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Police Arrest Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Creator Kenya Suzuki for Importing Child Porn
   ∟Manga/anime creator Kenya Suzuki arrested for importing child pornography from Europe
   ∟Oshiete! Galko-chan Mangaka Kenya Suzuki Arrested for Importing Child Porn
   ∟Kenya Suzuki the Creator of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Arrested for Importing Child Pornography
   Legal Breakdown

Popular harem comedy manga artist is running for parliament to protect freedom of expression

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Keizo Murase’s kaiju movie “Brush of the God” Final Campaign

Convention news:

Bandai to Stream “DIGIMON CON” for Digimon Fans All Over The World on YouTube on February 26, 2022

Live-Action Anime news:

Fans Desperately Trying to Salvage Live-Action Netflix Cowboy Bebop With Petition

Streaming news:

Toei Tokusatsu World to Stream Four Kamen Rider Films this December
Summer Time Rendering TV Anime Starts Time Leaping in April 2022
HIDIVE Nabs The Lupin The 3rd Part 1 Dub As An Exclusive
   ∟Further details
Crunchyroll to Add Eight Attack on Titan OAD Episodes on December 19

Theater Release news:

Funimation Announces Theatrical Run And English Dub Cast For Sing a Bit of Harmony

Series news:

New Rurouni Kenshin anime TV series announced
   ∟New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Series Announced
The Straw Hats Rock Out in Character Visuals for ONE PIECE FILM RED
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Anime Film Flies Into Japanese Theaters on April 22
Makoto Shinkai Unlocks the Details on Newest Anime Film ‘Suzume no Tojimari’ Set for Fall 2022 Premiere
Butt Detective Meets His Match in Eiga Oshiri Tantei Shiriarty Anime Film
Watch Action-packed New Trailer for Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation’s CG Anime Project KAIJU DECODE
Next GRIDMAN Project Revealed as GRIDMAN x DYNAZENON Anime Film
The 8th Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Anime Series “GO RUSH!!” Set for April 2022
My Hero Academia TV Anime Continues with Season 6 in Fall 2022
The Vampire Dies In No Time Anime Adaptation Gets A Second Season
Overlord Season 4 to Premiere in 2022, 1st Trailer and Visual Released
Anime Adaptation of Nami Sano’s Migi & Dali Manga in The Works
Ayakashi Triangle Anime Adaptation Possibly Coming Already
Iruru’s Gigantic Breasts Censored in China Airing of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s PC port is a major disappointment
Rumor Suggests PlayStation Plans to Launch Rival Subscription Service
Chrono Cross Opening Recreated for Another Eden Collab Rife With Yokochichi
   ∟Another Eden Summons Radical Dreamers for Chrono Cross Collab
   ∟Collab Poster
Silent Hill Creator’s Slitterhead Promising a True Nightmare
   ∟Silent Hill Director Keiichiro Toyama Returns to Horror with Slitterhead
‘Gex’ The Forgotten ’90s Video Game Mascot Might Be Making A Comeback
Kansen × Shoujo’s Senzaki Yukiko Widely Lauded for Her Four Breasts

Release news:

Kaiji English dub in 2022?
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
Streetwear Brand Supreme Announces Collaboration RX-78-2 Gunpla Model
Wear the Face of Your Favorite Quintessential Quintuplet in New Underwear Line
Attack on Titan rice ball is as titanic as the Japanese anime
Japanese artist creates mind-blowingly real “bunny girl” that winks and blinks…on a paper cup
Assisted-Suicide Chamber Approved by Authorities in Switzerland

Misc news:

Australia Quality Bounce Castle Murders Five Children
   ∟China bouncy castle: Dust devil kills two children and injures 20 people
   ∟Girl dies after being thrown from ‘exploding’ bouncy castle

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