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World of Warcraft’s Kael’Thas VA Removed Possibly Due to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Prince Harry’s new “chimpo” job title makes people in Japan giggle

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

The Girl from the Other Side – feature-length animation
Pre-order REVENGE OF THE SHOGUN WOMEN on 3-D Blu-ray!

Streaming news:

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Television Specials To Premiere On Funimation
Twitch Updates Terms of Use Allowing Banning for Offsite Conduct

Theater Release news:

Creator of Gundam says his goal is to crush Demon Slayer and Evangelion

Series news:

Fourth & Final Season of Castlevania Netflix Series Premieres in May
Virtual YouTuber Usada Pekora Appears in Isekai Maou Majutsu Anime
The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! to Get Anime Adaptation in 2021
Mature Rom-Com Cosplay Manga My Dress-Up Darling Gets TV Anime
Tannen ni Hakkou’s Isekai Fantasy Manga Kono Healer, Mendokusai Gets TV Anime
AIC RIGHTS Signs Business Alliance with Toei Agency to Co-produce New Anime
Gokushufudou’s Yakuza Tattoos Censored in China
Aniplex “Culturally Appropriates” Line in SK8 the Infinity English Dub to Be “Inclusive”
Disney Claims ABC “Passed on Well-Written Scripts” For Not Being Diverse Enough
Magazine That Holds Attack on Titan’s Final Chapter to Get Reprint in Japan
Social Media Degenerates “Fix” More Art, Accidentally Turn Slave Girl Black
Bloomberg: Several Buyers Interested in Purchasing Video Game Giant Square Enix
Nintendo Allegedly Copyright Claim Artist’s Fan-Made Bowser Penis Model

Release news:

Rose of Versailles alternate cover
Discotek’s response
Spooky Anime Shadows House Previews Creditless OP/ED, Blu-ray Cover
– Right Stuf
Manga UK Officially Rebrands To Funimation Starting April 19th

Random Merch news:

Wife takes revenge on cheating husband by auctioning his Yu-Gi-Oh! collection for millions
Spiteful Wife Sells Cheating Husband’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Collection for ¥20.5 Million
Cute New Cover Lets You Wipe the Floors with Shin Godzilla
Celebrate 200 Volumes of Golgo 13 with Stealthy Wireless Earbuds
Enjoy a Hard Drink With Guts and Zodd’s New Berserk Irish Whiskey
Angelic Exusiai Elite Arknights Figure Could Use More Guns
Eva Unit-01 USB Hub Solves Your Lack Of Ports While Looking Menacing
New Model Kit Lets You Construct the Mighty Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann
Anybody Want a 1/100 Scale Solid Gold Gundam Statue?
Bandai launches Gunpla Recycling Project to reuse Gundam anime model kit plastics
Anime industry group doesn’t want artists to rely on CG, releases free animator drills

Misc news:

All heart, no CG in beautiful, mind-bending Pocari Sweat video
Prolific Pantsu Thief Had a Collection of 424 Pantsu
Genius Thief’s Plans of Stealing & Swapping Out Women’s Shoes Foiled
Petition to allow students to choose what they wear gathers almost 19,000 signatures
Public schools in Saga Prefecture will no longer regulate/check students’ underwear color
Line up in the hall, open your shirts, show your bras – Real instructions from one school
Woman surprised to learn foreigners don’t openly tell women they have big breasts
Man arrested in Kobe after stuffing fried chicken into woman’s mailbox
Couple rob real estate agent during open house, escape with US$1.84
Japanese woman reported to police for “not looking right in a suit,” turns out she’s a crook
18-Meter Tapeworm Extracted from Raw Beef Eating Thai Man
18-year-old man stabbed to death for protesting a car blasting loud music in Kamakura
Pakistani Migrant Bids Judge Hand Over 14-Year-Old Girl
China Retrieves 7,000+ Human Penises From Nigerian Ship

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