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City council in Tokyo votes on proposal to give foreign residents partial voting rights


Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

‘Thin Blue Line’ – the Graphic Novel by Mike Baron
Keizo Murase’s kaiju movie “Brush of the God” Final Campaign

Convention news:

ESA Cancels E3 2022 In-Person Event, Status Of Virtual Event Unknown
Anime Con Panel Labeling Loli Fetishists as Pedophiles Regurgitates Outdated Points

Live-Action Anime news:

Strongest Warrior’s Unrequited Love Story Begins in KAPPEI Live-Action Film Full Trailer
Toei Company Praises Philippines Live-Action Adaptation of Voltes V
Tsuburaya Productions Refuses to Change Ultraman for Hollywood
Sean Michaels possibly confirmed for the Netflix live-action One Piece
Curious Connection of Marvel’s Ironheart to a Japanese Adult Film

Streaming news:

Cowboy Bebop: A Syndicate Story Audiobook
The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 1 Audiobook
   ∟The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 2 Audiobook
Japan Leads Global Anti-Piracy Coalition in Effort to Fight Piracy

Theater Release news:

AMC Networks Acquires Sentai Filmworks and HIDIVE
   ∟AMC Networks Acquires Leading Global Anime Distributor Sentai, Including Direct-to-Consumer Anime Platform HiDive
Cinedigm to Acquire AsianCrush, RetroCrush’s Owner Digital Media Rights

Series news:

Classic Anime Urusei Yatsura Gets All-Star 4 Part New TV Series in 2022 at David Production
Initial D Successor MF Ghost Anime Airs in 2023
Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku Aching to Wear a Seifuku
Scott Pilgrim Anime In The Works From Netflix And Science Saru
Space Brothers Manga’s Creator Plans to Start Final Arc This Year
Overlord Author Says Next Volume’s Draft Is Over 700 Pages
Ken Akamatsu Ends UQ HOLDER! Manga in February to Run for Upper House Seat in Japan’s Parliament
DC Comics Implies Superman Was Sexually Tortured, Scene Described As Commentary On How ‘In America, When Bad Things Happen To People Who Are Traditionally Marginalized, There’s This Feeling Of Let’s Just Move On’
Los Angeles Police Officers Fired For Playing Pokémon GO During Robbery In Progress
Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Launching Uncut on Xbox
Japan Colonizes America in the Zombie-Laden Showa American Story
Persona 3 Portable Proves That A Female Protagonist is Viable
Fan Art Combines Bored Ape NFT With Persona 5
Square Enix President Announcing Dedication to NFTs in New Year’s Letters
Konami Holding Auctions for Castlevania NFT Art & Music
Sega Reconsiders Plans for NFTs Following Negative Reactions From Players
Super Mario World Fans Recreate Entire Game From Memory
Cyanotype Daydream Censors Seifuku & Developer Trash Talks Anti-Censorship Critics
   ∟Laplacian Clarify Seifuku Censorship Was to Appease Steam Guidelines

Release news:

Violet Evergarden the Movie Ultimate Fan Edition
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
TV Star Hospitalised After Trying To Fart Too Much
   ∟A reality star who says she made $200K from selling her farts in Mason jars is pivoting to selling them as NFTs
   Fart Jars NFTs
School Days haunted house event lets you live the life of anime’s most brutally murdered playboy
Gundam lingerie is a way to show your love for giant robots and their handsome anime boy pilots
Technology Turning Basic Sketches Into Phenomenal Illustrations Coming

Misc news:

McDonald’s Japan’s French fry rationing extended for about another month
   ∟Hash browns disappear from McDonald’s Japan branches as country’s potato shortage continues
Pokemon AI Bot Randomly Creates Completely Original Creatures
   ∟These dozens of AI-generated Pokémon look more official than some actual official ones
Japan Executes Three Prisoners in First Hangings Since 2019
Rabid Bull Randomly Explodes Into China Shop

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