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– Daman Mills Grooming Scandal
   The Duncan Wentz Twitter account is back
      Remember, Duncan’s Cover Story Will Continue to Evolve as Needed
         New Proof of Identity
         Old Proof of Identity
      ∟Is this where Duncan’s name came from?
         Teddy Duncan
         Ivy Wentz
   Trayce’s New Statement Thread
      Trayce’s old “Truth.doc” Google Doc
         Daman Mills Accuser Retracts Abuse Allegations
      Trayce has removed his Explore Talent Profile
      Lynzee Loveridge held onto the story for 5 months
      Lynzee reveals industry insiders were creating sockpuppet accounts
         Duncan doxxed by someone who knew him
            Cynthia Cranz and Wendy Powell targeted with another friends only post
         Trayce asked for legal advice on Reddit
      No New Information
   Duncan’s Likes
   Who Duncan Follows
   Duncan MacLeod Joins me for a Friendly Discussion on Kiwi Farms and Keffals

The truth is my allegations about Daman Mills were false.

When Daman left our friend group back in 2015 we were angry at him and I guess a little jealous because his career was starting to take off. I had a stupid idea about how to get back at him, so I wrote this document accusing him of all this stuff. Another friend talked me out of posting it at the time because it wasn't true, but then this year, when I heard him in a show I grew up watching, Dragon Ball, and heard he might be taking over one of the roles, I guess I just got angry about the way I feel like he just kind of disowned us. And I used the stuff from the old document to lash out.

It wasn't right, and I have no excuse except that I was in a really bad place at the time. I know that isn't really an excuse, and I am so sorry. This isn't who I am and I had no idea how much pain all
this was going to cause him. I was just angry, and I wanted him to feel sorry for just abandoning me.

The screenshots I provided were made up and not real at all, or happened between friends of ours and we just changed the names and stuff. The screenshot from Brian about being unrequited was one of the only ones that was real. Daman and I never dated. By the time he said that, we weren't close any more, but sharing a bed and joking before that was all consensual, and he did not do those other things we accused him off.

Like we literally never touched each other like that, and there definitely wasn't sex or a rape like people keep hinting at implying on the internet and on forums. Daman literally hadn't even had his first real kiss the whole time I knew him. He was pretty shy and awkward back then. But he was honestly an amazing friend like 90% of the time and someone who was really important to me. I was just angry because I felt like he didn't want to have any of his old friends in his life anymore, and I did something stupid. I didn't know how to stop this once it started. I kind of hoped that when Daman's attorney sent those screenshots that proved what I said wasn't true, the story would stop, but I quess it was too late for any of us to stop it.

People on the internet keep coming up with random conspiracy theories about why I've retracted my allegations, but they're are all wrong. I haven't been pressured by Daman's lawyer to retract my statement. I literally haven't heard from them in months. I also haven't been contacted by anyone in the industry about any of this. I don't even think they know who I am? And no one reached out to me about Daman being suicidal, or pressured me to retract. I don't even know where people came up with that one, but it's not true. I haven't talked to anyone about this except one reporter, my attorney, and a few close friends, and none of them pressured me to do anything. It might not be what people want to hear, but I'm just trying to do the right thing now.

– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Vic Mignogna Loses Appeal of Defamation Case, Faces More Attorney’s Fees
      ∟Vic Mignogna Loses Defamation Lawsuit Appeal, Texas Court Affirms Initial Sanctions And Orders Further Restitution For Monica Rial And Ron Toye’s Attorney’s Fees
         Tess Yoast tells Vic Mignogna she loves him
         Mary Reese’s photo of Vic posing with Kara
         Mary Reese’s photo of Vic playing piano
   ∟Memorandum Opinion
         ∟Concurring and Dissenting Memorandum Opinion by Justice Womack
         ∟Concurring Memorandum Opinion by Chief Justice Sudderth
      Wick Philips letter to the appellate court
      Vic’s response
         It’s clear who the public believes
      Remember, even Law Twitter is full of sophists
      Why are people surprised that Tara Jayne Sands supports Monica?
      Morgan Berry celebrates the victory (but only to Jamie Marchi?)
         ∟Morgan Berry is seemingly still blocked by Monica Rial
         ∟Morgan Berry is not blocked by Jamie Marchi
      Appeals were denied on Bulma’s birthday
      The day before Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s US release date
      Two days before the debut of Edward Elric’s new voice
   The Robing Room – Hon. John P Chupp
   Vic’s Birthday message
   ∟Lisa Hansel’s post about Vic’s attorneys (can’t grab the link until Kiwi Farms returns)
   Cumming, Iowa
      Cumming Community Church
      Community Church of Cumming
      Cumming Tap
      Saint Johns Cemetery
   TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund is supporting Jamie Marchi
   Dragon Ball Fighterz Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch Squashes Attempted Smear
   Is Funimation Being Phased Out?! – With Eric Rolon

   Media Blasters is apparently run by idiots
      Amazon review
   Japanese Lupin III: The First blu-ray
      AC’s plea to Discotek
         AC’s plea to GKids
   FireSisterBee’s Roxy Figure Speech

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

MONONOKE Film Production
Pixels Forever
プラントピア|Plantopia – An Original Figure & Anime Project
   Abyssian Knights Teaser Trailer 2017
Anime [Crossroad × Chronicle] produce クロスロード×クロニクル制作9
Independent Artist Gensho Yasuda Launches His First Theatrical Anime Project Make A Girl

Live-Action Anime news:

Cancelled 90s Live-Action Sailor Moon Footage Discovered
   Official Saban Moon Pilot Episode (1994) Toon Makers Sailor Moon
      ∟The Western World Of Sailor Moon | Tales of the Lost
      Finding Saban Moon: The Western World of Sailor Moon (Part 2) | Tales of the Lost
         ∟Toon Makers Sailor Moon Cast and crew Photo
   Called out for the watermark
      Putting the handicap Sailor Scout in her place
   Ray Mona’s Community Tab post about sharing the archive link
      In Search of “Sailor Moon”
‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Director Wants To Film Live-Action Adaptation In Japanese With An All-Japanese Cast: “I’ll Read Subtitles All Day”
Live-Action Paprika Series Coming
   ∟Paprika Novel To Receive Hollywood Live-Action Adaptation
PlayStation Productions Planning Gravity Rush Film
   Sony says no to games, yes to movies
Sega’s Live-Action ‘Comix Zone’ Film To See A “Jaded Comic Book Creator” Team-Up With A “Queer Writer of Color”
   Apollo Smile song featured in Days of Thunder
Netflix Finds The Cure, Cancels Live-Action ‘Resident Evil’ Series After One Season
   Lance Reddick blames “trolls and haters”

Streaming news:

Parasyte Manga Inspires Korean Live-Action Adaptation on Netflix
Romantic Killer Comedy Manga Gets Netflix Anime Adaptation on October 27
3DCG Martial Arts Anime Kengan Ashura Returns for 2nd Season in 2023
Housing Complex C premiere date
The Journey is now on Crunchyroll
Watch JUJUTSU KAISEN 0, ODDTAXI in the Woods and More Movies on Crunchyroll This September
Netflix Cuts Nippon TV Deal to Add 1997 Berserk, Monster and More Anime
   Nippon TV Finalizes First Large-Scale Anime Deal With Netflix

Theater Release news:

Root Letter just came out
   ∟Hollywood Live-Action Root Letter Film Posts Trailer
   Enraged Nicolas Cage trying to disengage from a magazine page while sitting in a bird cage
China censors ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ with new ending

Series news:

GRIDMAN, DYNAZENON Come Together to Form GRIDMAN UNIVERSE Anime Film in 2023
TRIGUN STAMPEDE Looks to the Stars in New Anime Concept Art
Supernatural Comedy Manga Undead Unluck Gets TV Anime In 2023
   ∟Undead Unluck Wishing for Death in New Upcoming Anime
I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World Light Novel Gets TV Anime
Steampunk Manga The Witch and the Beast Gets Anime Adaptation
Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-Dai) no Slow na Second Life TV Anime Unveils Teaser Visual, Main Staff
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Anime Confirms 2-Cour Run
One-Punch Man Anime’s Third Season Coming to End More Battles in Seconds
   ∟Saitama Smashes Through in ONE’s One-Punch Man Season 3 Anime Celebratory Visual
      What if UFOTable animated One Punch Man?
‘Hunter x Hunter’ Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi’s Latest Updates Raise Concerns Over His Ongoing Health Issues

Massive Berserk Art Exhibition Conquers Ginza in September of 2022
Lycoris Recoil Anime Spin-Off Novel Gets Reprinted Before Publication Due to Demand
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness got a prequel comic
   Claire’s Goblin Nose
Sony Being Sued For $5.9 Billion, Accused Of “Ripping Off” Players By Charging A 30% Commission Through PlayStation Store Purchases
Sony is raising the price of the PlayStation5
Nintendo Confirms Splatoon 3’s Shiver Isn’t “Nonbinary”
Marvelous Expunges the Sexy Senran Kagura From English Website

Release news:

Discotek’s Dedication to Greatness
R-Rated Guyver will now be restored in 4K UHD

– Right Stuf
   Target Exclusive Belle Steelbook
   Kiniro Mosaic makes UK B&B owner famous
Ero Anime Store
   Buy Anime FAQ
      What is Buy Anime?
      What’s gonna happen to Interspecies Reviewers?
      Shipping quality promised to be comparable to Right Stuf
      But what about a “Free Shipping” threshold?
      And an affiliate program?
   Stock from Right Stuf transferred over
   Buy Anime’s main account
      Absolute legend snagged @EroAnimeStore handle
   Buy Anime’s main site

Media Blasters won’t ship hentai to certain states
   So how did Right Stuf do it for so long?

Random Merch news:
McDonald’s Brings Back Pokémon Happy Meal With Match Battle Version of Trading Card Game
Kanojo Okarishimasu Nanami Mami Bunny Girl Figure Superbly Pretty
Azur Lane Shimakaze Figure Relaxes in a Tiny Outfit
Unique Nishiza-san Figurine Comes to Life

Is Amazon Japan’s lowest-rated Shiba Inu tissue cover a good boy?
Furious Monster Hunter monster wants to sleep next to you in your home
Kumamoto Governor Erects More One Piece Statues After Complaints About Luffy Statue
   Kumamoto Prefecture Unveils One Piece Bronze Nami Statue as Part of Revitalization Project
27 Chinese Officials Reprimanded Over “Ugly Art of Children” in Math Textbook

Misc news:

Australian Nightclub Forbids “Nonconsensual Staring”
Old Man Arrested for Shoving Feces Into Schoolgirl’s Backpack
Man Who ‘Hasn’t Stopped Farting Since Eating Ham Roll In 2017’ Is Suing For $250,000
   Fart Speaker Prank TikTok

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