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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
United Nations Reportedly Running Out Of Money
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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   More Falsifying of Accounts

– KyoAni Studio 1 Arson Sources
   ∟Sora News 24
      ∟Another Kyoto Animation employee passes away, brings arson death toll to 36
      ∟Kyoto Animation arsonist begins physical therapy, regains ability to speak
   ∟Sankaku Complex
      ∟Kyoto Animation Will Use All Arson Recovery Funds on Victims
      ∟KyoAni Arson Death Toll Rises to 36
      ∟KyoAni Arsonist Can Now Speak & Sit in Wheelchair
      ∟Another Victim in the Kyoto Animation Attack Passes Away, Death Toll Up to 36
      ∟Kyoto Animation Fire Donations Will Be Used Solely for Victims’ Families

The arsonist is no longer bedridden, and is able to sit up in a wheelchair. He’s also regained the ability to speak, and can engage in simple conversations with hospital staff, although he is yet to make any mention of the arson attack.

– Typhoon Hagibis
   ∟Typhoon Hagibis turns skies in Japan purply pink, makes people fear the end is nigh
   ∟1 bizarre Japanese trading card gets a literal strength bonus from this weekend’s typhoon

– China
   Blizzard Removes Video Clip Of Blitzchung Championing Hong Kong’s Liberation
   Blizzard Suspends Blitzchung From Hearthstone Competition For Supporting Hong Kong
   ∟Blizzard Banning Players Who Support Hong Kong
   South Park Banned In China After Episode Criticizes Chinese Censorship
   Sixers Fans Reportedly Ejected From Arena For Shouting “Free Hong Kong”
   NBA Fans’ “Free Hong Kong” Signs Confiscated at Wizards Game
   China Cracks Down on Nationalist Protests After Suspended NBA Partnerships
   Blizzard Censors Player-cams During Event After Players Hold Up Free Hong Kong Sign
   Blizzard Faces Internal And External Backlash Over Being China’s Puppet
   Blizzard Employees Stage Small Walkout to Protest Censorship, Kowtowing to China
   Blizzard Promises to Defend the Pride of China as Congress Takes Notice
   ∟Blizzard’s China Kowtowing Has Fans Plotting to Get Overwatch Banned in China
   Revolution of Our Times, Hong Kong-Protest RPG Banned From Google Play
   ∟Riot Accused of Censoring “Hong Kong” During Worlds 2019
   ∟Hong Kong Protestors Now Flaunting Pictures of Overwatch’s Mei
   Gods Unchained Hit With Cyber Attacks While Mei Becomes Mascot of HK Movement
   Blizzard Removes Mei Statue From Gear Shop as Hong Kong Embraces Her as Mascot
   ∟League of Legends Esports Head Stifling Hong Kong Talk
   ∟Blizzard Officially Responds to Blitzchung Ban Backlash
   Blizzard Reduces Blitzchung Suspension, Reinstates Casters
   China Requires Facial Recognition For Mobile Phones, Internet Service Starting Dec 1st

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Print Edition

Live-Action Anime news:

Netflix Cowboy Bebop Remake Now “In Production”
Japanese Dubbed Trailer for French Live-Action City Hunter Film Now Streamed

Streaming news:

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. to Return as Web Anime on Netflix in Winter 2020
Champion Battles Back From the Brink in Kengan Ashura Part 2 Preview

Theater Release news:

Director Hiroyuki Imaishi Pens New Poster for PROMARE’s 4DX Re-Release in Japan
   ∟PROMARE Strikes Back with Encore Performance on December 8th
Weathering With You Film’s Teaser Reveals January 17 Opening in N. America

Series news:

It’s Time to Meet That Mysterious Lady from the New Tenchi Muyo!
Azur Lane Labeled an “Anti-Japanese Anime”
More Warlords Go to the Dogs in Oda Shinamon Nobunaga TV Anime
Fantasy Manga Dragon Goes House-Hunting Gets Anime Adaptation
TV Anime Wave, Listen to Me! 1st PV Reveals April 2020 Premiere, Main VAs & Staff
Nagoya Restaurant’s Pig Mascot Gets Star-Studded Anime
Shield Hero Characters Get in on ISEKAI QUARTET Season 2
Appare-Ranman! is About a Transcontinental Race Across Early 20th Century America
More Dragonball Coming
Metal Band Polyphia Covers 2016 Berserk Anime’s Opening Theme
SSSS.Gridman is Getting 2 Spinoff Mangas
Rakudai Ninja Rantarou Manga Ending After 65th Volume
Yet Another Manga Turns Out to Be Pop Team Epic in Disguise
Ball Is in the Court with the First Slam Dunk Illustration Book in 20 Years
Haruhi Suzumiya Artist Designs Two Characters for Project Sakura Wars
Google Stadia Latency Mitigation: “We’ll Play the Games For You!”
PlayStation 5 Launching Before Christmas 2020
   Sony Interactive Entertainment Reportedly Lays-off Staff While Working On PS5
Monster Hunter World & Resident Evil 2 Have a Terrifying Crossover
Type-Moon: “We’re Already Testing the Tsukihime Remake!”
Konami Announces New Silent Hill Game, But It’s Not What You Think
Zelda Fans Reimagine Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer in N64 Style
Yoshinori Kitase Desiring a Final Fantasy VIII Remake
Another Man Arrested for Threatening Square Enix
Epic Games Sued By Canadian Parents Because Fortnite Lacks Warning About Addiction
The Lovable Kirby Has Died

Release news:

Millennium Actress Blu-ray/DVD Pushed Back to December 10
We Never Learn Manga to Come with Wedding Ceremony-themed Original Anime Blu-ray
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Works by Elizabeth Catlett and Yoshitomo Nara Set Auction Records for the Artists
Fate/stay night and Axe body spray partner up in attempt to make anime fans smell nice
You can now turn your smartphone into a Pokémon Pokédex thanks to Bandai
Bandai is Making an Official Space Marine Figure
Super-Detailed Limited Production Colossal Titan Ring Now on Sale
Studio Ghibli scarves, gloves and bags will keep you warm this fall and winter
Love oysters? You can now wear them in style — as a shoulder bag!
Lupin Gang Serves up Looks for Italian Fashion Collaboration
PooPaint Toilet paper lets you make art with your poop
All-you-can-drink deal lets you chug down unlimited alcohol at 138 locations for a month
Brainfu*ker masturbatory aid going on sale in Japan, and it’s exactly what it sounds like

Misc news:

Naomi Osaka hopes to represent Japan at Tokyo Olympics
Japanese Schools Now Suffering “Teacher on Teacher” Bullying
Idol stalker figures out where his target lives from the reflection in her eyes
   ∟Stalker Assaults Idol After Pinpointing Her Location Through Her Eyes
Tokyo senior citizen steals 159 bicycle seats in bizarre revenge plot
Adult Man Spotted Wearing Randosel & Skirt While Masturbating in Public

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