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Reel Sharks Podcast

– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Ron Toye misuses fan’s video… again

Funimation has dropped Interspecies Reviewers
   Further fallout chronicled by MegaMoeka
   ∟A taste of the show
   HiDive to the rescue?
Funimation Removes Interspecies Reviewers as it ‘Falls Outside’ Company’s Standards
   Funimation Removes Interspecies Reviewers
      Interspecies Reviewers (Simuldub)
   AnimeLab to the rescue!
      Wakanim, AnimeLab Continue to Stream Interspecies Reviewers in Select Regions
   Funimation “Fired” Ishuzoku Reviewers Translator, Forced To Sign NDA
Funimation Stops Streaming Services as Every Anime ‘Falls Outside’ Company’s Standards

My Hero Academia Character Gets Name Change Following Controversy
   List of My Hero Academia Characters
      ∟Let’s translate shall we?
   My Hero Academia to Change Maruta Shiga’s Name Following Complaints From SJWs
   ∟Outrage Cultists Get Boku no Hero Academia Censored Over Name

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

The Wonderful 101: Remastered

Live-Action Anime news:

Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Will Star Wesker’s Daughters Billie and Jade
Netflix is making a live-action, U.S.-made One Piece series with original creator as producer
Boys Run Naked in Grand Blue Live-Action Film Teaser Trailer
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! Live-Action Film’s Shooting Wrapped Up
22-Year-Old Takumi Kitamura Confirmed to Star in Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro Live-Action Film
Silent Hill & Fatal Frame Films in Production
See How Dempsey Roll is Recreated in Hajime no Ippo Stage Play

Streaming news:

Kizuna Ai Management Loses ¥675 Million
Voice Actress Minori Suzuki Tries to Devour 100+ Chicken McNuggets
Giant Robots Rule YouTube as Sunrise Celebrates 30 Years of Yuusha
Paranoia Agent to Stream Exclusively on Funimation, Blu-ray Coming this Year
Pop Team Epic Becomes Pop Team Edit on Netflix US
No Game No Life is now on Netflix!
The Ancient Magus’ Bride English Dub Launches on Crunchyroll Today
New Death Note Manga One-Shot Debuts in English for Free on Monday
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Movies Speed Over to Crunchyroll Today

Theater Release news:

Weathering with You’s North American Box Office Storms Past US$7.2 Million
Japan Box Office: No Anime Films in Weekend Top 10
Made in Abyss Anime Film Dawn of the Deep Soul to Get 4DX Screenings in Japan
Tokyo Godfathers Hits Select Theaters in March of 2020
Screenplay for Hollywood-made Sanrio Character Film is Decided

Series news:

Shirobako Anime Film Finishes Production, Will Be Under 2 Hours Long
Harutoshi Fukui Confirms Yamato 2205 will be Delayed to “Next Winter”
Mari Okada’s Childhood Home, Used as Reference in Anohana, Has Gone Up in Flames
Anime of Tatsuya Miyanishi’s “Tyrannosaurus” Picture Book Slated for Early Summer 2020
Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out! in New TV Anime Adaptation in July With 1st Visual
Hello Kitty Trains up to Become Transforming Shinkalion Robot
Yoshiyuki Tomino-designed Key Visual for Reconguista in G the Movie II Revealed
OshiBudo Manga Author Says Heroine Maina’s Name is NOT a Pun of “Minor”
Demon Slayer Cuts Through Amazon’s Top 20 Manga List by Taking the Top 18 Slots
Nintendo Lawsuit Takes Mario Kart off Japan’s Roads
Kirito and Joker Interact As Persona 5 Crosses Over With Sword Art Online in New Trailer
Konami Sort of Confirms Silent Hill Project in Development
New Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Settles on Extremely Normal Title
   List of Kingdom Hearts media
Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Unveils a Whole Lot More
Steins;Gate: My Darling’s Embrace Localization Team “Consulted Non-Binary Friends”
80% of Japanese Parents Believe Gaming Time Should be Restricted
Free eroge being given away to keep people inside in virus outbreak China

Release news:

Funimation Promises Uncut Version of Tsugumomo But Delivers Censored Version
   Embedded Tweet
Dark Horse to Release Hellsing Manga in Deluxe Hardcover Edition
Evangelion Manga to Get Seven-volume Collector’s Edition This Summer
Megumin & Yunyun Strike a Pose in KONOSUBA: Legend of Crimson Blu-ray Digi-Pack Art
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Now you can buy a piece of a gut-busting android’s abs from Kamen Rider thanks to Bandai
Hello Kitty and Gundam Combine to Form Peaceful Figures of Friendship
Gundam, Godzilla, and Ultraman Get Chibi-fied in New Artbook
Sanrio x Digimon Collaboration is DigiDestined for Cuteness
JoJo Fashion Collection Starring Iggy Is Anything But Tiny
Mini karate-chop roof tiles you can actually destroy are Japan’s newest capsule toy
Amazing Japanese cup stirs your drinks for you, needs no batteries or charging
Out-of-business McDonald’s gets brutal but kind sendoff from rival Burger King branch
   ∟Burger King removes snarky message to out-of-business McDonald’s, posts new sign

Misc news:

77-Year-Old Father Murders Unemployed Son With Sword
Woman to Marry Boeing 737-800: “We’ve Been Dating for Six Years!”
Law to make it illegal for Osaka adults to sleep with schoolgirls unless they really like them
Love doll funeral service in Japan helps silicone lovers rest in peace
   ∟Transsexual JAV Idol Monk Performing Funerals For Sex Dolls
Japanese Supreme Court: “3D CG is Child Porn!”

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