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Troy Baker’s NFT Group Admits to Stealing Voice Lines From Different Voice Service

Microsoft Planning to Purchase Activision-Blizzard For $68.7 Billion
   ∟Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard in Mega-Deal Worth $68.7 Billion
   ∟Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Allegedly Wanted To Buy Kotaku And PC Gamer For Good PR, Claims Delaying Games Hurt Stock More Than Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Final Fantasy 3D porn interrupts Italian senate’s Zoom meeting
   How they “hacked” into the call
   ∟Tifa Has Become The Unofficial Mascot of Italy Following Senate Appearance
Tifa Lockhart’s Butt & Breasts Engorge Courtesy of Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod


Interspecies Reviewers not actually “completely uncensored”?
   Right Stuf listing

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

‘Thin Blue Line’ – the Graphic Novel by Mike Baron
Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero!
Oban Star-Racers’ 15th Anniversary Bluray
Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars – Graphic Novel
   ∟Hardcover Collector’s Edition next week
   ∟Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars

Convention news:

Live-Action Anime news:

Godzilla and Kaiju Monster TV Series in the Works From Legendary, Apple

Streaming news:

Miss KUROITSU TV Anime Takes 1 Week Leave from Japanese TV, Episode 3 to Air on January 29
Shenmue the Animation to Premiere on February 5
Cuphead Netflix Show Relentlessly Chaotic
High Guardian Spice Showrunner Blames Budget for the Show’s Failure

Theater Release news:

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Anime Film Opens in U.S., Canada on March 18

Series news:

Original Gundam Designer Kunio Okawara Designs “Tora” Gundam for Chinese New Year
Satoshi Mizukami’s Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer Manga Gets TV Anime This Summer
Alice Gear Aegis Game Gets TV Anime
Skeleton Knight in Another World Anime’s Video Reveals More Cast & Staff, April Debut
New 4Koma Manga Isekai Tensei! Marx-kun Reincarnates Karl Marx Into A Fantasy World
Higurashi: When They Cry Gets New Manga on February 25
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Fans Can’t Wait for the New Spin-Offs
To-Love Ru Manga Creator Celebrates 530,000 Followers on Twitter By Drawing Frieza from Dragon Ball
After Heavily Investing In Woke Identity Politics, IDW Loses Transformers And G.I. Joe Licenses
Sega Moves Forward by Trademarking Two Types of NFTs
New Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Stealth Released

Release news:

Konami’s Best is a collector’s worst
Sentai Filmworks Acquires Pierre Ito’s Indie Anime Shorts For Streaming And Future Home Video Release
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
Shonen Jump Opens Official Store After Scaring Everyone About NFTs
Draw 2 Grilled Cheese with Yu-Gi-Oh Pot of Greed Hot Sandwich Maker
Pokemon Fan Brings Ken Sugimori’s Style to Life in Plushes
Digimon Tamers DIM Cards Bring Classic Digimon on the Go
Lace boxer briefs for men: Japanese company creates underwear that’s beautiful and functional
Former Nintendo headquarters reopens as hotel in Kyoto

Misc news:

Two men hit by woman falling out of window… who was looking at another man who fell off rooftop
Gunma man arrested for attempted marriage of woman without her knowledge
Aichi Police refund over a million yen in fines to drivers who violated a misplaced traffic sign
Tokyo police admit to losing 38 citizens’ personal data…that was stored on floppy disks
Tokyo woman with signal blocked-TV loses appeal contesting her obligation to pay NHK fees

AC’s Funhouse

Japanese beauty magazine asks readers to identify the one crossdresser among 12 beautiful women
NSFW INTERVIEW: Hentai Scholar Kimi Rito On The Cultural Impact Of Eromanga

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