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Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Halloween Pajama:
Halloween Pajama Kickstarter campaign failed.

A new crowdfunding will be launched in March of 2018, to help fund production of a 90-second OP of Halloween Pajama.

Gunsmith Cats:
AnimEigo to Crowdfund Gunsmith Cats Blu-ray Disc in February

Card Game:
– Japanime Games Kickstarter: Kagami Battles campaign

It’s My Life:
At-Home Fantasy “It’s My Life” Crowdfunds Its Way to Anime

Convention news:

Anime Boston Organizers Sue Boston AnimeFest for Similar Name

Live-Action Anime news:

Battle Angel Alita:
– Live-Action teaser and trailer

Fullmetal Alchemist:
Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film Gets 8-Bit Game-Themed Trailer

Detective Pikachu:
Live-Action Pokémon Film Casts Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds as ‘Detective Pikachu’

Netflix’s live-action Erased series comes out on December 15th (day after podcast)

“Gintama” Live-Action Film to Screen in North America in January

Streaming news:

Discotek Posts The Adventures of the Little Prince Anime’s 1st Episode With English Subtitles
Crunchyroll Adds Black Butler II, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, Excel Saga to Catalog
Mary and The Witch’s Flower Film’s English Dub Trailer Streamed
Toonami Plans To Spend Christmas With The Cowboys

Series news:

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Anime Listed With 26 Episodes
1st Girls & Panzer’s Finale Film Finished — 4 Days Before Opening
Japan Box Office: “Girls und Panzer das Finale” 1st Episode Makes Impressive 145 Million Yen Debut (about $1,290,500.00 USD)
Junk Food And Booze Paired For Joint Broadcast Of Half-Lengthed “Dagashi Kashi” And “Takunomi.” Anime
“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” TV Anime Reveals Dream Collaboration with “Gintama”
Check Out “Milky Holmes” 2017 New Year’s Eve Special Anime Key&Scene Visuals
More “Persona 5 the Animation” Info to Be Revealed on December 24
“Kemono Friends” Wins Big at Yahoo! Search Awards 2017
Production I.G’s Pigtails Anime Wins Special Jury Award From NA Film Awards
Funimation Schedules “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” Anime Movie Screenings
Hosoda’s Mirai in the Future Film to Screen Theatrically in 57 Countries
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Anime Film to Screen in U.S. on February 9
High School Girl Acquires Yuri Harem in “Love To Lie Angle” TV Anime
Berserk 2016 Uncensored: Jan 2018 US Blu Ray Release, Better Animation
Vampire Princess Miyu, Vampire Yui Both Get New Manga Series
Book Compiles Osamu Tezuka’s Shakespeare-Inspired Manga
Heart of Crown PC now on Steam worldwide!

Release news:

Media Blasters Aki Sora
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Dragon Ball Z Figure Set Offers 101 Meta-Coolers for US$3,400
Good Smile Company Reveals “Mazinkaiser” Plastic Model from Its New “MODEROID” Series
Treasure The Cuteness Of A “Made In Abyss” Nanachi & Mitty Figure Set
Stamp Set Celebrates 1970s Giant Robot Anime
Hello Kitty wine is here just in time for the holidays
Get Glam with “JoJo” Motif Bags
Choose Your Side with “Gundam” Shield Cushions
Enjoy Easy and Relaxing Life with Umaru-chan Character Cushion

Misc news:

“The Ancient Magus’ Bride” Author Warms December With Christmas Art
“Nier: Automata” and “Chrono Crusade” Creators Team up to Take Office Ladies into Battle
Universal Studios Japan Outlines 2018 Detective Conan Collaboration
Super Sonico Entices Gorilla With Go Go Curry Collaboration
Frieza Gives Up Conquering Worlds to Take Your Sushi Order
A Little Sister (and a Little Alcohol) is All You Need
Japan Cracks Down on “Mario Kart” Safety Regulations
Illustrator Kantoku Turns Underwear Into Fancy Bows
Google will pull YouTube support from Amazon Fire TVs in 2018