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Podcast 255

(2) やがみ on X: “@Grummz I found Eve .. she’s a real woman.. 😂❤️👀” / X

Nick on X: “This character has started to become like the holy water. You throw it to the devil and he panics. Crazy how the east have made the west panic. #StellarBlade” / X

‘NieR: Automata’ Director Yoko Taro Praises ‘Stellar Blade’ Creative Direction: “The Game’s Graphics, Setting And Characters Are Really A Style I Think Japanese Gamers Love” – Bounding Into Comics

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Shin Jae vs. Eve Body Comparison Do you think Shif-UP did a good job? It’s not the type of realism that Western Puritans like, but it’s the one that was finally needed. I’m sure Anita Sarkeesian will be pleased 😆” / X

Stellar Blade reveals new trailer ahead of worldwide launch – Niche Gamer

The page is temporarily unavailable

Weekend Warrior ☝️🐉🏆🐏 on X: “17 copies of stellar blade please” / X

DOA Momiji on X: “Idle climbing animation. 100% pure uncut culture. 🥹” / X | Ghostarchive

LearningTheLaw on X: “Eve from Stellar Blade using the vending machine with style. Tiny details that add to the Assthethic 😆” / X | Ghostarchive

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Hyung-Tae Kim: CEO of Shift-UP, famous for Goddess of Victory: Nikke and Director of Stellar Blade, gifted a PlayStation 5 to each of his 260 staff members so they can enjoy playing the game after release Days ago, he said that making games is everything to him. What a chad!” / X

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Shift-UP CEO and Stellar Blade Director Kim Hyung-Tae explains the motives behind making video games. Listen to what he has to say. It’s what the market needs the most. Let’s Hope it will inspire a lot of good-hearted creators to make games like him.” / X

LearningTheLaw on X: “Asian Developer: Do Their Job Maintain Privacy Don’t conflict Job with their ideologies Western Developer: Everything is political My job is political Female characters are Political If you don’t like it don’t buy Wait if you don’t buy you are racist! Why I’m unemployed?😆” / X

LearningTheLaw on X: “Gaming Journalist trying not to be Pro-censorship pricks: Challenge impossible 😆” / X

Sarah Haider 👾 on X: “I want to die” / X


MasteroftheTDS on X: “If this isn’t confirmation of bot usage, I don’t know what is. Dropping some new bot collages shortly and also working on a video for today. Stay tuned.” / X

Elon Musk Announces He’s Purging Bots From X And Will Bring “The Full Force Of The Law To Bear” On People Responsible For Employing Them – That Park Place

Sweet Baby Inc. Influenced ‘Alan Wake 2’ Allegedly Using Bots To Boost Sales

(13) MasteroftheTDS on X: “UPDATE ON THE BOTS Thanks to the help of @SnipyShino, we were able to run another node map on an account involved in promoting Star Wars: Outlaws. The account (pictured below) @bulutbey44 has recently been suspended, but we do have some information on it. According to the…” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “PlayStation, Xbox, Bethesda,coolermaster? This DEI consultancy, NNESAGA, is everywhere in games and movies. They blocked me immediately when I found them. Why?” / X

DEI Consultancy NNESAGA And Kotaku Senior Editor Alyssa Mercante Call For Former ‘World Of Warcraft’ Team Lead Mark Kern To Be Blacklisted From Video Game Industry

(1) Grummz on X: “Texas school fund pushes back against ESG. Withdraws 8.5 billion! Great thread.” / X

James O’Keefe on X: “NEW: Inside Bank of America Updates from our tip line show screenshots from a @BankofAmerica employee revealing political donations that go to anti-LGBTQ politicians are labeled as “Bribery and Fraud”. BofA is using an organization called MSCI ESG Research LLC. It is a…” / X

(1) James Lindsay, full varsity on X: “Paying attention yet? Personal ESG scores are a social credit system of tyranny based on ESG fraud and arbitrary power. “Buying a gun, alcohol, or even clothing will all effect your overall ESG score. Not only will your purchases matter, but who you purchase from.”” / X

Grummz on X: “ESG is not just in gaming. It’s a secret score on your personal spending.” / X

🇯🇵 Colonel Otaku Gatekeeper 🇯🇵 on X: “Phil Spencer -“I’m going to join Xbox into the ESG program to achieve growth” *ESG fails to bring growth because nobody wants Wokeness* Phil Spencer -“Damn you Capitalism!”” / X

(14) LearningTheLaw on X: “Don’t stop brothers. Boycott every Single ESG game no matter if the consoomer keep consuming. Expose Japanese ESG companies and communist localizers. Buy AA and Indie games. Consume anime and manga from Private companies (Thankfully most Manga publishers are private entities)” / X

Alexander messaged you

I did not get married! But I did have a wedding-themed birthday in Stockholm this summer! It’s was goofy and silly and fun. We had a… | Instagram

Gearbox Narrative Director And Lead Writer On ‘Borderlands 3’ Sam Winkler Decries Gamers As “Bigots” And Parrots Sweet Baby Inc.’s False Narrative

‘Borderlands 3’ Co-Lead Writer Takes Aim At Sweet Baby Inc. Critics, Claims Most “Have Never Created A Single Thing In Their Lives That They’re Proud Of, And The Rest Are Just Straight Up Bigots” – Bounding Into Comics

🇯🇵 Colonel Otaku Gatekeeper 🇯🇵 on X: “This is the most accurate meme I have ever seen 😂” / X






Say hello to our new consultants: Glucose Infant – Niche Gamer

‘The Crew Motorfest’ Added To Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Steam List After Being Featured On Sweet Baby Inc.’s Website

(1) Grummz on X: “I can confirm from my sources that Sweet Baby Inc. is not gone, just in hiding. Publishers are worried that connection with SBI will result in reduced sales, so SBI won’t be updating their website credits. Instead you will have to search staff names in game credit listings.” / X

(1) packergirl on X: “Naughty Dog Narrative writer/designer Josh Scherr’s eight Ds explains a lot🙃” / X

Games Journalist Ryan Easby Calls For Violence Against Former ‘World Of Warcraft’ Team Lead Mark Kern

(1) Vee on X: “Hahahahhaa” / X

Reddit –

Former PlayStation Narrative Director Kim MacAskill Called Gamers Who Oppose Black Live Matters Racists And Admits Gaming Studios Discriminate In Hiring Practices By Prioritizing Females

Fortnite Senior Programmer Evan Kinney Lastest Video Game Employee To Claim Being Racist Against White People Does Not Exist

Rumor: ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Leak Reveals Upcoming DLC Characters, Suggests Live Service Support Coming To An End In Early 2025 – Bounding Into Comics

Sweet Baby Inc. Reveals Dev Team Behind ‘Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew’ Shut Down, Costs Were Exceeding Revenues

Sweet Baby Inc Detected curator launches DEIDetected website – Niche Gamer

‘Dragon Ball,’ ‘Genshin Impact,’ And ‘My Hero Academia’ Voice Actor Zeno Robinson Attacks Kabrutus As “Uneducated Racist Troll”

Sweet Baby Inc. Boycott Crushes ‘Tales of Kenzera: ZAU’ As Game’s Total Concurrent Players Peaked At Just 287

‘Helldivers 2’ Community Manager Declares Game Is “Pretty Woke” And Reveals Game Was Banning Individuals She Deemed “Bigots, Transphobes, Homophobes, Racists”

(1) Grummz on X: “EXCLUSIVE: I speak to an ex-games Community Manager about their PRIVATE backchannel discussion group on DISCORD and why so many Community Managers are so terrible. “I was working as Community Manager in one of game studios” *I have verified and confirmed this person’s role and…” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “If anyone has screenshots of game community managers being woke, anti-gamer or racist, please send them my way. I already have Microsoft Rare lady and Compulsion Games.” / X

(1) X

(1) Grummz on X: “ANOTHER Community Manager: Advanced Senior Community Manager for @insomniacgames, SpiderMan 2 and Ratchet defends @DirtyEffinHippy’s tweets, talks about his desire for political violence.” / X

(1) Cyael on X: “More hypocrite cult members & their vocal feelings on straight white men my god & InsomniacGames & Spider-man seemed to have nothing Woke! I-yi-just don’t understand!” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “Helldivers Community Mgr restores flags to her bio (except the Palestine one). Instead, a watermelon was added. This implies @ArrowheadGS gave her the nod that it was okay to do so when Monday rolled around. I don’t care about flags in bio. I do care when they tweet about the…” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “The Ubisoft community manager who posted DEI activism has deleted their Twitter account.” / X

(1) Kabrutus on X: “This is @AilanthusG, the community manager (yes… another one) of a game that is in the Sweet Baby Inc detected curator page, it is called **Hyper Light Breaker** . According to her, this collective that she helps running called GUMBO needs more diversity because there’s not…” / X

Video Game Consultancy The Melanin Gamers Launches Rating System For Toxicity In Online Gaming, Gets Immediately Mocked

Cornerstone Interactive Studios CEO Lisette Titre-Montgomery Claims Gaming Executives Surrendered The Video Game Industry To “Angry Racist And Sexists”

Savvy | Artist on X: “🧵🧵 Today we revisit the EGRN network. This thread will provide insight into some of the Institutional Members of the EGRN. As defined by their members page which is now archived. “Our institutional members are formal organizations, non-profits, companies, agencies, and…” / X

I hate this haircut : KotakuInAction

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Insomniac and Modern Gaming Developers: We are not making our games political! It’s all the imagination of 300.000 bigots on the internet Maybe they are right. Let’s play Ratchet & Clank: Rift and just have fun without any politi… Oh dear God 🫨” / X

(1) GameCharactersAI on X: “@Mangalawyer Here’s few for starters.” / X

Steam Curator: Sweet Baby Inc detected

(1) Vee on X: “I fixed TLOU2!!!” / X

‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Joker DLC Appears To Flop With Concurrent Players Peaking At Just Over 3,000 On Steam

(1) Lumpy on X: “Rocksteady nailed how every theater kid who thinks he “could totally play the Joker” would actually play him” / X

Reddit –

Pal World developers make timely announcement of adults-only romance simulator with naked pals | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Palworld Has Lost 97% Of Its Players On Steam Since Launch – Insider Gaming

(1) Kneon on X: “Everybody is making better Pokémon than Nintendo these days.” / X

(1) Scratch Point on X: “The birth of Western divisions of Japanese companies directly correlates with a drop in overall quality of the property & changes that go against what drew the audience to their work in the first place. Perhaps someday they’ll learn.” / X

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “I’ve a feeling Playstation California hire ups are still screaming knowing the only reason they have to cope with Stellar Blade is due to financial reasons Asian market is big and they can’t keep making slops It’s everything they hate and it became the very thing to save them😆” / X

🇯🇵 Colonel Otaku Gatekeeper 🇯🇵 on X: “Hiroki Totoki’s first decision should be to move PlayStation’s HQ back to Tokyo.” / X

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer Admits Recent Activision Blizzard Layoffs Were Partially Undertaken Due To Falling Industry Profits – Bounding Into Comics

Gaming At Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer Claims Company’s Mass Layoffs Are Due To Lack Of Growth In The Video Game Industry

Grummz on X: “We are up to 20k job losses in AAA. Shoulda let your men be men and your women be curvy, Xbox. You care more about virtue signaling than games and jobs.” / X

Sega sells off Relic Entertainment alongside laying off 200+ staff in Europe – Niche Gamer

Relic Entertainment lay off 41 employees shortly after split from Sega – Niche Gamer

Embracer Group Sells ‘Borderlands’ Developer Gearbox Entertainment To Take-Two Interactive, But Keeps Sweet Baby Inc. Influenced ‘Hyper Light Breaker’

After Unloading Gearbox Entertainment And Sabre Interactive, Embracer Group CEO Claims Company’s Restructuring Is Over And Won’t Sell Any More Assets

Layoffs Hit Gearbox Staff Hours After Embracer Sale | Push Square

Gearbox Entertainment splitting from Embracer Group in $460 million deal – Niche Gamer

Remedy Reveals 2023 Revenue Declined By 24% In Fourth Quarter Despite ‘Alan Wake 2’ Release

Report: ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Sales Are 33% Worse Than ‘Gotham Knights’ And 61% Lower Than ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Publisher Take-Two Announces Brutal Cost Reduction Plan, Cuts Over 500 Employees And Cancels “Several Projects In Development” – Bounding Into Comics

Report: ‘Immortals Of Aveum’ Developer Ascendant Studios Furloughs “Majority Of Their Staff”

Less Than A Month After Acquiring Gearbox, Take-Two Interactive To Reportedly Fire 5% Of Its Staff And Scrap Multiple Projects

A Response To GamesRadar’s Abigail Shannon And Her First Warhammer Experience: This Female Gamer Is A Male Ally

Rumor: Games Workshop Introduced Female Adeptus Custodes For Amazon’s Upcoming Warhammer 40K Series With Henry Cavill

Games Workshop CFO Sells Two-Thirds Of Her Shares Amid Growing Warhammer Boycott

(13) Grummz on X: “This is a huge vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Games Workshop. CFO DUMPS nearly all her shares and is LEAVING. She knows fans are upset.” / X

Blood for the blood god in silver and neon green 😀 : CriticalDrinker

Former Epic Games Executive Suggests Amazon Tank Warhammer With Wokeness In Order To Purchase Games Workshop On The Cheap

Former Games Workshop Employee Nick Davis Attempts To Defend Company’s Adeptus Custodes Retcon: “There Was No Such Thing As ‘Fact'”

Author Isaac Young Explains How Games Workshop Is “Defacing” Warhammer 40,000 By Adding Female Adeptus Custodes

Numerous Warhammer Players Cancel Their Subscriptions And Announce A Boycott Of Games Workshop After Announcement Of Female Adeptus Custodes

Games Workshop Retcons Adeptus Custodes By Introducing Female Space Marines Then Lies About It

Warhammer seemingly retcons lore to create female Adeptus Custodes

Warhammer 40K Fan Site Attacks Players As “Bigots” For Disliking Female Adeptus Custodes Retcon

Games Workshop Makes Insulting Retcon To ‘Warhammer 40K Lore’, Claims All-Male Adeptus Cadre Faction Has “Always” Featured Female Members – Bounding Into Comics

Rumor: Henry Cavill Not Happy With Warhammer’s Introduction Of Female Custodes, Amazon Wanted Female Space Marines

An Unexpected Evil Queen: Disney World Appears To Allow Biological Men To Play Female Characters

Exclusive: Walt Disney World Cast Members Express Support But Concern Over the Evil Queen Situation

Former ‘World Of Warcraft’ Team Lead Mark Kern Says BlizzCon Cancelled Because It Loses Money

YouTuber Nerdrotic Reports His San Diego Comic-Con Press Pass Was “Yanked”

Anna Aka That Star Wars Girl Reports C2E2 Revoked Her Press Pass For Lack Of Diversity

(1) Charith on X: “BG 3 had full frontal nudity with sex scenes. Cyberpunk and Last of Us 2 didn’t get censored either. Stellar Blade has 0 sex scenes no full frontal nudity. So what’s with the double standard? Censorship undermines the creative expression of us all. #FreeStellarBlade” / X

(1) mrphillipchan 🥚🇺🇲 on X: “Stellar Blade is GOTY” / X

(1) Lunar Archivist on X: “You’re being insulted because you’re using the Biden tactic of lying straight to someone’s face and expecting them to take it. Eve is wearing form-hugging outfits while Aphrodite is COMPLETELY NAKED WITH HER NAUGHTY BITS COVERED BY HAIR and you’re arguing she’s LESS sexualized.” / X

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “A quick comparison between MGR and Stellar Blade reveals that, while Stellar Blade has a different pacing and focuses on precise attacks (Mix Souls), it’s evident that the developers are fans of Raiden. The QTE, parry sound, and movements clearly draw inspiration. I need MGR2” / X

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Stellar Blade message to journos who wanted the game censored” / X


(1) Cyael on X: “When briss blood babydick-sucking motherfuckers crawlin up out of their undeground tunnels in between conditioning society need outlets too woke to profit, I guess documenting their kid centric brainwashing can be the new hobby. Took the escape right out of entertainment.” / X

(1) Cyael on X: “@Grummz @StellarBlade @Sony but this is celebrated & even worshipped by the same penis jiggle physics praising Austin Wood who is offended by pretty digital women. They hate heterosexuality almost as much as they do white men.” / X

(1) Alexraptor on X: “Currently installing my physical copy of Stellar Blade today, in offline mode. However, @StellarBlade @PlayStation , until ALL censorship is walked back I will NOT be patching my game, or subscribing to Playstation Plus. Always buy physical, NEVER digital! #FreeStellarBlade” / X

(1) FightTheRave on X: “#FreeStellarBlade Please revert the outfits @PlayStation Why is this okay in BG3 , Cyberpunk and last of us but not Stellar Blade ?” / X

(1) Nev G. on X: “@Grummz I have been tweeting people’s responses directly from the petition. I have tagged Stellar Blade and PlayStation in some of them. I have also been using the hashtag #freestellarblade. Additionally, I just canceled the renewal of my PS+ with a nice rep named Michael and provided my…” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “I get these a lot. This person is upset that I wanted Stellar Blade to be uncensored. But none have been…this creative. Yo @XoXoSoNyPoNy, I think you might just be a *weeeee* bit more upset than I am over Stellar Blade. Unlike “journalists” I always have receipts.” / X

(1) DistantMemories1996 on X: “Stellar Blade, was one of my eagerly anticipated games of “2024” on PlayStation, but then upon release one of you here decided to “Censor” a game publicly announced “Uncensored” in ALL regions. Liars. You lied to us all.😡😤 @PlayStation @StellarBlade @jamm3rd #FreeStellarBlade” / X

LearningTheLaw on X: “Stellar Blade Original Holiday Rabbit has Style and showcases Eve’s beautiful hips. No sane person would be triggered by anatomy This is only “sensitive” for new gamers. Dead or alive is laughing. There are so many games with more exposure but this was too much.We are regressing” / X

Luis Antonio Salvador on X: “If we don’t do something now what will follow later, enough of this shit #FreeStellarBlade” / X

Grummz on X: “I’ve never seen more people so angry about Stellar Blade having a strong, beautiful, female protagonist in a simple bikini. I’ve gotten more death threats, hate and vitriol than any other topic I’ve covered. These same people are true deviants. Their profiles are filled with…” / X

Game4index on X: “If you stare too long, Eve stares back 🙂 #StellarBlade” / X

Cyael on X: “When Devs Laugh at the Roided out Abby centric “it is ma’am” standards forced by Sony what happens when Stellar Blade PC is free of the restrictions later. I know @Playstation cares more about the Message than Optics but bad faith is Sweet Baby INCarnate.” / X

(1) Rino on X: “THOUGHTS: Most of you aren’t ready for that conversation🚀 There’s a this extremely backward idea that if a character is traditionally s**y, especially women, then they are “an object”, and that somehow their beauty is all they have to offer and that they aren’t “relatable”.” / X

Exclusivity has them by the balls anon : 4chan

Kotaku Senior Editor Alyssa Mercante Continues To Play Victim As She Attacks ‘Stellar Blade’ And Gamers

Savvy | Artist on X: “Got blocked by them, however this is interesting. 5 hours ago they made a post under the Farm Folk jiggle physics tweet about how “this aint it” Only after I commented under their post, they felt the need to “clarify” their stance. If my words were in “bad faith”, why did you” / X | Ghostarchive

Our friends and pals at Kotaku wrote stuff like this : KotakuInAction

Farm Folx bends the knee to the woke mob and apologizes for tweeting about jiggle physics. : KotakuInAction

(1) Scratch Point on X: “@KirscheVerstahl These people aren’t creatives, they’re activists wearing whatever hat is necessary to spread the message.” / X

(13) LearningTheLaw on X: “Loukia Kyriakidou, The character designer for Battledoads 2020 and the responsible of ruining Dark queen, went on a rampage hating literally the body of football players and other characters like GTA to promote body diversity. The industry has been hijacked by crazy people💀” / X

(1) K*rsche 🥥 🧁 on X: “DEI isn’t dying and we haven’t won. I’ve been talking about BRIDGE for months and even linked my findings to @Timcast and others for more coverage Don’t celebrate when we’re still in the war We can win, but we need to stay vigilant and not rest on laurels that don’t even exist.” / X

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Anon has a good question about multi-million dollar games like Star Wars Outlaws using RoboCop: Rogue City AA Chad as an example 😆” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “MORE consultants, ruining TABLETOP TOMB RAIDER this time. Neither the content editor nor the DESIGNER seem to care much about the game design or staying true to Tomb Raider. Instead, they are VERY excited to push their pseudo-intellectual agitprop GARBAGE into an existing IP.…” / X

(1) Cyael on X: “People are really currying up @OrdinaryGamers hypocrisy here. Change real woman to suit HETERO MALE PREFERENCE Bad. Change real woman to suit right-side-of-history agenda & “challenge” beauty standards to combat white supremacy & heteronomative patriarchy is GOOD k? hahaha” / X

(1) Libs of TikTok on X: “2014: “Wearing jeans will help fight climate change!” 2024: “Wearing jeans will cause more climate change!” They just can’t make up their minds…” / X

(1) LearningTheLaw on X: “Journos and totalitarians be like: -All AAA japanese companies lean progressive now and love ESG. I’m going to celebrate it – All Western AAA games make female characters look like Crimson Chin. Sad for you more power for me -All right then, I’ll buy the Korean game. Noooo😆” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “Never hire activists into your company. If you have them there, get them out. It’s easy, they tend to make the worst art, and perform the lowest. Lay off the bottom performing 20% of AAA gaming and you will make a huge change. Bring back merit instead of checkboxes.” / X

Video Game Marketer Chris Heintz Attacks Gamers As “Spiteful Failsons” And Wishes “Gamergate Dorks Fade Into Oblivion”

(1) Niche Gamer on X: “Succubus 2069 has not only a breast size toggle but also a cleavage toggle.” / X

(10) Tim Pool on X: “my favorite thing is that its just a picture of brown people who refused to pay admission to watch the ball game and the argument is that they shouldnt have to” / X

(1) Grummz on X: “During the height of Cancel Culture, nobody spoke up. The cost was too high as Cancel Pigs had all the power. @PalmerLuckey (Oculus)was cancelled over a billboard for his voting beliefs. @BrendanEich (Mozilla, Javascript) for his Christian beliefs. Now as the tide turns, rise” / X

(10) Vee on X: “This is the best depiction of American culture right now. Over the top violence, toilet humour and anything deviant like bear sex or homosexuality is championed and promoted even to a mainstream audience with shows like Rick and morty. But anything that is feminine even when…” / X

(1) Hypnotic on X: “So wait… People cant use AI to modify real humans to look the way they would like to see them But game developers can warp and distort female characters from their more beautiful feminine actresses that were scanned for the character so that it can be more inclusive and fit” / X

FC2 Demanded to Stop Card Payments Due to “Rampant Illegal Videos” – Sankaku Complex

Vice News Removes Japanese Reupload of Their Loli Slander Video – Sankaku Complex

Vice News Runs Hit Piece Equating Loli Manga To Real-World Child Pornography, Blacklists Video From Showing In Japan – Bounding Into Comics

(2) Inside the Pedophilic Manga Industry in Japan – YouTube

Live Big Shot! – YouTube

Even More Anime Subtitles & Eroge Falsely Translating “Lolicon” to “Pedophile” – Sankaku Complex

Minoru Ogino speaks out after VICE video conflating manga with child exploitation – Niche Gamer

Pixiv Kowtow to Political Correctness, Will No Longer Allow “Offensive Art” Like Loli – Sankaku Complex

Pixiv Clarifies Details Regarding “Prohibited Items” and “Items Requiring Revision” – Sankaku Complex

Japanese Art Community Pixiv Clarifies New Terms of Service, Will Begin Taking Action Against Artists Who “Repeatedly Neglect Requests To Modify Their Works” – Bounding Into Comics

Japanese Art Community Pixiv To Ban Uploads Depicting “Acts That Are Offensive To Public Order And Morals” Following Complaints From Western Credit Card Companies – Bounding Into Comics

Crunchyroll – EXCLUSIVE: Pixiv Puts Amazing Artists on Display in Deluxe Art Books

Website Labels Loli Art as Pedophilia, Slanders Japan, Links to Awful Vice Documentary – Sankaku Complex

Belle Delphine selling bizarre new product to fans following viral bath water idea

Kirsche 🥥 🧁{Vacation Edition} on X: “DEI isn’t dying and we haven’t won. I’ve been talking about BRIDGE for months and even linked my findings to @Timcast and others for more coverage Don’t celebrate when we’re still in the war We can win, but we need to stay vigilant and not rest on laurels that don’t even exist.” / X

Kirsche 🥥 🧁{Vacation Edition} on X: “Links to my previous twitter posts with BRIDGE information Links to vods where I talk about BRIDGE as well as companies that are employing BRIDGE Framework like Greywood/Eastmore encroaching on gaming as…” / X

Police post photos of suspects with Lego heads to comply with new law

Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on X: “Murrieta Police Department in CA is posting arrest photos of suspects with super-imposed Lego heads in order to comply with a Democrat-backed law blocking mugshots & suspect photos. Oregon had also passed a similar law to protect BLM-Antifa rioters. Read:” / X

LEGO is demanding California cops stop using their brick heads to replace criminals’ faces on social media | Not the Bee

He got too silly : greentext

(1) X

New York Court Of Appeals Overturns Disgraced Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein’s 23-Year Conviction, Orders New Trial – Bounding Into Comics

Harvey Weinstein’s Case Reversal: On the Process We Agree, Though His Conduct Was Evil!

Harvey Weinstein: A Convicted Man Forever More, Despite the Latest New York Decision

STDs in L.A. County are skyrocketing. Officials think racism and stigma may be to blame – Los Angeles Times

Iranian man who raped lodger in London ‘can’t be deported in case he is persecuted in his homeland’ | Daily Mail Online

(1) TheQuartering on X: “Women: “Stop looking at our chests” Also Women: “Check out these bras with fake nipples in them”″ / X

Biden Admin Allegedly Hired an OnlyFans Model to Spread ‘Propaganda’ on TikTok – The Maine Wire

(1) Collin Rugg on X: “NEW: OnlyFans creator Farha Khalidi says she was paid by the Biden Administration to spread “political propaganda” & was told to not disclose her videos were ads. Everything about Biden is fake. Khalidi says the Biden admin reached out to her because they wanted someone with” / X

‘No Rest For The Wicked’ CEO Thomas Mahler Rebukes Consultant Alexander Brazie Who Attempted To Justify DEI Hiring Practices: “He Was Fired”

Justin Sevakis on X: “Last week @MercuryFalcon posted, questioning our use of a trigger warning on Lady Georgie. I brushed it off, and most feedback was positive. This week’s Search Engine podcast did a deep dive into their history, and the science around them.” / X

What do trigger warnings actually do? – Search Engine | Podcast on Spotify

Pixiv Tightens Guidelines to Ban Everything Realistic-Looking – Sankaku Complex

pixiv Japanese Art Platform Blocks Adult Content in U.S., U.K. – News – Anime News Network

Getchu Succumbs to Credit Card Pressure, Discontinues ‘Some Products’ – Sankaku Complex

(8) Open Chest Anime Podcast | If you could improve one thing about the OCA Podcast, what would it be | Facebook

Official subreddit of the Open Chest Anime Podcast

Kevin Lee – I use to think MR. PoPo was a slave or black… | Facebook

Scratch Point on X: “While I have never understood the purpose of speculating about such goofy hypotheticals that stray so far from the intent of a series, there’s absolutely no way the last of Saiyan royalty would be happy at the thought of his bloodline’s end.” / X

(1) Stew Peters on X: “This explains Diddy and the rap industry.” / X

Kaguya’s Top Gal on X: “Can’t believe they went with that picture” / X

‘Visions Of Mana’ Producer Refuses To Change Series’ Identity For Western Audiences: “It Is Best To Deliver The Game Based On The Developers’ Creative Vision” – Bounding Into Comics

(4) Scratch Point on X: “Many localization choices are based on the Western perception of how a setting should be rather than a genuine attempt at remaining true to the way it was originally written. The issue isn’t whether it is well done or not, but that it’s simply unfaithful.” / X


Scratch Point on X: “For every instance of bad localization that people actively deny the reasons behind, there is a localizer out there who openly admits it’s true.” / X

Capcom Attempts To Run PR For Western Localizers, Praises In-House Team For Keeping Games “Culturally Sensitive” And “Promoting Inclusivity Through Language And Representation” – Bounding Into Comics

Capcom Goes “FULL WOKE,” Reveals Its Localization Team Alters Video Games For “Cultural Adaptation, Preserving Context, And Inclusive Storytelling”

Capcom Localization Team Changes Characters, Gameplay, More for DEI – Sankaku Complex

(10) Savvy | Artist on X: “One Take. 12 minutes. Excuse my passion, but respectfully, YOU are what is wrong with the industry.” / X

(1) Capcom Localization Team on X: “What is localization? Embark on a global adventure through the lens of game localization! Beyond mere translation, we’re diving into the art of cultural adaptation, preserving context, and inclusive storytelling. Join us as we unravel the intricacies that make games resonate…” / X

Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al. (2019) | Page 1083 | Kiwi Farms

THEY LIED ABOUT VIC AGAIN! Footage Of Vic And Kara Edwards AFTER Blaming Vic In Using Force! – YouTube

2023-08-16 Marchi MtC PJDiscoveryResp_730399EE.pdf – Google Drive

MarzGurl’s Occasional Thoughts on Tumblr

MarzGurl’s Occasional Thoughts on Tumblr: For those following me because of the Vic-Mignogna-potentially-tried-to-have-me-murdered longpost (if you’re new here, you’re…

Kaylyn Saucedo – MarzGurl➡️Fighting the Yakuza on X: “Guy worked at 2 separate high schools & allegedly was inappropriate w/ students @ both. Remember in 2010, he was on a panel asking who in the room was in 11th grade & would like to have 23-year-old him as a teacher, then bragged how hot he was? Like that’s a normal thing to say?” / X

(26) Vic Mignogna full rumor panel – YouTube

Don Tworry on X: “@ShinigamiWaifu @jokerjason427 @Chuck_Huber Chuck hired and then immediately fired the same law firm that represented Vic.” / X

TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter

It’s Time to Talk About Chuck Huber’s Definition of “Fringe” | by The Danime Times | Medium

RonToye on Twitter: “Yup. In addition to all that people need to remember that when you Google search someone tweets pop up. So, the harassment and incorrect information left unchecked can be perceived as truth. That’s why I was told to speak up not too long ago. Here is one example of crazy.…”

Constancy Roa OVA Second Chance! | Indiegogo

GREGORY HORROR SHOW game and animation by Naomi Iwata — Kickstarter

Making of Wild Zero 2 by Team wildzero2 — Kickstarter

Rothmus 🏴 on X: “” / X


Fallout TV Show Review: Finally a Winner in an Era of Otherwise Woke Adaptations


President Of Physical Media on X: “Streamer loses in 2023 Peacock $2.7B Disney + $138M Paramount + $1.7B” / X

Elliot 🍳 on X: “One thing I can never shut up about: Learning that the Evangelion Rebuild movies exist primarily bc Anno saw how Gainax execs stole so much money that should’ve gone to animators, and taking responsible for making this right. It forever changed my read” / X

Hideaki Anno: on Gainax tainting the Evangelion brand | by Kaiser | Medium

(9) Dandadan Fandom | Facebook

(1) Grummz on X: “60% of gameplay time was spend on games 6 years or older in 2023. *newzoo industry report. Older TV shows dominate streaming networks as well. This is not a coincidence, as streaming has prioritized wokeness over quality, and AAA have also prioritized profit and the narrative…” / X

Xbox launches new team dedicated to game preservation and backwards compatibility – Niche Gamer

Mechwarrior Goes Woke: Classic World of Warcraft Team Lead, Mark Kern, Calls Out Battletech Behavior

Wired Productions picks up publishing for thriller game KARMA: The Dark World – Niche Gamer

After Purchasing Gearbox, Take-Two Interactive Reportedly Shuts Down Two Developers

Hi-Fi Rush Studio Tango Gameworks to Close – Crunchyroll News

packergirl on X: “A Guilty Gear tournament attempted to put together a “Cis v Trans exhibition match”″ / X | Ghostarchive

Ross “Jedbox Main” Yastland on X: “@PuppyGirlFPS I was at a Guilty Gear tournament a while ago and they tried to put together a Cis v Trans exhibition match. Legitimately not enough cis GG players available to make a team, Team Cis had to borrow someone.” / X | Ghostarchive

The film fans who refuse to surrender to streaming: ‘One day you’ll barter bread for our DVDs’ | Movies | The Guardian

Abe Monjuin: An ancient temple with a connection to stars and astrology…and National Treasures | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Teacher Busted for Soapland Side Job, Feminist Outrage Ensues – Sankaku Complex

Police robot told woman to go away when she tried to report crime-then sang song | Metro News

Man Arrested After Seemingly Masturbating to Kristen Stewart’s Movie

Cursed Nerf : cursedcomments

China: New controversial law makes sex toys of “non-Chinese size” illegal to stop exodus of young women – BNR

Twitch streamer places £24,000 hit on YouTuber after Stellar Blade argument | Metro News

Asmongold Reacts To Twitch Streamer Denims Placing $30,000 Bounty On Grummz: “Twitch Will Have To Ban Her”

Grummz Calls For FBI To Investigate Twitch Streamer Denims After She Raises Bounty On His Head To $30,000

Exclusive: The Walt Disney Company’s RISE Program Grants Money To Filmmakers Based On Religious Beliefs

cement addiction shirt – – Gmail

Custom Women’s T-Shirts – Printify

Games Workshop Doubles Down On Gaslighting Its Hobbyists Over Female Adeptus Custodes In Warhammer 40K

Games Workshop Villainizes Political Pundit Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon Of Akkad In Warhammer 40K

Rumor: Henry Cavill Not Happy With Warhammer’s Introduction Of Female Custodes, Amazon Wanted Female Space Marines

A Response To GamesRadar’s Abigail Shannon And Her First Warhammer Experience: This Female Gamer Is A Male Ally

Rumor: Games Workshop Introduced Female Adeptus Custodes For Amazon’s Upcoming Warhammer 40K Series With Henry Cavill

Games Workshop CFO Sells Two-Thirds Of Her Shares Amid Growing Warhammer Boycott


Blood for the blood god in silver and neon green 😀 : CriticalDrinker

Former Epic Games Executive Suggests Amazon Tank Warhammer With Wokeness In Order To Purchase Games Workshop On The Cheap

Former Games Workshop Employee Nick Davis Attempts To Defend Company’s Adeptus Custodes Retcon: “There Was No Such Thing As ‘Fact'”

Author Isaac Young Explains How Games Workshop Is “Defacing” Warhammer 40,000 By Adding Female Adeptus Custodes

Numerous Warhammer Players Cancel Their Subscriptions And Announce A Boycott Of Games Workshop After Announcement Of Female Adeptus Custodes

Games Workshop Retcons Adeptus Custodes By Introducing Female Space Marines Then Lies About It

Warhammer seemingly retcons lore to create female Adeptus Custodes

Warhammer 40K Fan Site Attacks Players As “Bigots” For Disliking Female Adeptus Custodes Retcon

Games Workshop Makes Insulting Retcon To ‘Warhammer 40K Lore’, Claims All-Male Adeptus Cadre Faction Has “Always” Featured Female Members – Bounding Into Comics

Warhammer 40K Novelist James Swallow Confirms He Included “Gender Transition” Propaganda Into His ‘Iron & Bone’ Story

What happens to CrunchyRoll should Trump Win? | Ghostarchive

Irish midget accused of posing as a leprechaun to extort sex from 26 women in exchange for pot of gold

But is it wrong? : memesopdidnotlike

(1) Kabrutus on X: “Talk about COPE” / X

Sweet Baby Inc. Influenced ‘Alan Wake 2’ Still Has Not Recouped Its Budget

(1) BLAIRE WHITE on X: “You know this has nothing to do with gay people anymore because gay people would never design something this fuckin ugly.” / X

Saying the quiet part out loud. : TimPool

Revealed: How Israel Turned Nazi War Criminals Into Mossad Agents – Haaretz Magazine –

(6) English Dubbed Anime Lovers | Facebook

(1) Savvy | Artist on X: “This is what happens when you identify as a “journalist” but you’re really just a high school blogger. People get so caught up in trying to tear someone down that they will believe even the worst of fanfiction without a second thought- without the key components of what makes…” / X

Everyone in Japan will be Mr. or Mrs. Sato by 2531, according to study | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Perma Banned on X: “If you think ‘Sonyfornia’ is just a meme…here’s a food for thought Sony FORCED JP devs developing games for JP – to report to Sony ONLY in English, and force them to adhere ONLY to West ESRB and not CERO. SonyFORNIA – Turncoat of a “Japanese Company” to a T #FreeStellarBlade” / X | Ghostarchive

Grummz on X: “Twitch streamer @DenimsTV ups my bounty to $30,000 while reacting to Asmongold’s video about Toneman’s death threat against me. This is getting out of hand. This should be a permanent suspension on @Twitch and @X. Also, @FBI should be looking into this.” / X | Ghostarchive

LearningTheLaw on X: “The outfit is censored twice💀 One in the trailers (Original Showed more skin in the stomach). it’s Censorship on top of censorship. No surprise to see shift-up-pulled so many mental gymnastics to excuse themselves. Anyway, I’m shadowbanned. If you can help thank you 🫡” / X | Ghostarchive

Elon Musk’s X Appears To Suppress Grummz’s #FreeStellarBlade Campaign

Banned German Ninja Turtles Commercial | Ghostarchive

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Digimon Collection Seasons 1-4 (DVD) for sale online | eBay

(1) X

(1) X

Nameless on X: “I can’t believe the first thing we see zoro do in the #OnePieceNetflix is slicing up a black man” / X

The Risembool Rangers on Twitter: “Congratulations to the winner of the silent auction at #Ultracon !!! We continue to be humbled and grateful for all of the fans positive support for @vicmignogna. Remember it’s #forthefans…”

Anon explains the writer’s strike : 4chan

(1) X

Kaylyn Saucedo – MarzGurl➡️Fighting the Yakuza on X: “So, uh… as far as I can tell… this clip looks like the boomer dude went live on Twitch (on accident???), started having a conversation with an unseen woman on the other side of the room, and read out loud a personal message from someone discussing harming themselves???” / X

Season 1 Screen Time : OnePieceLiveAction

onanism – Quick search results | Oxford English Dictionary

f032366.jpg (300×453)

<レイフォース> on X: “ へえ、とうとう日本のユーチューバーでも、英語圏のアニメの日→英の翻訳の酷さに言及する人が現れはじめたわ。  ゲーム実況者として有名な人が言及したことで、日本のユーチューバーにまで気がつかれはじめたってことかね。” / X

502.png (680×481)

Justin Sevakis on X: “@rightstufanime 25 years in this business. Never seen anything like this on the consumer side of things.” / X

(1) Justin Sevakis on X: “I’ll save you some time, guys. 4x DTS-MA tracks, 2 of em 5.1, 2 of em 2.0. Generous video bitrate (~23 Mbps). 9 eps/disc. That gives you over an hr of extra space on disc 3 for extras, more than you’ll need.” / X

Rebekah West on X: “@TroyKaredes @sagaftranews Speaking for listeners, when I hear AI I’m done. We don’t listen to stories for words only, but to connect to our humanity. Also, what AI will attempt to mimic are years of training, mastery, improvisation, great VO directors & the nuance of experience + the moment.” / X

jointpics_20200201_144940-png.5602256 (7806×4207)

Gibs Hamari on X: “@Rhys2753 @worldofcrap I believe, if we’re going for completion here, the 2014 live-action film is also still unlicensed in the US. It got an Australian release, but (outside of one LA screening in 2015) not in North America. (And of course the Jigen spinoff of that, which is streaming on Prime)” / X

Log in | TikTok | Ghostarchive

Weeb Wars / AnimeGate / #KickVic / #IStandWithVic / #vickicksback | Page 5475 | Kiwi Farms

(1) Catsuka on X: “Unfortunately, the “Go Nagai Wonderland” Museum seems to have been completely destroyed by the fire. It opened in 2009 in Wajima city, the hometown of Go Nagai.” / X

Catsuka on X: “Happy 83rd birthday to Hayao Miyazaki.” / X | Ghostarchive

8+ years of awful, politicized English localizations in games and anime – Niche Gamer

Palworld developer claims 100+ pals are original, not AI generated – Niche Gamer

(1) Delance on X: “@Mangalawyer They just made her look worse than in real life for absolutely no reason whatsoever.” / X

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 – The Movie – Steelbook – Blu-ray + DVD | Crunchyroll Store

(1) Flash on X: “@PhysicalMedia_ @EdwardZwick1 @AdamDemarti Wish this was a 4K release..” / X

Peyronie’s Disease: Causes and Risk Factors

Funimation Script Writer Jamie Marchi Blames Criticism of Edited Dubs on Misogyny: “I Have A Vagina, Deal With It.” – Bounding Into Comics

Peyronies disease – Better Life Carolinas

Idiot Slang Requested

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(1) X

DBZUK kamehouse on Twitter: “#IStandWithVic remember how I said I used to be part of kick vic and I was in a secret group with jaime marchi and Shane holmberg…”

(1) X

latest (1110×2810)

latest (244×554)

fbcharacters.jpg (1024×604)

Buyer Beware: Re-Release of Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao’s Treasure to Feature Trigger Warnings and Educational Essay – NyanNet

Luke 20:34-36 NIV – Jesus replied, “The people of this – Bible Gateway

MatatabiMitsu on X: “Yesterday I commented on a situation without really investigating the details. It was a knee-jerk reaction that kicked a culture war beehive and it was dum. I’m gonna go back to talking about untranslated retro gems and reading J-horror.” / X

Justin Sevakis on X: “Our response to some concerns about Lovely Complex… @discotekmedia @SoundCadence” / X

packergirl on X: “Considering how the MANGAKA is removed from her own work, Lovely Complex needs to be redubbed🤦🏽‍♀️” / X


characters fruits basket – Google Search

Zack on X: “The success of Palworld proves that the only thing customers *actually* care about is a good game. AI? Slavery? Beastiality? Copyright infringement? It’s a video game. These are pretend problems that people don’t actually care about Make good game=people buy game Simple” / X

Baby Ghosts – Baby Ghosts

Weird Ghosts

LearningTheLaw on X: “It seems the mod community is responding with more mods after the censorship worshippers. Gamebanana should be already in jail by their own standards, but they are pixels. Atlus is using an unreal engine. Mods have unlimited potential. Harassing them will backfire Persona fan😆” / X | Ghostarchive

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Actor Who Played the Red Power Ranger Is Launching a Line of T-Shirts with Hitler Quotes? |

(1) ValiDate Game on X: “@UncleMage Besides that, Keaton’s mom is a marketing ploy to ensure we are getting more eyes on our game. We post all of our other characters multiple times a week. Please understand the concept of baiting people for marketing.” / X

(1) Kira the Mage on X: “@ValiDateGame I recognize all of what you’re saying, but now you have two white people being talked more about than the POC cast. The tweet about his mother has more like than most of the profiles for the characters of color. Yes it was a marketing ploy, but one that out white people up front” / X

(1) ValiDate Game on X: “@UncleMage If you are making the choice to pay attention to the 2 white characters out of the cast of 14 that is really not my problem. And this isn’t me being rude, like I said, I post the other characters of color literally every day.” / X

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn on Steam

Why does the top of Jupiter look like a hexagon? – Quora

(from:NiesTimes) until:2017-07-13 since:2006-01-01 – Search / X

Lio Nies on X: “” / X

Lio Nies on X: “” / X*: Nies on X: “Watch Millennium Actress!!! I love this film! Also since I’ve gotten a few new followers as of late, I got to make the trailer for the films 4k Theatrical Release a few years ago thanks to @ELEVEN_ARTS! It’s still one of my favorite edits.” / X

Stellar Blade Combat, Another Crab’s Treasure Gear & More Tips