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Company Charged For Selling Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Lookalike Products
Former act-age Manga Artist Designs Independent Virtual YouTuber Mayuri

RWBY is on Team Vaccine!

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

RightStuf And Tokyopop Launch Aria The Masterpiece Manga Reprint Campaign

Kodomo no Jikan Kickstarter Update #59

Hello Backers,

We're happy to announce that we are officially wrapping up the wonder 3 campaign. We are still waiting to see if a few backers will contact us, however, other than that, we are pretty much done and are starting to do the final things we need to before moving onto this campaign.

Currently, our plan is to first finish wrapping up the Wonder 3 kickstarter. This involves us waiting to see if any of the remaining backers contact us, and once it looks like all the backers that will be contacting us have done so,  we will take count of who is left and inventory the remaining items.

Once everything for the Wonder 3 campaign has been taken care of, we will start collecting and inventorying all the items we currently have for this campaign in our office. We will also start ordering shipping supplies, and begin prepping the items for shipment, so we can start sending out the non-book rewards to our domestic backers.

Based on our current printing schedule, we will most likely print the first book for this campaign, either at the end of this year or at the very beginning of next year. Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic and the paper shortage, we have to plan prints in advance before we can print them.

For those of you worried about your address, we would like to let you know that prior to shipping out any rewards, we will be sending out a survey for each tier to ask for your current address. Therefore, if you have moved since this campaign first began, you don't need to worry, as we will only be using your address from the survey when we send out your items.

We will provide an update when we start to send out surveys and are ready to start shipping out some of the rewards!

Convention news:

Live-Action Anime news:

Streaming news:

Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle Hits Netflix on October 8
Blue Period TV Anime Gets International Release Through Netflix This October

Theater Release news:

BELLE Becomes Mamoru Hosoda’s Highest-Grossing Anime Film Worldwide Overtaking Boy and the Beast
Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 1st Season Compilation Film Gets Limited Theatrical Run from November 12
Atsuko Ishizuka-directed Original Anime Film Goodbye, Don Glees! Slated for 2022 Release

Series news:

Rei Ayanami to Appear in Shinkalion Z & Evangelion Crossover Episode Next Week
I Am a Hero Author’s Under Ninja Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation
The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made TV Anime Makes Good in New Visual
Good Friends Gather in Restaurant to Another World 2 TV Anime Key Visual
Kiyo in Kyoto TV Anime Gets New Visual and Opening for Japanese TV Broadcast
Pressure Builds in SELECTION PROJECT TV Anime Trailer
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun TV Anime Returns for 3rd Season
Date A Live Season 4 Moves to 2022, Releases 1st Full Trailer
Author Gets Sloppy in Atasha Kawajiri Kodama da yo TV Anime
Fairy Tail Sequel Series ‘Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest’ Gets TV Anime
Girls Whisper Softly in Your Ears in TV Anime 180-Byou de Kimi no Mimi o Shiawase ni Dekiru ka? PV
SHADOWS HOUSE TV Anime Returns for a Spooky Second Season
Pants Are Optional in Ranking of Kings TV Anime Key Visual
Girls Ice Hockey-themed Anime PuraOre! -Pride of Orange- Confirms Its Premiere Date of October 6
MAPPA to Produce Men’s Ballet ‘Dance Dance Danseur’ TV Anime Adaptation, Teaser Visual Released
Digimon Goes Spooky in 1st Trailer for Upcoming Ghost Game TV Anime
My Hero Academia Manga Skips Jump This Week Due to Horikoshi’s Health
Every One Piece Manga Volume Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies Physically
Kentaro Miura’s King of Wolves Manga Gets Re-Serialized in Young Animal Zero Magazine
Tsukiya’s Yakuza Comedy Manga The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Gets TV Anime Adaptation
GIGANT Manga’s Final Draft of Last Chapter Has Been Completed
The top 70 words that keep showing up in Japanese light novel titles (and yes, isekai is one of them)
Square-Enix Teases New Game From Yoko Taro And Key Drakengard Staff In Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars
They’re all here! Japanese collector completes set of all 1,244 Game Boy games

Release news:

J-Novel Club Announces Five New Titles During Livestream
New The Ancient Magus’ Bride Anime Visual Revealed as 1st OAD Releases
Inuyasha TV Anime Gets Remastered 16:9 HD Blu-ray Box Sets in Japan
   ∟Professor Who’s breakdown
Viz Blu-rays
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Random Merch news:

Hedorah: King of the dust mops and more celebrate 50th anniversary of legendary kaiju’s debut
Nadia’s Magical Blue Water Pendant Can Now Be Yours
Play With A New And Expensive Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Commemorative Chess Set Featuring Silver Pieces
Japan’s new Ginger Museum

Misc news:

Japanese netizens give their thoughts on how English has changed the meaning of “senpai”

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