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Actor Sonny Chiba Passes Away Due to Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19
RIP Golgo 13
My Hero Academia VA Takuma Nagatsuka, IDOLiSH7 VA KENN Test Positive for COVID-19
Boruto and Taichi VA Yuko Sanpei Tests Positive for COVID-19
Bleach/Dragon Ball Super/Fullmetal Alchemist VA Shinichiro Miki Contracts COVID-19
Miyazaki gives interview on Earwig and the Witch, praises use of CG and son’s skills

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Third Editions: The Gaming Library – Resident Evil
Crowdfunded Anime Project KURAYUKABA Gets A Green Light for The Entire Film’s Production
Inou no AICis Web Anime’s Crowdfunding Campaign for TV Broadcast Reaches Its Goal in 25 Hours

Live-Action Anime news:

The Drops of God Manga Gets New Live-Action TV Drama In Multi-National Production
Director of Live-Action Boku no Hero Academia Announced
   ∟‘My Hero Academia’ Live-Action Movie Lands Director Shinsuke Sato
Hollywood “Holding Gantz Series Hostage”, Preventing More Anime
Genndy Tartakovsky Implies Live-Action Powerpuff Girls Might Need New Staff

Streaming news:

Star Wars: Visions Epically Wielding Six Lightsabers at Once
Record of Ragnarok Anime 2nd Season Gets The Green Light

Theater Release news:

Hosoda’s BELLE Takes Center Stage as It Moves Past 5 Billion Yen at JP Box Office
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Becomes Highest-Grossing in Franchise
Lupin Returns to Japanese Cinemas in 4K Castle of Cagliostro Screening
Ghost in the Shell 4K Remaster Gets IMAX Screenings in Japan and US Simultaneously

Series news:

Masami Ōbari to Direct Six-Part Gundam Breaker Battlogue OVA
Step-Sisters Tackle Fly Fishing in Slow Loop TV Anime Trailer
World’s End Harem TV Anime Bares All in New Visual and Very NSFW Trailer
Seitokai Yakuindomo Sex Comedy Manga Set to Conclude After About 15 Years
Lupin III Isekai no Himegimi Sends Lupin to an Alternate World
Official Western Shonen Jump Twitter Gets Political With Biden Tweet
“Criticism” Emerges Over Art Depicting a White Black Panther
Rumored Grand Theft Auto Remasters Censored
Tales of Arise Will Supposedly Launch With “No Form of Censorship”
PlayStation Studios Boss: “We Are in Some Ways Very Much a Japanese Company Still”
Court Order Preventing RomUniverse From Reopening
California DFEH Orders Riot Games to Inform Employees of Their Rights
Rapper Soulja Boy Claims He Owns Atari, Atari Disagrees

Release news:

DAICON III Set to Receive Remaster from Members of the Original Team
Yen Press Announces More Manga, Novels, And Even Tabletop RPGs for February 2022!
Sentai Filmworks Adds Kakegurui To Home Video Catalog
Sentai Filmworks Acquires Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Licht – The Nameless Girl
Sentai Filmworks Acquires Made In Abyss Season 2 And Additional Titles
Sentai Filmworks Acquires Lupin the 3rd Part 6 TV Anime
– Right Stuf
Sailor Suit & Machine Gun blu-ray coming
TOHO Reveals Final ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Anime DVD/BD LE Release Packaging
Mugen Train Helped Keep Physical Media Afloat for Anime in the 1st Half of 2021
Why 4k anime scrubs the film grain

Random Merch news:

Join Lupin the Third for Anniversary Capers in Coffee Table Book and Tabletop RPG
Japanese Lego master makes incredible sculpture of diabolical Dragon Quest villain
China Planning to Ban Karaoke Songs Containing “Illegal Content”

Misc news:

OnlyFans Banning Adult Sexual Content Starting October 2021

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