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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
OCA Podcast Patreon
– Anime Collector Patreon
– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   Funimation Licenses Super HxEros, But Don’t Be Shocked If They Cancel It

– Coronavirus News
   ∟Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Film Release Date Pushed Back due to COVID-19
   ∟Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] iii.spring song Anime Film Finishes The War on August 15

Kyoto Animation Starts Recruiting Again

Symphogear S1 Director Tatsufumi Ito Passes Away at 55

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Crowdfunded World End Economica Anime Shares Its First Full Promo

Convention news:

Adult Swim Con to Deliver Info on Uzumaki Anime and Other Toonami Projects

Live-Action Anime news:

Tsutomu’s Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. Comedy Manga Gets TV Drama Adaptation

Streaming news:

Japanese condoms now have their own anime: Condom Battler Goro!
   ∟Condom Battler Goro ONA Teaches Safe Sex & Parodies Several Anime
TokuSHOUTsu Announces July 11 Premiere for Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever
Graham Linehan Banned From Twitter For Saying “Men Aren’t Women”
YouTube Shadow Bans And Link-Jacks BitChute Links
American Renaissance Banned From YouTube For “Hate Speech”
Stefan Molyneux Banned From YouTube For “Hate Speech”
Twitch Suspends Donald Trump’s Channel For “Hateful Conduct”
Reddit Bans The_Donald Sub-Reddit For Harassment, Manipulation, Disrupting The Site
New Project 2 Shutting Down After Being Blacklisted And Banned By MasterCard
Viacom Banned Five Episodes Of South Park From Streaming Deal With HBO Max
Author Concerned Works will be Banned, After Netflix Pulls Community “Dark Elf” Episode
Mangaka Believes Freedom of Expression Vital, Doesn’t Want Foreign Regulation
   ∟Love Hina creator discusses manga’s “Freedom of Expression” with Japanese Government
   ∟Author expresses concerns to government of being “Regulated by Overseas Standards”

Series news:

Acclaimed Manga Artist Hisashi Eguchi Works on His First Character Designs in 17 Years
Co-workers Get Ornery in My Senpai Is Annoying TV Anime Adaptation
Surgery is Suggestive in Monster Girl Doctor TV Anime Trailer
Yohei Yasumura’s The Dungeon of Black Company Fantasy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation
Battle Athletes New Anime Project is in The Works
Big Announcement Supposedly Coming for Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san
Ninja Nonsense Manga Returns 20 Years after Its Serialization Began
Ghost in the Shell Graces the Cover of Weekly Women’s Magazine anan
Several Copies of The Last of Us 2 Being Resold on Mercari
Resident Evil Village Is Roughly 60 Percent Done, As Per Report
Goblin Slayer the Endless Revenge Marries off Its Women
Smash Bros. US Video Oddly Censors Sakurai’s Consoles, Social Distancing Joke
Sony’s Servers Responsible for Licenses and Transaction History Are Breaking Down

Release news:

Interspecies Reviewers Vol. 2 Blu-Ray Goes All-In On The Nudity And Fan-Service
Ghost In The Shell (4K/UHD)
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

Rem From Re:ZERO Ukiyo-E Version Limited Life-Size Figure
Small Worlds Tokyo Theme Park Offers Human-Scale EVA-01 Figure at 3.4 Million Yen
Evangelion The Flight Theme Park Ride Shows Off Post-Second Impact World
Full-size EVA statue appears at Japanese theme park with entry plug synchronization tests
Ash Ventura Birth Slider Pin
Pac-Man sake series coming to salute the video game star’s 40th birthday
Weird Japanese vending machine find: Soda that looks like mayonnaise
Sega releases Sonic the Hedgehog taiyaki to celebrate 80 years of Sega awesomeness
Pikachu engagement rings and Pokémon wedding rings for him and her can now be yours
Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Dresses Up With 1/7 Scale Figure
Japan’s greatest shirtless comedian Egashira 2:50 honored in new capsule toy line
Kyoto’s annual giant mountain bonfire displays drastically reduced in 2020

Misc news:

Man in Tokyo tries to pay for sex with toy check
Former Studio TRIGGER Employees Receive Settlement For Unpaid Overtime
Tokyo gubernatorial candidate strips naked in televised campaign speech
   Shindou Kana from the New Horiemon Party puts two Abe masks out for her cause
NHK loses court case to woman who can’t watch it because her TV has a blocker installed