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Japan’s Olympic stadium to fill thousands of empty spectator seats with waifu pillows
Love Live! Sunshine!! & Crayon Shin-chan Team up for 5th Anniversary Collab Project
Femboy Films restoration of Dragon Ball

Five Japanese sign language phrases with interesting reasoning behind them

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Third Editions: An Essay on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
The Girl from the Other Side – feature-length animation
Pre-order REVENGE OF THE SHOGUN WOMEN on 3-D Blu-ray!

Convention news:

Animazement 2021 Canceled Due to Restrictions in North Carolina
PAX East Event Canceled in June, With Online Event Slated for July Instead

Live-Action Anime news:

Resident Evil Reboot Movie Delayed by Two Months
Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno Writes and Directs New Shin Kamen Rider Film

Streaming news:

Chiaki Kobayashi Voices The Protagonist Yu Ominae in New Spriggan Anime
Black Lagoon to be Rebroadcast on YouTube
Karate Master TV Anime Gets HD Remastered Broadcast in Japan
Kamen Rider W Sequel Manga Futo Detectives Gets Anime Adaptation in Summer 2022

Theater Release news:

Japan Box Office: Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Stays at No.1 for Three Consecutive Weeks
Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle Anime Film Reveals July 2021 Premiere, New Trailer
The Deer King Film Teaser Trailer Announces New Release Date of September 10, 2021
   ∟The Deer King Anime Film’s Release Date Pushed Back to 2021
Original Anime Film Hula Fulla Dance Postpones Its Release Date
Black Clover Anime Film Officially Revealed

Series news:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean TV Anime Announced
The Prince of Tennis New 3DCG Film to be Released in Two Editions
Two More Heroines Revealed for Mystical Spirit Chronicles TV Anime
Wonder Egg Priority TV Anime Gets Special Episode in June
Heaven’s Design Team TV Anime Gets Bonus Episode in Japan
Shaman King Remake Brings Back the Supernatural Brutality
Penguindrum Anime Film Announced for TV Anime’s 10th Anniversary
Taku Yashiro Takes the Role of Luxembourg in Hetalia: World Stars
Devilish Dating Game “Obey Me!” Gets Summer 2021 TV Anime
Haruki Kuou’s Liar Liar Light Novel Series Gets Anime Adaptation
Tokyo Babylon 2021 Character Designs Appear to Reference K-Pop Group, Volks Doll
   More examples
      Another one
   ∟Tokyo Babylon Anime Adaptation Cancelled Due to Plagiarism
      ∟Tokyo Babylon anime reboot project cancelled after multiple copied designs discovered
   ∟Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime Delayed Due to Character Design Plagiarism
      ∟‘90s anime fans not happy with new character design as Tokyo Babylon gets reboot
Cyber Squad Last Angels Promo Teases More of Voogie’s Angel Reboot
JUJUTSU KAISEN Manga Exceeds a Remarkable 40 Million Copy Print Run
My Hero Academia Manga Exceeds 50 Million Copies Printed and Sold Worldwide
My Hero Academia Manga On Break This Week Due to Horikoshi’s Health
Deadpool and All Might Join Forces in Latest Deadpool: Samurai Manga Chapter
Attack on Titan’s Final Chapter Is Completed Says Manga Editor
Kodansha promises worldwide prosecution of illegal uploaders of Attack on Titan
Tokyo Court Rules That Manga ‘Spoiler Sites’ Infringe Copyright
CD Projekt Red Completely Changing Its Marketing Strategy for New Games
Former Neko Works April Fool’s Joke Catboys Paradise Being Developed for Real
Capcom Enlists Life-Size Lady Dimitrescu Standee to Promote Resident Evil Village
Japanese Apex Legends Players Banned for Saying “Nigero”
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Won’t Contain Breast Jiggling Either
Final Fantasy XIV Localization Team Explains Why They Change Lines

Release news:

Seven Seas offers new editions of Classroom of the Elite #7, Mushoku Tensei #1-2
Crunchyroll and VIZ Media to Bring More to Home Video
RACS fulfillment update
Discotek using English logos as fonts
Info on 35mm negative scan of Project A-ko
Hajime no Ippo transfer
   Bad disc?
French Violet Evergarden
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

All of Tokyo available as a free 3-D scale model right now!
Funko’s POPs Officially Debut in Japan With Dragon Ball Z Line
Amazon is Still Removing Anime Figures and Insisting They “Promote Child Exploitation
   ∟Amazon Banning Even More Innocent Anime Figures for “Child Pornography”
Toys R Us Plans Another Return in United States
7-Eleven to build 7-Eleven in parking lot of another 7-Eleven

Misc news:

Entire crew of Going Merry arrested by police in Japan (no, not on April 1)
Okazaki City gives all elementary and junior high students portable Vocaloid software
Petition to allow students to choose what they wear gathers almost 19,000 signatures
Public schools in Saga Prefecture will no longer regulate/check students’ underwear color
Woman surprised to learn foreigners don’t openly tell women they have big breasts
Couple rob real estate agent during open house, escape with US$1.84
Japanese police searching for man who stole 1.1 million yen in tiny fish
Japanese woman reported to police for “not looking right in a suit,” turns out she’s a crook
18-Meter Tapeworm Extracted from Raw Beef Eating Thai Man

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