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   ∟In Touch Podcast

Berserk Announces Return To Serialization, Will Continue Under Supervision From Destroy And Revolution Mangaka Kouji Mori
   Hakusensha’s Twitter statement
   ∟Berserk manga to restart with creator’s friend who knows planned ending as supervisor
Is this the first official non-Miura endorsed art of Guts?


Other companies during Pride Month
   Introducing OCA Podcast Middle East

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Pilot Film Project of Sci-Fi Ninja Movie – NINJA VERSE
Anime [Crossroad × Chronicle] produce クロスロード×クロニクル制作 8
Patreon Now Expunging Content of Characters Below Certain Height & Breast Size

Convention news:

Anime Expo 2022 to No Longer Require Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative Test
   ∟Anime Expo Induces Twitter Rage After Rescinding Required Proof of Vaccination
      ∟Anime Expo 2022 Reinstates Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Negative Test Requirements

Live-Action Anime news:

Kanna Hashimoto Shows Off Her Cool Assassin Moves in Violence Action Full Trailer
TIGER & BUNNY Live-Action Project to be Relaunched as TV Series in Partnership with SK Global
New Trailer Reveals Even More Of Netflix’s Resident Evil
   ∟Netflix’s Live Action Resident Evil Still Abhorred in New Action-Filled PV
Netflix Announces Live-Action Adaptation of ZOM100: Bucket List Of The Dead Zombie Apocalypse Comedy Manga
Netflix Live Action One Piece Series Unveils the Colossal Sets
   ∟Seems like they did some remodeling. Which one do you prefer?
   New images of the Merry and the Red Force!
Netflix’s Live Action One Piece Race-Swaps Nojiko
   ∟Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Reveals Casting For Six More East Blue Characters Including Mihawk and Race-Swapped Nojiko
Witcher director promises breathtaking swordplay in Netflix live-action One Piece
   He seems very confident in what has been put together for One Piece
Raised By Wolves Interview with storyboard artist Josh Ryba
   ∟Netflix live-action One Piece storyboards

Streaming news:

Godzilla’s Animated Series Is Releasing Its Season 2 After 40+ Years
   ∟Hanna-Barbera Godzilla Cartoon Season 2 Stomps Youtube in June

Theater Release news:

ELEVEN ARTS Acquires The House of the Lost on the Cape, DEEMO Memorial Keys Anime Films
Theater Poster Lists Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Film Opening in U.S. on August 19
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Leaks Reportedly Reveal Identity Of Film’s Final Villain

Series news:

Vinland Saga Season 2 Anime Continues the Voyage in January 2023
My Hero Academia Season 5 Second Summer 2022 OVA Announced
   ∟My Hero Academia Season 5 OVAs Touch Base with New Preview Shots, Cast Members
Comedy Manga Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to Gets Web Anime Adaptation
Ayakashi Triangle TV Anime Confirms Its 2023 Premiere
Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium Gets 3rd TV Anime in 2024, Theatrical OVA in 2023
Free! -the Final Stroke- Film Celebrates Its Conclusion with Special PV
YUREI DECO TV Anime Takes People on a Tom Sawyer Adventure on July 3
A Murdered Doctor Lives on as His Favorite Idol’s Child in Oshi no Ko Anime
One Piece Manga to Take One Month Break from June 27
   ∟One Piece manga is going on hiatus as creator takes time to tighten up series’ final story arc
      ∟Every Time Eiichiro Oda Predicted One Piece Will End
English Localizers Turn Otokonoko Into Transgender Female in New Manga
   ∟What is Yamato’s gender identity in One Piece?
   ∟Seven Seas Addresses Mushoku Tensei, Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Localization Changes
   ∟Trap in a Skirt

Newly Announced Resident Evil 4 Remake Changing Many Elements
Kotaku Writer Ian Walker Falsely Claims Street Fighter 6 Will Feature “Series’ First Playable Black Woman”
   ∟Who Forgot to Invite Chun-Li to the Mortal Kombat?
Western Localizer Disparages Project Code Name M Character as “Unnatural”
Man Kills Cyclist While Driving Under a Different Kind of Influence

Release news:

GKIDS Announces Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Home Video Release
– Right Stuf
Right Stuf’s 💯 IQ insurance fraud scheme
   The thrilling conclusion

Random Merch news:
New Game!’s Suzukaze Aoba Levels up With Superb Bunny Girl Figure
Azur Lane Duke of York Figure Looking Quite Top-Heavy

Misc news:

Japanese voodoo dolls with foreign politician photo keep getting nailed to town’s shrine trees
Yakuza bosses struggling to upgrade phones from 3G
   Millie Weaver’s Lockin-Lockout Theory
Japan ex-minister’s ‘world beauties’ photo collection on his website draws fire
Florida Man Crashes Vehicle While Being Orally Pleasured

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