kiwi Farms Post
      ∟Daman Mills’ Facebook
   Trayce’s Instagram
      Wentz name origin?
   ∟Amelie Belcher’s post
   Michele Knotz Open Letter
      Old School Pokémon Fan post
      Two arrested after apparent Facebook threat to Pokemon card tournament
   ∟Christopher Niosi’s YouTube
   Jordan Escelman’s stalking post
      Michele Knotz called Jordan’s mom
         Michele Knotz voicemail
   ∟Chris Smith is Chris Rager’s Convention Agent
      ∟Chris Smith is Cassandra Lee Morris’ Convention Agent
   ∟Chris Smith Facebook Basic Info
      ∟Chris Smith Birthday
         ∟Terminator 2 IMDB
   ∟Michele Knotz Facebook Basic Info
      ∟Michele Knotz Birthday
   ∟Chris Smith, Michele Knotz, Emory Lyons photo
   ∟Michele Knotz Life Events
      ∟First met Chris Smith
   ∟Emory Lyons’ connection to Michele Knotz
   ∟More connections to Michele Knotz
   ∟Laura Faverty post
      ∟Laura Faverty “deleted” her post
      ∟Laura Faverty’s socials
      ∟Laura Faverty assisted with ADR Prep
         ∟Laura Faverty’s Facebook is back up
   ∟Amber Lee Connors is an ADR director
      ∟Amber Lee Connors is the CEO of Sound Cadence
   ∟Theories about who the posters are
   ∟David Wald likes young gays
   ∟Krystal LaPorte dragged in
   ∟David Wald’s Likes
   ∟People who liked Geoff Bisente’s Tweets
   ∟People who liked David Wald’s Tweets
   Cynthia Cranz and Wendy Powell
   ∟Friends only posts again
   ∟Kiwi Farms going after the Gay Ops posters
   ∟Same Day Poster
   Sevakis Tweet about people worse than Vic
   ∟Daman Mills stands up for all victims


Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Fruitanari Punch

Live-Action Anime news:

Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel To Begin Filming Later This Year
Shinji Higuchi-directed Shin Ultraman Feature Film Unveils Stunning New Visuals
Paramount Plus’ Live-Action Halo Series Ignoring the Games & Master Chief

Streaming news:

Disney and Nippon TV Form Content Partnership for Disney+ Streaming
Sentai Filmworks Acquires Independent Anime Series Kenda Master Ken
Sentai Filmworks Announces The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Simulcast
Sentai Filmworks Announces Acquisition Of The Executioner And Her Way Of Life TV Anime
Sentai Filmworks Announces Onipan! Acquisition And Simulcast
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT Are Now on Crunchyroll!
BASTARD!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- Hits Netflix on June 30th
Netflix Confirms Kengan Ashura Anime’s Season 2 Production Underway
Tekken: Bloodline Anime Desperate for Vengeance

Theater Release news:

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Anime Film Postponed Due to Toei Animation Hack
Oshiri Tantei Faces a New Adversary in First Film
Teasing Master Takagi-san Anime Film Pokes at June 10 Release, New Teaser Visual Released
Anime Expo Cinema Nights To Screen Ryoma! The Prince Of Tennis Film Nationwide In May

Series news:

Shield Hero Season 2 only 13 episodes
Pro Heroes Gather in Latest Visual for My Hero Academia Season 6
Fiendish Forces are Adorable as Heck in Chimimo TV Anime Trailer
Trapped in a Dating Sim TV Anime Shows Off Its Gaming Roots in New Trailer
Kinsou no Vermeil Manga Summons TV Anime Adaptation for July 2022
Spy Classroom Light Novels Get TV Anime Adaptation
Isekai One Turn Kill Nee-san Series Nabs Anime Adaptation
Ecchi Manga Series My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog. Gets TV Anime in 2023
My Dress-Up Darling Manga Creator Watched the 1st Two TV Anime Episodes On Repeat for 13 Hours
The Real History of ‘Perfect Blue’ and ‘Requiem for a Dream’
Black Lagoon Manga Gets Spinoff About Eda’s CIA Rookie Years
From Software Denying Superchats for Japanese Streaming Their Games
The Lusty Midnight’s Breasts Covered in My Hero One’s Justice 2

Release news:

J-Novel Club Announces New Slate Of Light Novel And Manga Titles For Spring 2022
GKIDS Acquires Makoto Shinkai Film Library For Home Video Release
Funimation’s Anime Titles Now Listed Under Crunchyroll for Home Video in June
Funimation Premium Plus Subscribers get shafted
– Right Stuf
The Wings of Honnêamise Film Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary with 4K Remaster Edition
What Happened to Sol Press?
   ∟They ran out of money
   ∟Dodged a Bullet

Random Merch news:
Dragon Ball Blanket and Cushion Let You Send King Piccolo to the Rice Cooker
ABsinthe studio – Kitagawa Marin
Hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 Unleashes Life-Sized Gawr Gura Figure
Universal Studios Hollywood Announces 2023 Opening For Super Nintendo World Attraction
Family hands in lost wallet, gets surprise Pokémon anime cels in return

Misc news:

Objectively cute Japanese baby face factors determined by Osaka University team
Tokyo Police Investigating “Social Media Attacks” Against Victim Who Lost Family

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