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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
– KyoAni Studio 1 Arson Sources
∟Sora News 24
Video game maker/KyoAni creative partner Key donates ¥10 million to arson relief fund
KyoAni arson victim returns to work, calls it “ultimate counterattack” to arsonist
Clannad Developer Key Donates 10 Million Yen to Kyoto Animation
Employee of Kyoto Animation Studio 1 Speaks Out on the July 18 Attack
Real-life high school from Sound! Euphonium wins gold medal at band competition

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You Can Officially Buy Deku’s “T-Shirt” T-Shirt from My Hero Academia

– Vic Mignogna Court Case

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

BESM Fourth Edition (Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG)
Anime Related: The Series Blu-Ray
Megazone 23 Omega Edition

Convention news:

Crunchyroll Expo Hosts World Premiere of Blackfox Anime Film
ESA Doxes 2,000 Journalists & Content Creators

Live-Action Anime news:

Watch Highlights from Hatsune Miku’s Latest Kabuki Performance in Kyoto

Streaming news:

Blade of the Immortal Anime Slices Up Amazon Prime Video in October
Netflix Original Anime Aggretsuko Rages On In Season 3

Theater Release news:

Feel the Thrill of the Chase as Millennium Actress Comes to Theaters This August
In This Corner Of The World Reaches 1,000-Day Theatrical Run at a Theater in Ibaraki

Series news:

Hero Returns in Sorcerous Stabber Orphen TV Anime 2nd PV for January 2020 Premiere
Berserk Manga Returns with New Chapter Later This Month
40-Year-Old Arrested for Threatening Square Enix With Repeat of Kyoto Animation Fire
Man Threatens Square Enix “You’ll Burn Like KyoAni!”
Stay up All Night in Persona 5: The Royal
Metal Gear Solid Banana Mod Doesn’t Make up for the Tekken News, But It’s a Start
Death Stranding “No Longer PS4 Exclusive”
Capcom Recruiting US Resident Evil Fans to Test New Game
Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo Will Now Tell the Truth on Lootboxes
Cancelled Chrono Trigger Game Lives on in Final Fantasy Mobile Title

Release news:

NIS America Showcases ‘kimi ni todoke’ 3rd Set Regular Edition Blu-ray Release Packaging
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Make your cat cute enough to eat with Japan’s cozy new crepe omelet cat bed
The Nostalgia Is Doubled with Legend of the Galactic Heroes Pogs
Get Moving with Gundam Haro Volleyball
Stunning Getter Emperor Figure Joins Soul of Chogokin Line
Live in a Miniaturized Version of Evangelion’s Tokyo-3
Preorders open for Godzilla: King of the Guitars, only five to be made
Tenga unveils world’s first masturbatory aid vending machines in Japan

Misc news:

Japanese skin diver says he found this pistol just lying on the ocean floor
Fans Genuinely Disturbed by Kizuna Ai’s Ahegao Face
Paris Hilton’s Sailor Moon cosplay and character description are off-source material
Gang of politicians chase man down street, restrain him for “obstructing campaign”
Japanese women’s breasts continue growth, now bigger than ever, according to data
D-Cup+ Bras Purchased by Japanese Women Triple in 30 Years
Heated Trade War Between Japan and South Korea Sends Doraemon to Space
Manga Answerman – Is Translating ‘Lolicon’ as ‘Pedophile’ Accurate?