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Golgo 13 Manga Creator Takao Saito Passes Away at 84
Belladonna of Sadness, Cleopatra Director Eiichi Yamamoto Passes Away

Live-Action Anime news:

Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop OP Teases More Characters, Lacks Ed
   ∟Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop Has No Sexy Faye, Yet Has Disgraced “Sexy” Gren
    ∟Cowboy Bebop: Who Are the Characters in the Netflix Teaser?
   ∟Cowboy Bebop IMDB
   ∟Cowboy Bebop boss calls live-action Netflix series an ‘expansion to the canon’
Hollywood adaption of classic anime Saint Seiya wraps up filming, reveals cast
   ∟Sean Bean Set to Appear in Live Action Hollywood Saint Seiya Movie
Marcia Lucas Lambasts Star Wars Sequel Trilogy & Enrages Feminists

Streaming news:

– Kyoto Animation Uploads 2 MUNTO TV Anime Episodes in 4K on YouTube
League of Legends Netflix Series Arcane Covers Jinx’s Chest

Theater Release news:

Sword Art Online The Movie -Progressive- Heads to North American Theaters

Series news:

My Hero Academia Anime Gets 6th Season
Fujiko Mine Still Daring & Sexy in Lupin III Part 6
Kimetsu no Yaiba Second Season Looking Dangerous & Exhilarating
   ∟Demon Slayer Anime Unveils Entertainment District Arc’s December 5 Debut, 7-Episode Mugen Train TV Version
China Demanding “Cartoon Makers” Create “Healthy Shows”
Artist Yusuke Murata Produces Comical One Punch Man Fan Animation
Sony Corrects Fatal Flaw Present in the PlayStation 4
New Trailers Revealed for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes, Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Coming to Nintendo Switch
Rumored Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Edition Supposedly Has New Areas, Enemies, Cutscenes
Bayonetta 3 Trailer Overflowing With Demonic Action & Dancing
   ∟Hideki Kamiya on Bayonetta Losing Her Clothes: “Do Not Underestimate Me”
   ∟Bayonetta creator tells “dumbass” fan to expect the character to get naked in video game sequel
Western Release of Rune Factory 5 Will Have Same-Sex Marriage
World of Warcraft Changes “Blacklist” to Blocklist, Censors More Pointless Things
 ∟Blizzard Addresses Amazon’s Masculine Look in Diablo II: Resurrected
 ∟Diablo II Developers Urge Potential Customers to “Do What They Feel Is Right”
Man Murders Female Friend for Talking to Men in Game, Sets Self on Fire & Dies

Release news:

Anime Limited to release Future Boy Conan in the UK
   ∟Likely to be 4K SDR
– Right Stuf
Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Premium Box Set, OOP, Sentai Filmworks
Media Blasters hanging up the blu-rays?
   ∟Not quite

Random Merch news:

Virtual Youtuber Inugami Korone Can Now Be Owned Like a Dog
Jessica Rabbit Becomes the Next Target of Disney’s Censorship
Millennium Puzzle Gold Sarcophagus

Misc news:

Man claiming to be Russian who swam to Japan seeking asylum appears in Hokkaido town
   ∟Russian man who swam to Japan was reportedly kicked out of Japan in 2011 for visa violation
   ∟Russian defector claims to have swam for 23 hours to Japan because “sick of Putin admin”
Aomori police on the lookout for man shouting unsolicited advice at kids about dating and ramen
Pickax-wielding yakuza member ambushes movie star Beat Takeshi in Tokyo
A farm in the US that hired only white South Africans is being sued by black locals

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