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– Coronavirus News
   ∟Nara University study finds some common teas can neutralize COVID-19
   ∟City official, angered when asked to wear a mask, throws own fece

Live-Action Anime news:

Ryan Reynold’s Firing All Male Writers is not him “Selling Out”

Streaming news:

JFF Plus Online Film Festival Screens 11 Anime in U.S. in December
Jungle De Ikou! (up to 720p) is streaming on Tubi

Theater Release news:

Yuri on Ice: Ice Adolescence Movie Promising More Feminine Ice Skater Boys
My Hero Academia Gets 3rd Anime Film in Summer 2021
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Capsizes Titanic to Become #2 All-Time Film in Japan

Series news:

‘I Shaved My Beard Then Picked Up a High School Girl’ Announces April 2021 Premiere
Kyokou Suiri Second Anime Season Announced
Naomi Osaka becomes shojo manga star for new series set in outer space
Milla Jovovich Diving Into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for Movie Collab

A Digimon Card Game tutorial app is now available!
SaGa Frontier Remastered Adds Never Before Seen Content
Nintendo is shutting down the level upload feature for Super Mario Maker
PlayStation 5 Forbidding Tweets Containing “Profanity”
Saudi Arabian Organization MiSK Foundation Plans to Purchase Majority Stake in SNK
Studio FOW Issues Full Retraction Over Arch Denouncement

Release news:

King’s Raid Anime’s Blu-ray Disc Release Canceled
Haruhi Suzumiya A View of 15,498 Loops of Summer Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print
– Right Stuf
Versus (Arrow US) (Blu-Ray) Preorder

Random Merch news:

Botched Art Restoration in Spain Renders Smiling Statue Unrecognizable
Acquire Total Concentration While Studying With These Demon Slayer School Bags
Bunker down for winter with cozy tuna cushions and a five-foot tuna futon cover
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Ad Dies & Reincarnates as Soba
Instant ramen with 40 billion lactic acid bacteria on sale now
Pathetic Magikarp shown love with Pokémon manhole covers in birthplace of koi culture
Universal Studios Japan Opens Super Nintendo World on February 4
Illusionist Uri Geller Retracts Ban on Pokemon TCG Kadabra Cards

Misc news:

France Bans Access to NHentai & Claims Site Contains “Child Pornography”
Elementary School Teacher Arrested for Planting Camera in Girl’s Restroom
Fukuoka woman drives through front of convenience store because she really needed to pee
Kanji T-shirt seen on U.S. TV show makes Japanese viewers giggle
First new Japanese cockroach species in 35 years discovered by scientists
Mugger sticks gun in Japanese teenager’s back, she tells him to get a job
Japanese middle school criticized for pulling out girls’ bra straps to check their color
Mayor pledges to pay about six bucks in restitution for installing sauna in his office
Mentally Ill African Man Lives Amongst Jungle Wildlife

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