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Opening discussions:

Anituber Expo is now live!

Best Buy chose not to honor the $2 pre-orders

Logan Paul’s BS

John Leigh – Sarfing Scarves controversey
42Believer’s video
Scarfing Scarves Channel

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Horror of the Underworld
John Arkham Animation Series

Convention news:

Comic Market 93 Attracts 550,000 Attendees Across 3 Days

Live-Action Anime news:

Streaming news:

Amazon Shuts Down Anime Strike Paid Streaming Service
Anime Consortium Japan’s ‘Anime Now!’ Site Shuts Down
Violet Evergarden Simulcasting dub and sub on Canadian Netflix
“Space Dandy” Anime Makes Triumphant Toonami Return on 1/27
“Godzilla Island” Reduces Youtube to Rubble with Action Figure Mayhem
Japan Anima(Tor)’s Exhibition Streams “Yamadeloid” Again for a Limited Time

Theater Release news:

Mary and The Witch’s Flower Giveaway! (coming to theaters January 18th only)
“Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss” Makes Its U.S. Theatrical Debut on Feb 1
A Silent Voice English Dub to Debut in U.S. Theaters on February 2

Series news:

Tiger & Bunny Films’ Director Confirms He Will Not Work on New Anime Series
1st Tiger & Bunny Director Keiichi Satō Not Working on New Anime Series
Yoshitomo Yonetani: “I Received No Offer from Tiger & Bunny New Anime Project”
Adult Toys, Glue, & Corned Beef Vie to Sponsor New Tiger & Bunny Anime Series
Ghibli Museum will Start Screening Miyazaki’s New Short Film “Boro the Caterpillar”
Sentai Filmworks Licenses “The Seven Heavenly Virtues” Anime
citrus Anime Listed with 4 Home Video Volumes
Viz Media Licenses New Captain Tsubasa Anime
Violet Evergarden will be 14 episodes
The King of Fighters: Destiny CG Series Gets 2 More Seasons, Film
Takeshi Kitano Teases Anime Project on 2017 TV Special
New Ghost in the Shell?
‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind’ Trademark Filed in Japan
Shaman King Manga Gets New Arc This Spring
1st New Five Star Stories Manga Volume in 2+ Years Ships on February 10
Ashita no Joe Manga’s 50th Anniversary Project Announced in Video
Original Manga Author Draws “Video Girl Ai” New One-Shot Story for Weekly Young Jump
Leiji Matsumoto Book Has a New “Galaxy Express 999” Manga Chapter
Japanese 7-Elevens Are Now a Manga
“Girls und Panzer” Game Trailer Introduces Anzio High’s Tank Arsenal
“Yume Nikki” Awakens for Free Download, New Project

Release news:

Devilman: The Classic Collection Release Delayed to May 8
“Napping Princess” Anime Film Dated for Home Video in North America
Ichi the Killer blu-ray
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Random Merch news:

Learn How to Say ‘Get in the Damn Robot’ with Evangelion Dictionary Set
“Sword Art Online” Replica Lets You Take a Swing with Elucidator Sword
Sagat Comes to Saga Prefecture for “Street Fighter” Collab
More Black Doronjo Sass Talk

Misc news:

Tokyo’s Cryptocurrency Idols Imagine a Virtual Finance Utopia
GACKT Throws in on Cryptocurrency and Reveals His True Name
“Haruhi” Director Jumps on the Crypto Currency Bandwagon
Pour One out for Go Nagai with “Devilman” Anniversary Scotch
“Your Name.” Director Shinkai Denies The Rumored “Original Ending”
“A Place Further Than the Universe” Voice Actors Try to Find Antarctica
Meet the Idol Group That Disappeared Before It Even PremieredHKT48 Idol Maria Imamura Bonds with Her Dad Over Gunpla
Gundam Fan Calculates Firing Range of the Guntank Using Google Maps
Man Ticketed for Riding Electric Unicycle Modded as Char’s Sazabi
Kadokawa Producer: Physical Sales Are Still Important in Anime Industry