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Japanese government to give all 18-and-under residents 100,000 yen… here’s why that’s bad news

Ashita no Joe Manga Creator Tetsuya Chiba Gets Admitted to Hospital, Has Been Sick Since Summer

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Dirty Pair Kickstarter Ends with a Bang, All Stretch Goals Funded

Live-Action Anime news:

The Way of the Househusband Gets A Live-action Feature Film in Early Summer of 2022
GANTZ Hollywood Live-Action Film Finds Its Director
Vic Mignogna Stars in Atmospheric Silent Hill 2 Fan Film
Squid Game’s Hwang Dong-Hyuk Roasts LeBron James for Insulting Show’s Ending
HBO Reportedly Working on Live-Action Berserk Series

Streaming news:

Funimation ANZ To Sunset AnimeLab Streaming Platform On December 9th To Complete Ongoing Transition
GLOOMY THE NAUGHTY GRIZZLY English Dub Roars Onto Crunchyroll
Vampire Hunter D Will Be Reborn as Full-Cast Audiobooks

Theater Release news:

GKIDS Celebrates Castle in the Sky with 35th Anniversary Screenings
Sword Art Online Progressive Teams Up Eternals For the Crossover of the Year
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Teams Up with Venom Comic Artist for Special Illustration and Giveaway
Rumor Suggests Seth Rogen Voicing Donkey Kong in Upcoming Donkey Kong Film

Series news:

In/Spectre Season 2 Airs in 2022, Unveils New Trailer and Visual
Hakuoki OVA Releases Striking New Visual Drawn by Original Character Designer Yone Kazuki
TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You Gets 2nd TV Anime Season, Will Stream on Crunchyroll
Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles TV Anime Announces Season 2
TV Anime Miss KUROITSU from The Monster Development Department Releases A Super Cool Key Visual
Allies Show Their Mettle in How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kindgom Second Cour PV
On Air Dekinai! TV Anime Goes Behind-the-Scenes in January of 2022
Prosecutors Pursue 40 Million Yen Fine for ufotable and 20-Month Prison Sentence for Founder for Tax Evasion
Sakuna: Of Rice & Ruin to Receive Manga Adaptation
Natsume Akatsuki’s KONOSUBA Novel Finally Reaches A Milestone of 10 Million Copies
Merryweather Comic “Big Chungus-Chan Meets Thanos” Infuriates Twitter
Hiro Mashima Puts Up 10 Million Yen for Fairy Tail Indie Game Contest
GoldenEye 007 No Longer Banned in Germany, Possible Nintendo Switch Release
Fortnite Shutting Down in China
World of Warcraft Director: “We’re Careful Not to Hire Too Many White People”
Facebook Rebrands “Meta”, PC Company Named Meta Pokes Fun at Them

Release news:

Japan gets cucked on Demon Slayer blu-rays
Kamen Rider Zero-One Rider Kicks Its Way to Blu-ray in North America
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Random Merch news:

Engineer Pitches Motorized Howl’s Moving Castle to LEGO
Cowboy Bebop Lego
Godzilla & Hamtaro Collab Celebrates with 20th Anniversary Double Feature
If anime silhouette capsule toys look this awesome, they need to be more of a thing ASAP
Ramen sneakers from Japanese noodle chain serve up tasty ingredients in the details
Elegant Violet Evergarden Shoes Are Back on Sale
Malaysian Gynecologist Creates “World’s First Unisex Condom”
Pokémon Pikachu Fragment

Misc news:

Our nine male Japanese reporters turn into lovely young ladies with magic of A.I. photo editing
Please do not feed the monkey running wild around Tokyo, authorities ask
Australians Having Homes Seized Over Unpaid Covid Fines
Hyogo man arrested for stalking woman through her bank account
Japanese Communist Party State Elimination of Child Porn Will Not Target Anime and Manga Freedom of Expression
Japanese Man Arrested for Squirting Elementary School Boy

AC Funhouse

New 5D Storage to Offer 10,000x the Density of Blu-Ray

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